I had sex with my aunt

So I was left alone for the summer in the house. So my aunt decided to come spend a few months with me, as she thought I would get lonely, I’ve always been secretly attracted to her, and spend many times wanking off to photos of her since I was 13!! And once even managed to secretly smell a dirty pair of her knickers. She’s 5ft5 with a nice plum ass and juicy thighs with a darker Indian complexion. I couldn’t help but think how horny she must be after being divorced for almost 10 years, knowing she hasn’t been with any man since.

It was around 8pm when she finally arrived I welcome her with a big hug she squeezed by chest into hers, I was turned on, I had to control my boner.

We sat on the sofa and she and started making small talk with me asking how my health was, and if I’d been going gym and the usual stuff, after a while I brought up the sleeping arrangements suggesting she could be sleep in my mum’s room.

What she said next surprised me, she suggested since it was just us two, why don’t we just sleep together, the thought of it made me so horny I had to put a cushion over my crouch, I immediately protested though telling her it’s not appropriate and what would everybody say, she just calmly replied with we won’t tell anybody it’ll be our secrete. That was it, I wanted her so bad even at 50 she was too irresistible, I gave her a kiss on the cheek I said let’s go to bed, I stripped to my boxers which I usually sleep in and waited in my bed, she came in into my room and said I’m going to make you into a man, I knew at this point I was going to loose my virginity to my horny aunt.

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She took her blouse off and then her bra and asked if her tits where Bigger than my moms I said yes definitely bigger!! Could feel the blood rushing through my cock, I loose control I jump out of bed and rip off her jeans and panties I pin her against the wall and passionately kiss her, she surprised I tell her I’ve waited a long time. She told me she’s always had a feeling, I give her ass a good grab sticking my tongue down her mouth, I throw her onto be bed get on top of her and pound her hairy pussy until she screaming my name I shoot the thickest load into her.

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