In The Know Part One

The residents of the small English town were happy, Steve the sixteen year old thug who had caused many problems in the town had been arrested by the police and taken to court where he had been sentenced to two years in youth custody, there were not many residents of the town who had not suffered because of Steve’s actions so they were very happy that he was not going to around for a couple of years. Martin was a bi sexual sex pest who many people did not like, he was two years younger that what Steve was but for some unknown reason Steve did not bother him, Steve was sitting in the cells of the court waiting to be taken to the youth custody centre, Martin was standing outside the cell after being told that Steve wanted to see him, Steve told Martin that he had been grassed up by his girlfriend Sara and her younger sister Amy who was four years younger than what Steve was, Steve told Martin that Sara never wore a bra and got very excited by dirty talk, he also told Martin that Amy took a shower every night at nine o clock and she left the window slightly open to let Steam out. Martin had thought cool I will be checking this out, then to his utter surprise Steve lowered the front of his joggers letting his dick fall out, Martin stared at Steve’s seven inch dick liking what he was seeing, Steve said ” this is what Sara gets nearly every night ” as he was speaking Steve’s dick started to stiffen with Martin waiting in awe, after a minute Steve had a full nine inch erection which Martin could not take his eye’s off, Steve said to Martin ” do not just stare at my cock do something ” Martin took Steve’s dick in his hand and started to jerk it hardly believing what was happening but was enjoying jerking off the thug boy and after a few minutes when Steve squirted his cum in four long spurts Martin smiled. Before Martin left the cell Steve gave him a key telling him it was for a left locker at the bus station and to show his sister the contents of the locker, after getting the stuff from the locker which was some discs Martin went home and watched them, Martin watched the films in awe and on them saw Steve naked with two of Sara’s friends who were also naked, Steve was thrusting in and out of their love tubes making the girls groan as he did, there was another film that showed Steve’s brother Colin who was a year younger than Steve in the shower with a seven inch erection which he jerked off, it was obvious to Martin that Colin did not know he was being filmed, there was also a film of Steve jerking off. Martin let his sister watch the films as he plotted how to get Sara and Amy.

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