In Training 3 – New Sex Story

Steve was a sixteen year old junior boxer, he was well known in the town where he lived, he had been trained by a local ex boxer and had become well known and won quite a few trophy’s, but then his trainer was taken ill and could not continue to train Steve. There were plenty of other people ready and willing to take over as Steve’s trainer but Steve was not happy with most of them who seemed more interested in what they could get rather than training Steve then much to the surprise of many people Steve chose Mr. Guha as his trainer, Mr Guha was from Bangladesh and had a reputation for being ruthless, it was rumoured that he was a member of a Bengali mafia, his family were known for being ruthless and often involved in fights. Mr Guha live in a large house on the outskirts of the town where Steve lived, Steve was standing outside the main gate of the house waiting to be let in when he was let in Steve jogged up to the main house where he was met by Mr. Guha, after greeting him Mr Guha took Steve to the rear of the house where there was a gym on route Mr Guha congratulated on being eager and coming prepared, Steve was wearing his shorts and vest, at the gym Mr Guha introduced Steve to his daughter Anjana and told Steve that she would be in charge of his training, Steve looked at the girl who he knew was four years younger than what he was and had a very bad reputation for being foul mouthed and vicious. Steve was wondering what a kid could teach him but followed Anjana and her dad into the gym where after Steve had signed the contract Mr Guha left leaving Steve with Anjana who turned to Steve and said to him ” right you useless lump of shit I am going to get you very fit and you will win every fight your that you take part in ” Anjana then told Steve to do fifty press ups which Steve did with no problems, following Anjana’s instructions Steve completed other rasks, after two hours Steve was feeling tired, Anjana then told Steve enough for today go shower, Steve went into the shower room and was standing under the shower enjoying the hot water running over his naked body when the door opened and Anjana walked in, Steve very quickly put his hands over his dick, Anjana said to him ” you are to late I saw your fucking cock when I walked in at least it is a big room, after leaving a sheet of paper for Steve Anjana left, Steve read the paper which was a training programme while he walked home. Two days later Steve was back at the gym doing press ups when Anjana suddenly screamed at him ” you are to fucking slow get a move on ” then to his shock Anjana pulled Steve’s shorts down and slapped his bare bum hard, Steve got to his feet pulling his shorts up as he did, Anjana told Steve to use the rings and do fifty pull up’s. As he was doing the pull ups Anjana again pulled his shorts down slapping his bare bum three times, Steve dropped to the floor then pulled his shorts up, Anjana yelled at him from now on you will train naked, Steve looked at Anjana and started to object, Anjana pointed out that according to his contract if he dropped out he would have to pay one thousand for each month left in his contract, Steve knew he was beaten and while Anjana went and locked the door to stop anyone entering the gym Steve took his shorts and vest off and stood naked, as he trained Steve saw Anjana was looking at his seven inch hairy dick for most of the time, after awhile Steve felt his dick twitch and said I need to cover up ” Anjana told him not to cover up, Steve stood looking at Anjana who smiled as Steve’s dick grew into a nine inch erection, Anjana told Steve to carry on training, Steve did as he had been told hardly believing he was naked with an erection in front of a kid, Steve knew his erection would not go down till he relieved him self, he carried on training with Anjana staring at his solid dick, after ten minutes Steve could feel his dick throbbing and twitching, as Steve was doing press ups Anjana walked over to him knelt down and took Steve’s dick in her hand telling Steve to carry on doing the press up’s as he did Steve could feel his dick sliding through Anjana’s hand and realised that it was the same as being jerked off and it was feeling good, Steve completed the press up’s, Anjana let go o Steve’s dick which was now throbbing like mad, Steve lay on the bench and started to do sit ups, Anjana walked over knelt down and got hold of Steve’s dick and started to jerk it, Steve was enjoying it and did not try to stop Anjana who slowly jerked Steve’s dick, Steve was really enjoying the hand job and after five minutes much to Anjana’s joy Steve squirted his cum in four long spurts, Anjana got up and went to the bathroom. Later as Steve walked home he was thinking about what had happened and thought wanked off by a young Bengali girl and it was well good. Two days later Steve was jogging to the gym when Anjana appeared riding her bike as she passed him Anjana yelled at Steve ” come on faster keep up with me ” Steve started to jog faster trying to keep up with Anjana but kept falling back, each time Steve fell back Anjana yelled keep up, once they got to the gym Anjana put her bike away while Steve went inside, when Anjana enter the gym she looked at Steve and said ” that was pathetic you useless lump of shit ” Steve did not say anything, when Anjana told him to strip Steve took his shorts and vest off, Anjana looked at him and said to him ” the only decent thing about you is your cock it is big, Steve heard the door slam shut then saw Anjana’s nine year old sister Pao, Pao stood staring at Steve’s dick and said ” it is big ” Anjana told Steve to start running on the spot both girls stood admiring the way Steve’s dick was flopping around, after ten minutes Anjana’s sister left the gym, Anjana locked the door and told Steve to do push ups, Steve smiled remembering what had happened last time he was in the gym, his dick quickly shot up fully erect, Steve started to do the push up’s but this time Anjana did nothing just stood timing him, after a hour Steve finished training and was disapointed that Anjana had not jerked him off, as he headed to the shower Anjana told him to stop Steve did, Anjana then said ” wank off ” Steve looked at her then started to jerk while Anjana stood watching and smiling, after ten minutes Steve squirted his cum in four spurts, Anjana looked behind her, Steve then saw Pao standing by the office with two of her classmates all who were smiling, Steve realised they must have came in through the back door, At the weekend Steve had a fight and won by a knock out in the first round, Steve continued going to the gym where he got regular hand jobs from Anjana and some of her Bengali class mates, after twelve more fights which Steve won he took part in a title fight and to everybody’s surprise Steve knocked his opponent out in the first round with just two punches. The following day at the gym Anjana told Steve that he was now a champion and told him to strip then went in the office, Steve stripped naked, after a couple of minutes Anjana walked out of the office, when Steve saw her he could hardly believe his eyes, Anjana was naked, Steve looked at her noticing her smooth hairless love tube and erect nipples on her developing boobs, Anjana walked to the mats as she did Steve admired her bum, Anjana lay on the mats parting her legs as she did, Anjana looked at Steve and said to him ” come on you won a big fight in a spectacular way that means that you can now fuck me if you want to ” Steve smiled and walked over to where Anjana lay on the mats and after kneeling between Anjana’s parted legs bent forward and gently slid his solid dick into Anjana’s love tube, as he slid his dick up Anjanas love tube he discovered that it was wet and tight and wondered if Anjana was still a virgin, Steve pushed his dick into Anjan’s love tube as deep as he could then started to thrust in and out as deep as he could, when Steve had first slid his dick into Anjana’s love tube she had cried out and now as Steve thrust in and out of her love tube Anjana was groaning deeply and after a few minutes Steve felt her cum but carried on thrusting in and out of Anjana’s love tube, when she had climaxed Anjana cried out ” yes oh yes yes yes ” Steve smiled when she did and after five more minutes Steve felt Anjana cum a second time then ten minutes later he felt Anjana cum a third time not long after Steve pulled his dick out of Anjana’s love tube and squirted his cum in five long spurts over the young Bengali’s girls body. Steve stood up looking down at Anjana noticing the glazed look in her eyes. Steve went to the shower room where he had a shower, after a hour Steve was walking down the road thinking ” if six months ago if anybody had told me that I would be letting little girls wank me off and fuck one of them I would had clobbered them. A week later Steve was at the gym but could not not see Anjana anywhere and was sat waiting for her when Mr. Guha walked into the gym looked at Steve smiled and said to him ” you have been doing really well your last fight was out of this world ” then after a pause added ” Anjana has been training you very well but she has had to go away so will no longer be here to train you but I have found a girl to replace her so that you can continue with your training and win a lot more fights and win trophy’s, Steve looked at the door as one of Anjana’s mates walked in, Steve smiled knowing that she gave a very good hand job, Mr Guha took the girl into the office returning to the gym after ten minutes where he told Steve that the next day there would two girls training him and not long after left the gym. The girl looked at Steve and said Anjana ” was fucking useless when you fucked her she was still a virgin ” Steve smiled and when he was told to strip he did with out any hesitation, he stood looking at the girl who was smiling at the sight of Steve’s erect dick, Steve stood still as the girl walked round him as she did she slapped Steve’s bum then held is solid dick pushed it down and slapped it then started to jerk it which soon had Steve breathing heavy after a minute the girl stopped jerking bent down and took Steve’s throbbing dick in her mouth and started sucking it and after a few minutes when Steve squirted his cum into her mouth the girl swallowed it all then after standing up wiped her mouth and said ” you get to fuck me when you have won ten fights on the trot, The following day on his way to the gym Steve saw Pao who said to him I am going to to be training you tonight, a hour after getting to the gym Steve was walking to the shower his dick going soft and Pao smiling as she wiped her hands on a towel. Steve thought this training is going to be good, in fact it will be fucking good. A month later Steve was stood naked in the gym after winning his tenth fight looking at Anjana’s naked friend.

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