Inside movie theatre : it’s really surprising

Hi friends,
My lover Naman as well as myself Ritu went to watch a movie at 12:00 noon and it’s a tough task to sit quietly for three long hours on a chair as we young generation have not got lot of patience but as love buddy are together I expect something funny. So Ritu, a 21 years young girl have put a mini skirt with tops as both are inside cinema hall and as my lovely boobs are caged in 32C size brassiere with my sexy figure of 32-24-36 inches, it’s tough to find fleshes on my slim body but my V shaped buttocks is sexy as now Naman and Ritu are sitting on chair and as we are in balcony with less people there, my arm moves to his shoulder and we both are on the last seat of balcony. So as lights went off and in dark movie ” three idiots ” starts playing, Naman have I’ll intention of making me hot. So his one arm is on my shoulder as it came down to my boobs and he starts squeezing it hard, Ritu is hot and sexy as she starts rubbing his neck while her love buddy Naman is pressing my breast smoothly and now I am bit silent as looking towards movie but as I felt Naman lips on my neck, I turned my face towards him and than kissed his lips hard, so hot he was that he just took my Rossy lips in between his lips and started sucking it, Ritu is much older in physical activity as she have had a physical relationship with her dad and she need his cock weekly to satisfy her soft vagina. Ritu than pushed his face and now my hand starts unzipping his jeans and he is also eager to put his long cock in my hand but here fuck fest is quite impossible, so I got my cock and I starts playing it with my soft hand as Naman put his hand on my thigh and slowly I lifted my skirt, so a full size panty is on my sexy cunt and he is too aggressive as he started rubbing the hole of vagina on my panty and his 5-6 inches long cock is now hard as I need it in my mouth to satisfy my thirsty mouth.
Ritu is hot and wild as she put herself near his legs sitting down to chair on my legs as no one is going to see us enjoying sex, Naman put down his jeans and brief to legs and now holding his penis after a long time was like getting my sexual desires fulfilled and Ritu than starts kissing his penis from base to shaft as well as glans and Naman is sitting forward on chair as he is giving me comfort for oral sex. Looking at him I opened my mouth and swallows his dick as I starts sucking it hard and now my face is going up as well as down to get my mouth some hot play, Naman is under my control as my mouth starts dripping saliva but like a slut gal I am still sucking his penis as he is screaming in pleasure ” oh god I will fuck fuck you here ” and now his wet penis is out of my mouth as I started licking it with my long tongue but for a while. Ritu now sits on chair as both are looking forward and than slowly I pulled down my panty as my nude vagina is getting hard rub from my lover and slowly he inserts his long finger as I put my lips on his face ” I will sit on your lap with my legs stretched as you have to fuck me ” and he is screwing my hot cunt hard, so felt it’s cumming and than Naman took out his finger from my vagina. Its time for fuck, so looking each and every side I just lifted my skirt and sits on his lap while my crossed legs are on his waist, so my butts is up over his cock and my arms are holding him hard, so while holding his penis Naman pushed it in my vagina and now like a porn beauty I starts pressing my v shaped buttocks down to have his dick inside, it eloped and I starts bouncing my butts as he is giving me a hard fuck, it’s unexpected but like a dream came true as my cunt is still wet it’s in comfort while getting his penis deeper in it, so it’s habituated of getting fucked with a long cock of my dad, now I am bit sweating as I put my butts in silence but than Naman is fucking me hard from below while my both boobs are getting pressed on his chest, it’s a heavenly pleasure never to be forgotten, so I am again in fire as I started bouncing my butts fast and getting fucked without any contraceptive so I am bit scared but not losing my belief that his semen can make me pregnant now, not possible at least in this position. So Naman is feeling my heavy butts on his lap as it’s bouncing on his cock and he put his lips on my ear to neck as said ” it’s cumming baby ” and his semen made my cunt dirty but it’s it need…. Getting fucked I walked out to washroom as I urinates there, washed it and took my panty from my purse as I put it…. It’s a nice movie but for sex only.

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