Isolation (Spa time reveals secrets)

Day 17.

7 Pm.

The day passed by. The weather dictated the day. Windy, raining, the family with the secrets played games and slept.

They cooked tea together. Alec finding it erotic his son was fucking his mother. He wanted to watch them. He knew he was fucking Kara as well. But if Kara and Sean knew about him and Zoe.


Alec sat in the spa pool with Patrica and Sean. Zoe and Kara getting changed.

” So Sean, I hear you had sex with your mother? ” Alec said looking at him beer in hand. Sean looked at his mum. She wore a black halterneck bikini. Sean loved his mother amazing cleavage.

” Yeh dad. I did. Mum said its fine. You don’t mind. ”

” Sean no, I don’t mind at all. In fact if shes going to fuck another guy I would prefer its you, you know keep it in the family. ” Alec replied.

” Yeh well. I guess it been taboo sleeping with your mother is kind of hot. Better your dad knowing and approving as well. ”

” Yes, we had fun baby. ” Patrica said smiling.

” Yeh we did mum. ” Sean replied.

” Hes fucking Kara as well lucky man. ” Patrica said.

” Mother and sister. ” Alec replied.

” Yeh, shit never thought that would happen. ” Sean said as Zoe appeared at the spa. Sean looked up at his sisters body. Her beautiful 16 yr old teenage body. She wore a gold halterneck bikini with a silver ring between her breasts holding the two sides together. Also high hip bikini bottoms with silver rings on her hips holding the back and front together.

” New bikini ” Patrica asked.

” Yeh its Kara’s, she gave it to me. Shes never worn it. Says its to small for her boobs. ” Zoe said.

” Never to small. ” Sean said as Zoe got into the pool. She smiled at her dad. She loved him playing with her anus and pussy with his cock.

” Sean ” Patrica said smiling at him.

” So Zoe. ” Sean said ” Why don’t you have a boyfriend? ”

” No time with swimming training, running and friends. Besides at my age the only thing they want is to get your knickers off. ” She said.

” That’s so true sis. ” Sean said the waterline at nipple height. Patrica noticed him looking at her cleavage. He remembered seeing her pussy. That gave him a huge erection.

” Why don’t you have a girlfriend? ” Zoe asked.

” I don’t know never met the right one. ” He said.

” He better hurry up I want some grandchildren. Right now Zoe’s my last hope. ” Patrica said.

” Mum ” Zoe said.

” Shes only 16 mum. ” Sean replied.

” Plenty of time darling. ” Alec replied as Kara came out wearing a floral bikini. Her breasts pushed up showing her cleavage. Sean admiring his sister loving he had seen every part of her body.

Kara got in and sat next to Sean.

” Nice. ” She said smiling. ” Its nice dads home for a few days as well. ” Kara added.

” It is darling. ” Alec said.

” Hows the bikini Zoe. ” Kara said smiling. The reason they took so long. They had a play together.

” Nice it fits perfect. Great for the beach. ” She said looking down cupping her bust. ” Shows enough but not to much. ” She said smiling at Kara.

” Your tits look great in it to. ” Kara replied.

” Yours to. ” Zoe said.

” So halfway through lockdown. ” Sean replied. ” Must be missing your boyfriend Kara. ”

” Well hes not really a boyfriend. More a guy I know that I have sex with. No relationship. Just sex. ” Kara said.

” Where did you meet him? ” Patrica asked.

” Petrol station. I was filling my tank and he pulled up about three isles away and he kept looking at me. At first I thought it was a bit creepy. Then we went inside to pay together. He stood behind me in line. I felt his eyes looking all over my back and arse. ”

” What were you wearing? ” Patrica asked.

” My white and black patterned tunic dress, the one with the square neckline and the pleated short skirt, black stockings and silver heels. ” Kara said.

” So you looked hot? ” Sean asked.

” I guess so. You need to wear stocking with this dress, and black underwear or esle really. ”

” Sounds sexy. ” Sean said.

” Yeh anyway, I paid and drove off. That night I was waiting for friends in the bar. He saw me and walked over saying that he saw me at the petrol station. He was in town for a conference. ”

” So long story short, he brought you a drink, went back to his room and….. ” Sean said.

” Had sex. ” Alec said smiling at Kara.

” Well yes pretty much. ” Kara replied.

” So you ditched your friends for a guy. ” Zoe said.

” Well I wouldn’t say ditched, more I wont be there a guy picked me up. ” Kara said.

” So good sex? ” Sean asked.

” I’m sure if it wasn’t Sean she wouldn’t be seeing him. ” Alec said.

” Yeh hes ok. Scratches my itch. ” Kara said.

” Better than Colin. ” Sean asked.

” That was different. He was my first. ” Kara replied. ” He was so sweet. I think about him sometimes. ” Kara added.

” What you didn’t marry him and make mum grandchildren. ” Sean replied.

” Bitch ” Kara said to Sean.

” Just asking ” he said.

” Would you? ” Zoe asked her sister.

” What…..? ” Kara asked.

” If you met him and re connected. Would you you know….. ”

” Marry him? I don’t know. Depends if hes single. But I think I would? ” Kara said.

Sean smiled at her glancing down at her cleavage winking at her.

” Ok lets play a game. ” Sean said sipping his beer. Anybody can ask anyone a question and it has to be completely honest. ”

” What about. ” Alec asked.

” Anything. Absolutely anything. ” Sean replied.

” Can I start? ” Zoe said smiling at Sean.

” Ok Zoe fire away. ”

” Cool ok. Kara. Most embarrassing moment during sex. ”

Kara smiled and giggled. ” Well ok. It was more awkward than embarrassing but still embarrassing. I was in the middle of sex with petrol station guy. I all of a sudden had to pee. I couldn’t hold on and I had to stop and get up, pee, and get back to bed and let him finish off.

” Wow. ” Zoe said. ” How annoying. ”

” I know having to rebuild your orgasm. ” She said.

” So Kara it must be hard working on your all over tan. You don’t like sunbeds? ” Sean said

” What are you asking? Do I sunbathe in the nude? Yes I do. Nudist beaches are good for that. ” Kara replied.

” Nudist beaches? ” Alec said ” You go to nudist beaches Kara ”

” Yeh Jemma and I….. ”

” Isn’t Jemma…… ” Sean started saying.

” Married, yes she is. Her husband doesn’t mind. He loves her all over tan and finds it erotic and kinky with her going with me. ”

” You don’t mind strangers seeing you naked? ” Zoe asked.

” Oh shit no. I mean everyone’s naked and mostly just ignoring each other, yes some have a discrete look. But no its a body. Every girl have breasts and a vagina, men have a penis. ”

” If you have it flaunt it aye darling ” Patrica said.

” Yes,dad would you let mum come with me? ” Kara said.

” What to a nudist beach? ” Alec said looking at his wife as she stood reaching over pouring another glass of wine. He admired her body in her bikini.

” I suppose so. ”

” Shame dad, you wouldn’t be able to go. ” Sean replied.

” Why son. ” Alec asked.

” Nudist beach mum and Kara. Your daughter naked. ” Sean said.

” Good point. ” Alec replied.

” Oh fuck. I wouldn’t mind Kara said looking at her dad.

” Dad seeing you naked. ” Sean said.

” No, I wouldn’t. Not at all. Hey we are family aye dad. ” Kara said sipping her wine.

” Yes, I suppose. ” Alec said.

” We could go as a family. ” Patrica said.

” A family outing at a nudist beach mum. ” Sean said.

” You know, I had a dream a few nights ago. We were on holiday in Italy and we all decided to go to the beach, A guide told us there was a private beach up the road. So we went to it and it was a nude beach. Now we all decided to go. The funny thing was,is that Kara was our daughter, Sean was Kara’s husband, Zoe was there daughter. ”

” Pardon. I was married to Kara? ”

” Yes my my son in law. Zoe was our grand daughter. Patrica replied.

” Wow Kara and Sean’s daughter. Kara would have to have got pregnant at…. ”

” 15 ” Kara said. Well I’m 32 it 6 weeks so…. ”

” Wow, Sean our son in law. ” Alec said.

” Sean as my husband is worse dad. ” Kara replied ” Shit waking up next to him every morning. ” Kara replied.

” Its not so bad sis. ” Sean said.

” Aye, ” Zoe said ” When have you……? ”

” France a few years ago. We met up and shared a hotel room…. ” Sean started saying.

” …. And bed, we got drunk, and shared a bed clothed not naked. ” Kara replied.

” Was some good sex, next door!. ” He emphasised. ” They were going at it like no tomorrow. Found out next morning he was 60 she was 35. Apparently they were boss and personal assistant at a conference at the hotel. ”

” Yeh that’s right. Your friend told us later they had separate rooms. They were boss and employee. ” Kara said.

” So Zoe. My daughter aye. ” Sean said looking at his sister.

” Please save me. ” Zoe replied.

” So back to mum’s dream. All of us, nudist beach. Mum really? ” Sean said.

” I know, whats that about dear. I found it quite….. I don’t know….. I woke up and…. ”

” Found it arousing. ” Alec said.

” Yeh I did. ” Patrica replied.

” Mum really, naked all of us, together. ” Zoe said.

” We are all family. ” Patrica said.

” Naked in front of Sean, and dad. ” Zoe replied trying to be disgusted knowing the relationship she had with her father. Her father the only man who knew her naked body.

” Not so bad is it darling? ” Patrica said.

” Sounds like your almost been serious? ” Kara said to her mother.

” Why not, I mean. Why not go overseas when all this is sorted and go to a nudist beach together, ” Patrica said.

” Or closer to home, ” Alec said.

” You would consider it, your children seeing mum naked? ” Sean replied knowing he had, he had already fucked her.

” Well why not. Kara obviously doesn’t seem to have a problem with it. ” Alec said.

” Ok fuck. ” Zoe said. ” Naked in front of my family. I’m only 16. ” She added.

” You can stay in the room then Zoe. ” Sean replied.

” So Sean. ” Kara said. If you could sleep with any woman from your past, who would it be? ” Kara asked.

” Any? ” Sean replied.

” Yeh anyone could of but didn’t, or wanted to. ” Kara replied.

” Ok then, ” he said and thought for a second. ” Ok don’t laugh ok? ” He said.

” Oh do tell. I’m intrigued. Who is it? ” Kara asked. ” Do I know her. Not one of my friends. ” Kara said.

” Or mum’s friends. ” Zoe said smiling at Kara.

” Hes always had a crush on Suzi. ” Alec said

” Suzi. ” Patrica said. ” My school friend who came to stay for three months. Sean was 17. ” Patrica said.

” No not Suzi, but thinking about it she was kind of MILF material ” Sean said.

” MILF ? ” Zoe said.

” Mother I’d Like to Fuck. ” Kara said.

” Oh! ” Zoe said.

” Ok no, I am not ashamed but after I met up with her twelve months ago. I kind of had a dream about her ”

” You met her,recently? ” Kara said.

” I was in Rarotonga for a holiday alone, she was there for a couple of days for a girls friends birthday. We met in a bar. I flew the plane she was on. We talked and no nothing happened…. ”

” But you wanted it to darling? ” Patrica said.

” Yes I did ” Sean said.

” Why didn’t you? ” Patrica asked

” To fuckin chicken shit to ask her mum ” Kara said.

” No actually. It just didn’t happen. The conversation didn’t lead to sex or a one night stand. ” Sean said.

” Yep, to scared to ask her. ” Zoe said.

” Who was she? ” Alec asked.

Sean sighed and looked at Kara. ” Mrs Spencer ”

” Mrs Spencer! ” Patrica said ” Your teacher? ”

” Yes, ” he said.

” Sean. ” Kara said ” She was 60 at school. Shes now what. That was…… ”

” 17 Years ago now shes 78 yes. But I tell ya a fuckin hot 78. ” Sean said.


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