It really had evolved (Brenda’s new love)

Six weeks later.

Monday the tenth 6.49

” Mum this is Brenda, Brenda this is my mother Vicky. ” Toby said introducing his mother in law to his mother.

” Nice to meet you ” Brenda said hugging Vicky.

” It is. ” Vicky said ” Heard so much about you. ”

” All good I hope. ” Brenda replied.

” Oh yes. ” Vicky said smiling.

Brenda walked in to the sunken lounge sitting in the huge long leather sofa along the rail.

” Drink? ” Vicky asked stepping over to the cabinet.

” Yes Gin and Tonic. ” Brenda said crossing her legs admiring Vicky’s figure.

Vicky wore shaped V neck sleeveless dress sitting mid thigh, her shoulder length hair nicely groomed.

Toby walked into the kitchen.

She stepped over to Brenda with two Gin and Tonics. ” A woman after my own heart, I love Gin and Tonic. ” Vicky said sitting next to Brenda.

Brenda wore a blue pencil skirt and a red blouse.

” So cheers ” Vicky said.

” Cheers ” Brenda replied as Toby came out with snacks. They clinked glasses Toby sat with a beer admiring Carly’s mothers legs.

” So what is Carly up to tonight. ” Vicky asked Brenda.

” Shes having time alone with her father. They don’t get much Dad daughter time alone these days.

” Nice. ” Vicky replied. Toby sat next to his mother putting his arm behind her head along the back of the couch. Vicky leant into him putting her hand on his knee. ” You its nice having someone in the house where Toby and I can be ourselves….. ”

” ……. Not having to hide our relationship. ” Toby said.

” Yes exactly. ” Vicky added.

” I think its a shame that it is treated with such stigma. ” Brenda said. ” I mean you both are mother and son. You live together in a sexual relationship. My daughter and her a father are home right now probably having sex. I just wish we lived in a society where it wasn’t stigmatised. ” Brenda said.

” Yes I agree I mean Toby and I have great sex, and I’m sure Carly and her father do. But then its nice having a secret lover. ” Vicky replied.

” Yeh coming home to mum’s bed is kind of a secret sanctuary. ” Toby said.

” Well you are seeing Brenda’s daughter now. ” Vicky said.

” Having a girlfriend who accepts her boyfriend is sleeping with his mother is great. ” Toby replied.

” Vice versa. ” Brenda said. ” Carly loves having a boyfriend who accepts shes sleeping with her father. ”

” And brother? ” Vicky asked.

” Yes, not so much now, now that he is with Amy… ”

” ….. Carly’s friend? ” Vicky said.

” Yes, Carly’s school friend. ” Brenda said then giggled. ” When Amy was 16 she started babysitting him. ”

” How old was he? ” Vicky asked.

” 6. ” Brenda said.

” Oh wow. Isn’t age a funny thing when you get older. ” Vicky replied.

” Oh yes, it sure is. ” Brenda said ” You know my husband took Amy’s Virginity at 17 when Scott was 7. ”

” I suppose looking back it seems a lifetime ago. ” Vicky asked.

” Oh yes, I does. I cant believe it now they are having a baby together. ” Brenda said.

” Carly wants a baby. ” Toby said.

” Oh she does, are you going to give her one? ” Brenda asked Toby.

” We are talking about it. I think she wants to get pregnant when Amy has her second. They want to be pregnancy buddies. ” Toby said.

” She is very maternal. ” Brenda said. ” She will make a good mum. ”

Toby put his hand around his mothers waist an inch below her waist pulling her into him. Vicky moved her hand from his knee to his hand under her bosom.

” Its nice you to are so close. ” Brenda said.

” You know, hes a lot more affectionate than his father. ” Vicky said.

” Sons usually are. ” Brenda replied. ” I know Scott is like his dad. They both treat me right. Carly as well. I guess that’s why we all have such great sex. ”

” Its more honest sex. ” Vicky replied.

” Yes, that’s it, more honest, more sensual. ” Brenda replied. ” Something a lot of people just don’t understand. How can a father have sex with his daughter, or how a mother can sleep with her son, or daughter. ” Brenda said.

” So you and Carly…. ”

” ….. Have sex, yes we are both bi. ”

” Do you know that Toby? ” Vicky asked her son turning to him.

” Oh yes, Carly and I have had that conversation. ” He said kissing his mothers lips.

Brenda watched the short kiss. Something in her body tingled watching them. Just like watching her husband and daughter kiss.

” Sorry Brenda ” Vicky said

” Oh no that’s fine. I completely understand. I know the feeling, like when I kiss my son. ” She said.

” Hes a good kisser my son. ” Vicky replied. ” Great in bed to. ”

” Mum. ” Toby said.

” Its ok Toby, Carly told me all about the night in the boat. ”

” Oh really? ” Toby said smiling.

” Oh yes. She said it was great sex. ” Brenda said.

” He does have a nice cock. Stand up let your new mother in law see your cock son. ” Vicky said.

” Ok. ” He said. He stood in front of Brenda undoing his jeans he pulled down the zip and pushed his jeans and underwear to his knees. His cock standing proud hard and erect.

” Oh wow. ” Brenda said lifting her hand looking at Toby ” May I. ” She said asking to touch it.

” Be my guest. ” Toby said as Brenda wrapped her hand around her daughters boyfriends cock.

” Its very big, very nice. ” She said admiring his hairless groin and his 7binch circumcised cock. His big purple mushroom knob. She slowly stroked it.

” Suck it if you like. ” Vicky said. ” I will get you another drink. ” She said standing as Brenda looked up at Toby, both realising what was happening. Brenda about to suck her daughters boyfriends cock. Toby realising his girlfriends mother was going to suck his cock. She leant in sliding her mouth around his knob tasting the hint of precum. She held his shaft as she licked his knob and shaft. Vicky pouring the drink as Brenda slid her mouth down his shaft.

” Oh fuck yes. ” Toby said as she sucked up and down twisting her hand around his hard shaft as she sucked. ” That’s so fuckin good. ”

” As good as her daughter, as good as your mother. ” Vicky said sitting back down putting Brenda drink on the side table. She crossed her legs watching.

” Your all good in your unique ways. ” He said.

Brenda took it out and looked at Vicky still holding his cock. ” So diplomatic. ” Vicky said.

” Yes. Its what my son would say. ” Brenda said putting his cock back in her mouth.

Vicky sat watching sipping her drink. Brenda deepthroating him and gagging as she released.

” Ffffuuucck. ” Toby said as Brenda kept deepthroating him. She then took his cock out and lifted it licking under his shaft down to his balls sucking his balls the licking back to his knob and circling it with her tongue.

Toby sat down next to Brenda putting his hand on her waist. Vicky fondled over Brenda bust. Brenda leant over to Vicky kissing her, they french kissed Toby sliding his hand down to Brenda’s thigh rubbing her knee as Vicky started undoing her blouse buttons.

” Why don’t you girls get undressed and go get into bed. ” Toby said

” Well hes keen isn’t he? ” Brenda said

” Its not every day you get to have sex with your girlfriends mother. ” Toby said

” No. ” Brenda said ” I suppose not. ” She said leaning over kissing his lips.

Vicky opened up Brenda’s blouse and Brenda leant forward pushing it down her back. Toby reaching up cupping her black and red bra.

” Lets get this skirt off. ” Vicky said.

Brenda stood as Toby undid her skirt pulling down the zip letting it fall to the ground revealing her matching g string.

” Fuckin nice arse. ” Toby said squeezing her arse cheek as Brenda turned around standing in front of Toby. Toby sat forward putting his hand on her hips, as he slid them down her thighs he pulled her underwear down slowly revealing her clean pussy.

Her knickers fell to the ground. She stepped out of them and straddled Toby. Toby cupping her bra leaning in kissing her cleavage. He admired her bust in her bra feeling her hard nipples.

He unclipped her bra pulling it off dropping her bra on the couch her breasts falling out.

” Wow amazing tits Brenda. ” Toby said. ” Aye mum. ” Toby added looking at his mother.

” Yes baby. ” Vicky said as Toby leant in sucking Brenda’s nipples.

Vicky stood up and unzipped her dress taking it off, she unclipped her bra and took it off and slid down her underwear to her feet. Brenda admiring Vicky’s body. A triangle of pubic hair above her clitoris.

” Wow Vicky. ” Brenda said reaching out running her fingers up Vicky’s labias lightly rubbing her groomed pubic hair.

” Toby grooms me down there. ” Vicky said.

” Wow, maybe I should get you to do it as well. I get lazy with pubic hair son I just shave it off. ” Brenda said.

” I do like a bit of pubic hair. I have different designs every now and then. Toby’s very good at taking care of my vagina. He moisturises it, waxes it.

” Well mum its my pussy, well your pussy. But… ”

” ….. I know what you mean baby. ” Vicky said sitting down fondling Brenda’s breasts with her son.

” Think its time to eat some mother in law pussy. ” Toby said.

” What a great idea. ” Brenda said. ” I love my pussy been eaten out. ” She said.

So rolled off Toby and lay sat on the couch. Toby slid between her open legs her shaven pussy on show.

” Oh wow Brenda. ” Toby said he leant in kissing her inside thighs up to her groin. Vicky sat next to Brenda kissing her. Both women exploring each others bodies with their hands. Rubbing over each others breasts and stomachs. Their lips kissing, their tongues in each others mouths as Toby opened Brenda’s labias and licked up inside her tasting her juices. Vicky sliding her hand down to her pussy rubbing her clit.

” Aggghhh fuck yes. ” Brenda moaned holding Vicky’s head as Vicky kissed down her neck to Brenda’s breast sucking her nipples as she rubbed her clit. Toby sliding his fingers inside Brenda’s vagina slowly finger fucking her as he licked her labias watching his mothers fingers rub Brenda’s clitoris.

Vicky’s tongue circled Brenda’s hard nipples, her lips kissing Brenda’s breasts. Toby pushing two fingers inside Brenda’s pussy, her juices flowing over Toby’s hand as he licked them up.

” How does that pussy taste? ” Vicky asked Toby.

” Yummy, so yummy. Come have a taste mum. ” He said.

Vicky slid down between Brenda’s legs as Toby stood. Vicky grabbing his cock stroking it as she leant in with her other hand rubbing Brenda’s pussy. Vicky leant in licking Brenda’s labias.

” Open your pussy babe ” Vicky said to Brenda.

Brenda slid her hand down opening her labias as Vicky licked up inside circled Brenda’s clit with her tongue. She pushed her fingers inside Brenda’s vagina finger fucking her as she lifted her mouth from Brenda’s pussy to her sons cock sliding her lips over his hard cock and started sucking it.

Five minutes later Toby sat down.

” Fuck me. ” Brenda said straddling Toby’s groin. Vicky lifted Toby’s cock to Brenda’s pussy rubbing her clit then down to her wide open vagina. Brenda moaned closing her eyes as slid down his shaft. Her new son in laws shaft.

” Yes darling. ” Vicky said watching from the floor, watching her sons cock fuck Brenda as Brenda slowly rode his hard erect cock.

” Fuck me, cum in me. ” Brenda said kissing his lips. Toby kissed down to her bust sucking her nipples squeezing her breasts. Brenda moaning as Vicky sat on the couch. She leant over kissing Toby’s lips. Toby fondling his mothers breasts as Brenda rode him leaning back. Toby fondling and squeezing both sets of breasts feeling Brenda’s wet pussy on his cock. His hard shaft inside her.

” Oh fuck yes. ” Brenda said.


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