It really has evolved (Tuesday Pt2)

Neil reached the bedroom. He stripped off and walked into the bathroom. He noticed his daughters gym clothes on the floor next to the washing basket.

” Your dirty clothes go in the basket. ” He said opening it seeing it was full. ” That’s why. ” Neil said seeing the full washing basket ” Suppose three of us are sharing it now. He added. He pulled her underwear out of the leggings and opened up the g string. He sniffed them smelling her scent.

” Fuck you smell great Carly. ” He said taking in her scent. He sniffed her vaginal discharge mixed with sweat. ” Fuck darling your beautiful sweet pussy and arse. He picked up her bra and sniffed it smelling her perfume and the lingerie smell, his cock hardening.

He put them down and turned on the shower. He got in and washed his cock after it had just cum in his daughters arse. He washed his shaft twisting his hand up and down it with soap making it clean. He knew soon he would be fucking his wife’s arse. Something he wanted to do but wasn’t sure if she was up for it.


Carly and Brenda sat in the pool kissing, fondling each others breasts. Brenda sat up on the side opening her legs as Carly knelt between her mothers open legs. Carly licking her mothers pussy.

” Oh Carly yes. ” Brenda moaned watching her daughters tongue licking around her pussy.

” Your pussy tastes nice. ” Carly said.

” Thanks darling. ” She replied putting her head back as Carly kissed and licked around her mothers pussy. Carly sliding a hand up to her mothers breasts squeezing them with her other hand she slid her fingers in her mothers pussy slowly fingering her.

” Oh mum your moist. ” Carly said.

” Watching your father fuck your arse darling ” Brenda said.

” Do you want him to fuck yours? ” Carly asked.

” Yes I suppose so. Whats it like? ” Brenda asked.

” So fuckin good, its a really personal thing, more than your pussy been fucked. But I love dad doing it. ” Carly said.

” He enjoyed it. ” Brenda replied as Carly stood between her mothers legs, kissing her breasts and her nipples. She kissed her mothers lips.

” Yeh he did. ” Carly said. ” Dad and I are really close mum. I mean yes having sex physically. But emotionally as well. Its not just father fucking daughter, naughty naughty. But we have a real connection sexually mum. ” Carly said.

” That’s good dear. ” Brenda said. ” Its ok, I ” m not jealous of you two. ”

” Good, I don’t you to be. ”

” Far from it, its nice you can have sex with me not here. ” Brenda said.

” I know, it is. ”

” The good thing is, at least I know who’s fucking him and hes not going to run off with you. ”

” No, no way. ”

Neil got out of the shower and dried off. He stood naked and looked down at Carly’s underwear and bra. He picked them up sniffing them again and stepped into them pulling the cotton.g string up his legs. He tucked his cock it. It was a bit tight. He looked in the mirror smiling. He picked up her bra and slid his arms in the straps. He pushed it up each arm and onto his shoulders. He reached behind trying to align the clips. He struggled. ” How the fuck do you do this. ” He said.

For a few minutes he tried. ” Stupid things. ” He said.

” Want help. ” He heard a voice say. He turned to see Carly standing in the doorway in her black gown.

” Shit Carly. ” He said standing in Carly’s G String and bra.

” Oh daddy. ” She said stepping towards him ” I never knew you liked to….. ”

” ….. Carly honestly this is the first time. ” He said as Carly stepped up to him.

” Yes dad, turn around. ” She said. She grabbed the straps and saw they were twisted.

” Please sorry darling. ” He said.

” I will show you how to put a bra on. ” She said walking to her drawer pulling out another bra. She removed her gown. She stood naked beside him.

” Ok. ” He said.

” Right dad, take it off. See how its twisted, the straps. Right hold it out.

They held them out together. Carly showing him. Right arm in straps up to the shoulder. He followed her lead. Then put it under the breasts, seen you don’t have tits. Then grab the clips and put them together. ” She said. She adjusted her straps and breasts. ” There. ” She said seeing him struggle with the straps.

” That easy ha. ” He said. ” You know I watch you, your mother and Amy put bras on. You girls make it look so easy. ”

” Dad I’ve been wearing them for 14 years. You get used to taking them off and putting them on. ” She said. She unclipped it and took it off.

” Practice unclipping it and clipping it. Then try again. ” She said. ” Bye the way love the underwear. Carly said. ” See you in pool lover. ” She added putting on her gown and walking away.

He picked up the lace see through pink and white bra Carly put on. He put it on like she showed him, he reached behind his back grabbing the clasps and clipping them. ” I did it, shit I did it. ” He said proud of himself as he adjusted his daughters bra. He loved the lace and light pink embroidery on the white lace.


” Whats taking your father so long? ” Brenda asked as Carly dropped her robe once again naked stepping into the pool.

Five minutes later he appeared wine bottle in hand. He dropped his robe his cock semi hard.

” More wine ladies? ” He said smiling standing looking down at his naked wife and daughter in the pool. He stepped into the pool as Carly and Brenda held their wine glasses out. Neil refilled them then sat next to Brenda.

” Mum’s been waiting dad she wants your cock in her arse. ” Carly said.

” Sorry I took so long, got distracted. ” He said smiling at Carly.

” Man thing ” Brenda said ” Easily distracted. ”

” Well he does share a bed and bedroom with two women mum. ” Carly said.

” Yes he enjoys his polygamist relationship with his wife and daughter don’t we darling ” Brenda said grabbing his hard cock in her hand.

” Yes. ” He said. ” I do. ”

” If you include Amy, hes got three women at his disposal. ” Carly said.

Brenda kissed her husbands lips ” Yes and if Vicky decides to join us that makes four. Shit I should be fuckin jealous. ” Brenda said.

” I’m a lucky man. ” He said smiling at his wife.

” I would love Vicky to join us mum. ” Carly said. ” It would be so nice to all join in a family orgy. ” Carly replied.

” How does Toby feel about it, I mean the chance of having sex with us as a group? ” Brenda asked.

” Hes looking forward to meeting Scott and Amy. ” Carly said.

” Well another sex partner for Amy. ” Brenda said.

” I’ve talked to Scott about it and hes fine with it. ” Carly said.

” Oh that’s good. ” Neil said. ” That means we all have three sex partners. ”

” It does. Now means us three girls don’t have to share two guys. We now have one each in our family naked fun. ” Carly said smiling. ” Shit my pussy is moist at the thought. I feel quite horny about it. ” Carly added. She leant over kissing her mothers lips.

” Do you darling? ” Neil said.

” Well mum has already fucked my fiance. So us all having a family orgy together excites me. My father, brother, fiance naked in the same room fucking me. Oh yes I feel horny at the thought. ” Carly replied.

” Yes I quite like the idea of my husband, son, and son in law fucking me at the same time as well. ” Brenda said.

” All holes filled at the same time. ” Carly said.

” Pardon? ” Brenda said.

” Oh mother, one cock in your pussy, one in your arse, one in your mouth. ” Carly said.

” Oh Carly really? ”

” Yes. They can draw straws to see who’s goes where. ” Carly said smiling kissing her mothers lips reaching over grabbing her fathers cock.

” Darling. ” Brenda said then started kissing her daughter as Carly wanked her father. Brenda sat on the edge of the pool. Carly between her legs. Her tongue finding her mothers pussy, her tongue circling her mothers labias. Her fingers finging themselves in her mothers vagina finger fucking her. Neil sat up next to his wife, Brenda leaning in grabbing her husbands cock sliding her lips down his shaft sucking his cock.

Carly licked down finding her mothers anus licking it. Brenda moaning feeling her daughters tongue around her arse.

For ten minute they licked and sucked. Brenda then rolling over onto her front. Carly sat next to her mum opening her mothers arse cheeks.

” There it is dad, mummy’s arsehole. ” Carly said slapping her mothers buttock. Neil smiled at his daughter as he lubed his wife’s anus. Carly held her buttocks open as Neil lubed his cock. Neil pushed it deep into his wife arse slowly.

Carly watched as her father fucked her, watching her fathers cock in her mothers anus. Brenda moaning. Carly said fondling her breasts. She rubbed her mothers back listening to her mother groan.

” Hows that mum? ” Carly asked.

” Great dear, fuck its good. ” She said moaning.

” Its nice watching my mummy and daddy fuck. ” Carly said, especially since my fiance is probably fucking his mother right now. ” She said.

She slapped Brenda’s arse cheek again.

” Oh yes, ” Brenda said as Neil moaned he thrust her harder eventually he cum filling his wife cum.

Afterwards they showered and got into bed and hugged and played as mother, father daughter loving and enjoying each others naked bodies.


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