It really has evolved (Tuesday)

Tuesday the eleventh.

8.56 pm.

Brenda and Neil sat in the jacuzzi. Wine in hand. She sat with her legs over her husbands groin. They kissed and drank wine.

They heard the patio doors open.

” Must be Carly. ” Brenda said to her husband.

” Yes, she will want to hear all about your night last night dear. ” Neil said smiling at his wife.

” She will. ” Brenda replied as Carly entered the closed off courtyard through a wooden door.

” Hi darling. ” Brenda said ” How was work? ” She asked.

” Long day, Kaley was sick today. So I’ve been a stylist down. The temp I call on was away, shes just got pregnant, and has terrible morning sickness so I have had to step in. ” Carly said sliding off her gown. Neil and Brenda admiring there daughters naked body in the moonlight. She stepped into the jacuzzi to join her naked parents. She looked at her mother and smiled.

” Oh no you were looking forward to a quiet day today ” Brenda replied.

” Yeh oh well. That’s what its like Kaley is a good employee she hardly takes days off. ” Carly said moving over sitting next to her mum.
Neil lifted his feet up onto Carly’s thighs. ” Anyway dad has a crush on her. ” Carly said smiling at her father.

” Who Kaley? ” Brenda questioned.

” Yes, apparently he likes her tits. ”

” Neil really? ” Brenda replied.

” Well I wouldn’t say a crush. ” He said.

” I think he would prefer Kaley cut his hair than me. ” Carly said.

So how was your night last night? ” Carly asked

” Great. ” Brenda said smiling.

” Ok a little more information considering you were with my fiance and his mother. ” Carly said.

” Well not much to say really except the sex was great. ” Brenda said.

” Ok, so did you and Vicky hit it off…. ”

” ….. Did we have sex? Yes we did in fact. ” Brenda replied.

” Ok cool. I had lunch with Toby today. He said you all had fun in bed. ” Carly replied smiling at her dad.

” So is the young man good on bed? ” Neil asked his wife.

” Well. I have no complaints. He and his mother have a great sex life, now I know why. Carly’s a lucky girl having a guy with a sex drive like Toby. So what did you to get up to? ” Brenda asked.

” Oh, the usual, had a drink, got naked, had sex I think about two times. ” Carly said.

” Just usual father and daughter stuff. ” Neil said.

” Yes dad took my anal virginity. ” Carly replied sipping her wine.

Brenda looked at her daughter then husband. ” You both had…..:

” …… Anal sex, its called anal sex mum. Yes dad and I did. ” Carly said

” Yes I know what its called. Wow. You had anal sex. ”

” Yeh, I mean its not as bad as its made out to be, I enjoyed it, its kind of kinky and very personal. ” Carly replied.

” Did it hurt? ” Brenda asked.

” Oh yeh a bit at first, I guess its just like vaginal sex for the first time everybody’s different. For some it hurts lots some hardly at all. For me anal it was about 5 out of 10 on the pain scale. Dad was very good and took it slowly. But after a while was pounding my arsehole like no tomorrow. ”

” Carly. ” Brenda said.

” It was fun aye dad? ” Carly said smiling. ” Dad also brought me sexy lingerie. ” Carly said.

” Oh yes did he now? ”

” I did and she looked so fuckin hot in it to darling. ” He said kissing his wife’s lips.

” Oh did she, was it see through or more discrete. ” Brenda asked Carly.

” Well, quite see through. It didn’t leave much hidden, aye dad? ”

Neil looked at Brenda then grinned at Carly. ” No I suppose it didn’t. ” He said.

” Anyway, dad and I were chatting between him fucking my arse, and then my pussy. We are going to look for another father and daughter couple for outings and sex. ” Carly said to her mother.

” Oh are you? ” She said.

” So much for keeping it family bound. ” Brenda replied.

” We know, but it will be nice to meet another couple. You and Scott could meet another Mother and son couple. ” Carly said.

” I quite like Vicky and Toby really. I’m sure Vicky would not mind Scott joining in. ”

” What about Amy? ” Carly replied.

” She could join in two. Gosh my son and his fiance, my daughters fiance and his mother. The five of us will have a good time. Sure you or Scott or Amy for that matter will not mind Toby fucking Amy. ” Brenda said.

” No I don’t think Amy would mind at all mum, or Scott. You know how erotic he finds it Amy’s sleeping with dad. Dads pregnant daughter in law to be. ”

” Well you know what we could all do before Amy has her baby? ” Neil said.

” What dad? ” Carly said smiling at her mother.

” All go away to a small island where there is not many people and have some semi public fun together. ” He said.

Carly looked over at him. ” Semi public meaning……? ”

” Well we could sort of discretely partner swap. Spend each night in different beds. ” Neil replied. ”

” We do anyway dad. ” Carly said.

” I know but, it will be quite….. Oh I don’t know….. ” Neil started saying.

” Romantic. ” Brenda said. ” Oh Carly maybe some nice big island boy cock. ”

” Mum? ” Carly said. ” Dads just here. ”

Neil smiled at his wife. ” Oh I don’t know I’m sure mum would like some nice big island dick. ” He replied looking at his daughter.

” Ummmm yes us girls could spent the night by ourselves and invite some nice island guys to ‘entertain’ us. ” Carly added.

” Oh Carly. ” Brenda said grabbing her husbands cock. ” This is making me very horny. ”

Neil sat up on the edge of the jacuzzi on the tiled patio his cock hard. ” He is mum. ” Carly said as both women swam between his open legs. Brenda grabbing her husbands cock. She licked his knob as Carly stroked his thigh. Neil leant back as he watched his wife and daughter lick his shaft together..

” Oh fuck yes. ” He said. ” Watching my wife and daughter lick my cock together…… ”

” So romantic. ” Carly said smiling at her mother who smiled back as Brenda slid her mouth down his shaft sucking her husbands cock.

” Oh shit. ” He said smiling. Carly sat up next to her father kissing his lips. Neil caressing his daughters naked breasts as Brenda stroked and sucked her husbands cock.

Brenda took her mouth off and looked up at her husband daughter kissing. ” Never thought I’d be sucking my husbands cock that’s been in our daughters pussy, let alone her arse. ” Brenda said smiling.

” You should try it mum. Dad would love to break his wife’s anal virginity like he broke his daughters. ” Carly said. ” You would like to do that wouldn’t you daddy. Break mummy’s arse? ” Carly said running her finger down her fathers chest.

” Oh yes. ” Neil said smiling at his wife.

” Would you like that mum. Daddy fuck your arse? ” Carly said.

” Oh I….. ” Brenda started saying.

” Come on mum its actually feels quite nice. ” Carly said sliding into the pool running her hand over her mum’s buttocks to her anus rubbing it with her finger, she kissed her mum’s cheek. ” Would you like to watch daddy fuck mine. ” She said.

” Ok. ” Brenda said.

” Fuck my arse daddy. ” Carly said smiling at him. Carly leant over the edge of the pool as Neil slid in getting behind his daughter. Carly wiggled her arse as Neil slapped it.

” Slap it mum. ” Carly said.

Brenda slapped Carly’s other arse cheek as Neil leant in opening her buttocks. Neil and Brenda admiring there daughters anus and beautiful mound of labias.

” Oh she has a beautiful arse. ” Brenda said slapping it again. Neil leant in licking around her anus and pussy. He then leant back as Brenda licked Carly’s anus pushing her tongue around it then Carly’s pussy.

Neil then sat on the edge of the jucuzzi, Carly between his legs grabbing his cock sliding her lips down his shaft as Brenda licked and sucked around her anus and pussy.

Brenda pushed her tongue into Carly’s open vagina as she poked her thumb around Carly’s anus.

” Oh mum. ” Carly said as she groaned feeling her mothers wet tongue around her anus, her thumb pushing into her hole. Carly licking her fathers shaft. Neil reached over to the towel on the ground pulling out lube

” Came prepared. ” He said handing it to Brenda.

Brenda squeezed it onto Carly’s anus and pushed her finger in.

” Fuck. ” Carly said as her mother poked her arsehole as she licked her clit. Carly moaned as she licked and sucked her fathers cock.

” Hows that arse looking dear? ” Neil asked his wife. ” Ready for her fathers cock? ”

” I think so. ” Brenda said. Neil got up and back into the pool looking at his daughters lubed arse. He squirted it on his cock and rubbed it in. Brenda still fingering Carly’s anus.

Neil spread one arse cheek and Brenda opened her other one. Brenda pushing a finger into her daughters pussy watching Neil’s lubed knob open Carly’s anus as he slowly worked it into her arse.

” Ohhhhh fuuuck yes. ” Carly moaned. ” Fuck fuck fuck ” she said as Neil’s shaft followed his knob into her arse.

” Yes Carly. ” Neil said

” Oh sweet fuck. ” Carly added as Neil slowly fucked in and out. Brenda holding Carly’s arse cheeks open taking her finger out of Carly’s pussy.

” You enjoying that Carly? ” Brenda asked.

” Oh fuck yes mum, its great. ” She said as Neil thrust harder. ” You have to do it mum. ” Carly said.

” Looks fun. ” Brenda said watching her husbands shaft in their daughters arse.

” Finger fuck my pussy mum. ” Carly said.

Brenda slid her hand between Carly’s legs finding her vagina pushing a finger into her pussy.

” Ohhhhh fuuuckkkk yeeesssss. ” Carly moaned. ” Yeesssss pppllleeeeeeassseeeee. ”

Neil sped up and Brenda sped up. Neil’s cock in her anus, Brenda’s finger in her pussy. Both fucking their daughter.

” Ohhh yes yes yes. ” Carly said ” Oh fuck yes. ” She said. ” My sweet fuck yes. ”

” Cum Carly. ” Neil said.

” Fuccck yesss yesssss. Oh yesssss. ” Carly moaned. ” Mum your licking dads cum from my arse. ” Carly said. ” Yeeesssssss. Fuccckkk. ”

” Orgasm bitch. ” Neil said thrusting her.

” Fuck Fuck Fuck. Ohhhhh fuuuck fuck yes oh fuck yes yes YES. ” She moaned her body shuddering as she orgasmed. Neil thrust harder and faster eventually letting go shooting cum deep into his daughters arse.

” Yes. ” Neil said gripping his daughters arse as he emptied into her.

” Fuckin hell. ” She said sliding her hand to her pussy holding her mothers hand. Her mothers finger still in her pussy.

Neil slowly pulled his cock from Carly’s arse.

” How was that baby? ” Neil said.

” Fuck that was great dad. ” She said. Neil and Brenda watched cum ooze from her anus. Brenda leant in licking her husbands semen from her arse.

” Lick it up darling. ” Neil said to his wife as he sat in the pool watching his wife’s tongue lick up his semen from his daughters arse.

Carly sat back in the pool between her parents. Neil leant over kissing Carly’s lips.

” You love daddy’s cock in your arse aye sweetheart? ”

” I do daddy. ” She said. She turned to her mother kissing her lips. Brenda and Carly french kissed as Neil fondled his daughters breasts. Carly fondled her mothers breasts as the girls kissed. Neil’s hand sliding to his daughters open legs rubbing her pussy. Carly’s hand on her dads cock stroking it as she then slid her other hand off her mothers breasts to her mothers groin rubbing her mothers pussy.

” Isn’t this nice. ” Neil said.

” Whats that dad? ” Carly said turning kissing her dad.

” This, us, good sex, good sharing each other. We are so lucky. ” He said.

” Yes we are dad. ” Carly replied. ” So you going to fuck mum’s arse dad? ”

” Only if she wants me to. ” Neil said smiling at his wife.

” Might need more wine first. ” Brenda said reaching to the empty bottle showing her husband. Neil sighed as he got out of the pool drying off.

” I will have a shower and clean my cock. ” He said. He put on his gown and headed inside to shower and to get another bottle of wine.


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