Jacking Off to Sylvia Decades Ago in Science Class

I did but the person was not sleeping or even aware I did the deed. Decades ago I jacked off in my seventh grade science class while we were watching a film. There was this Mexican girl named Sylvia and she had long dark brown hair and a peach tan complexion and she had very beautiful small feet. I guess this was the beginning of my desire for female feet. While we were watching the film I sat in the desk behind her and got a good look at her feet. She was wearing shoes like the ones pictured but they were a light brown or tan color. She was watching the film and was dangling one shoe back and forth exposing her bare foot. I took notice and was instantly rock hard sitting in my desk trying to watch the film but Sylvia was putting on a better live show for me but I guess she didn’t know it and it was just natural foot stretches she most likely did all the time. She then slid off both shoes and started rubbing her feet together and putting run foot on top of the other. The skin tone changed from peach tan color to a darker reddish color from the blood flow and pressure she was using while doing her foot exercises and then back to normal skin color. This rotation she did made me rock harder than I already was. I unzipped my pants and pulled my weenie out. My hands were playing pocket pool while I was being mesmerized by her feet but now my weenie was exposed and I stroked it and it got cement hard and then I looked at her feet and I barely touched my weenie when it exploded a stream of white ejaculation. Sperm flew onto the bottom of my desk top and down the shaft of my weenie into my pubic mound and I moaned softly as I put my cum soaked weenie into my underwear and zipped up as it slowly went flaccid. It was the most intense rush I had up to that point in my life. My front part of my underwear were soaked in ejaculation and a wet spot formed on the front crotch area of my corduroy blue pants. The sperm that hit the bottom of the desk top was dripping onto the floor. The film finished and the lights went back on. Luckily the end of the school day was near and the bell rang. I grabbed my book bag and notebook and walked away from the desk and followed Sylvia for a bit as I saw her feet go in and out of her shoes as the back part was flat so it was like she was wearing flip flops and I saw her soles go up and down and in and out of her shoes until she was out of sight and I went to my locker and called it a day. I walked home but went into the wash area and masturbated again before heading home and I masturbated again in the bathroom once I was home and many times that night. Decades later I still masturbate to the memory of Sylvia and her feet and recently to this picture of the shoes she wore. Does anyone know the name of these shoes?

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