Joan Finds More BBC Love

Joan’s plane arrived and husband Bob met her at baggage pickup. They met, kissed and hugged. She was happy to be back. She had visited her daughter and had been invited to her bachelorette party that was celebrated but the bachelor was caught cheating on several cellphone cameras. So that ended the engagement plans. I told Bob what happened. We agreed Linda will find the right guy. I was exhausted from a busy week and the flight. It was a week of discovering BBC Love. It started with the black male strippers at the bachelorette party. I had taken them back to my hotel suite. They left town for work.

I met 3 more BBC men from the bar where Anne works. I took them to my hotel suite Thursday night, all day Friday and Friday night. The guys had called more guys. I knew when my gang bang was extended from Friday night into Saturday morning I had been passed around and shared by 20 guys. They liked me, a beautiful 43 year old, MILF, 5’6”, petite, 34d, a beautiful round butt, long blonde hair, and blue eyed lady became a black cock whore. I wanted more black love. Bob could not find out about my activities.

As a welcome home gift Bob bought me a ring. He said it is reminiscent of when we went gambling in Vegas. The gold ring has a black onyx stone in the shape of a playing card spade with a gold letter Q on it. Bob had no idea that the design symbolizes the Queen of Spades. I have the tattoo on my shaved mound. It means I prefer black cock. I thanked him and kissed him. I put it on my ring finger next to my wedding ring. It is a beautiful ring.

I am back to work Monday. Lunchtime I went to the cafeteria shared by other companies. I sat down to eat when two handsome black men executives I knew sat with me. Richard and William discreetly kissed me welcoming me back from my vacation.
Richard said, “The offer still stands Joan. We want to take you to a 5 star restaurant, dancing and hotel accommodations.”
I replied, “How would this Saturday and Sunday work for you? My husband will camp out with friends and fish until Sunday evening.”

Richard said, “We will stay at the hotel. Bring party and club clothes. Don’t forget your dancing shoes.”
I replied, “thank you. I would like to come to your home as the neighbors are good friends of my husband. I will be watched.”
Richard replied, “of course Joan.”
They gave the time and directions to their home just outside of town in the country.

Friday evening I drove to Richard and William’s home. It is a beautifully restored Victorian home. The guys own a Bentley sedan. The leather seats are soft like butter. William drove. Richard and I were in the back seat behind darkened windows. Richard had his hand between my thighs and his fingers tickling my clit. We kissed and French kissed. He stimulated me to prepare me for what is to come.

We checked into the hotel. Our luggage was taken to our room. We went to the beautiful dining room. We dined. We were impressed with the quality of the food and service. Afterwards we went to the Club Room to dance and have fun. I wore my new strapless mini dress with a slit. No bra or panties.

At 1:30AM we returned to our suite at the hotel. We were all a little drunk. I took a shower as I had been dancing most of the evening. Afterwards I walked to the living room. I was naked. Richard and William held me, kissing me, massaging my body, licking, sucking my breasts and nipples. They both finger fucked my pussy. Richard picked me up carrying me to the king size bed. I put my legs around his waist. He kissed me and laid me on the bed. I laid across the bed on my back with my head slightly over the edge of the mattress. I was ready for their cocks for deep throat. Richard and William didn’t hesitate fucking my throat. Their cocks are about 11 inches and thick.

They took turns stimulating my clit, pussy with their fingers and tongues. After sucking their cocks they pulled me up on the pillows. Richard and William continued stimulating me. Richard kissed and French kissed me. He licked, sucked my neck, chest breasts and nipples. William licked, my clit and pussy. He used his fingers to help stimulate me to have orgasms. The guys had me begging them to fuck me. Richard laid on the bed on his back. He had me straddle his hips. I pushed his cock into my pussy. He put his arms around me, kissing and French kissing me. He licked, sucked my breasts and nipples. I pulled his cock with my vaginal muscles. William had lubricated his cock and my ass. He pushed his cock into my ass while Richard fucked my pussy. I felt complete and fulfilled as they fucked me. William leaned back on his knees letting me fuck his cock as I pulled Richard’s cock with my vaginal muscles. The guys stimulated my breasts and nipples with their fingers. Richard kissed me. He licked, sucked my breasts and nipples while he fucked my pussy. William pulled me up off of my hands while increasing his speed of fucking my ass. He held me by my breasts while his balls slapped my ass. He fucked me fast making me squeal sounds of sexual enjoyment. William squirted my ass holding my hips and ass tight to his cock. He used straining sounds as he squirted me. He pushed me down on my hands as he pushed his cock deeply into my ass. Richard increased his speed of fucking my pussy at the same time. I was orgasming as I was so stimulated. When he squirted me my pussy was having many orgasms. It was like my body was spasming from all of the orgasms and stimulations the guys did to make me feel completely fulfilled. They switched holes. Richard fucked my ass and William fucked my pussy. The guys sucked my neck, chest, breasts nipples leaving their love marks on my body. I really don’t care if my husband Bob notices them. I love it when the guys can’t get enough of my body. We finally went to sleep from drinking champagne and fucking.

In the morning I woke up on my stomach with Richard deep penetrating my pussy. He moved his cock deep inside me stimulating me. I was making growling sounds as I was highly stimulated. My body was trapped by his weight and body size. I was having multiple orgasms. This DP position is especially good for breeding white women by the hired Black Bull Masters for their husbands. When Richard squirted deep inside of me I kept orgasming. I was squealing joy being pleasured by his cock. When he finished squirting me he rolled me on my back. He kissed and French kissed me.

We decided to have breakfast at the hotel. The three of us showered together. The guys had fun putting a lot of soap on me lathering me. They had more fun rinsing me and finger fucking me. I got down on my knees in the shower licking, sucking their cock and balls. I held their cocks in both hands and alternated licking, sucking their cocks and balls. After bathing we dressed. I wore my front zip up black bare shoulder romper, black thigh high stockings, and matching shoes.

We had breakfast at the hotel and then checked out. It’s Saturday. William and Richard asked me to stay at their house. I was happy they invited me to stay. Richard said, “We are taking you to dinner tonight and we can go to the Club to dance. They have live jazz band entertaining.”
I kissed him and William.

When we got back to their estate I decided to wear my romper tonight and changed into my short shorts and my red tube top. I was tired from our wild night and laid on the couch falling asleep. One of the guys put a blanket on me. How sweet.

Richard woke me up. My cellphone was buzzing. The call is from Bob my husband. He said, “He came home early as he caught his limit of fish. He added, the fish were biting. He asked when I was coming home?”
I replied, “I would be home Sunday afternoon as I originally planned with what he told me.”
He said, “where are you?”
I replied, “With friends.”
He said, “Who are they and where are you?”
I replied, “You wouldn’t know them and I am out of town.” I added to that, “I don’t bother you when you are away with your friends or driving long hauls across the country.”
Bob said, “okay, see you tomorrow.”
Richard heard my discussion. He said, “You truly love us Joan. Once you’ve gone Black, you are not going back.”
I said, “Bob is my husband by a piece of paper. You and William are my lovers and Black Bull Cock Masters. You own my body. I will serve you when you want me. I am your Queen of Spades.”

We went to dinner. Afterwards we went to the Club. William had reserved a booth near the dance floor. We partied and danced. Other guys asked me to dance and bought me drinks. I sat with other guys in the booths kissing and making out. William and Richard were having fun with the girls.

I met Allen. He is a 6’6” handsome Black Attorney. We were attracted to each other immediately. He is 50 years old. Thin and muscular. He told me he is divorced. He said, “he wanted to talk to me outside. He said we could talk in his car.” We went outside. His Escalade was parked near the back parking lot near the entrance.

I was impressed with his big black SUV. Even the windows were black. You couldn’t see in. We sat in the big back seat. We kissed and French kissed. He unzipped my romper and put his hand between my thighs. His fingers found my shaved pussy. I was already wet anticipating getting fucked. He was surprised I didn’t wear panties or a bra. He helped me pull my romper off. I was completely naked. I helped him pull his pants and underwear down. I asked, “May I suck your cock and balls?”
He replied, “yes baby.”
I licked, sucked his balls. I did deep throat on his thick 12” cock. He said, “he would help me divorce Bob. He said, he doesn’t deserve you Joan. You belong to men who will appreciate you.” He stopped me from making him squirt.
He said, “Ride my cock Joan” I took his cock with my hand and pushed it into my pussy as I straddled his hips. His thick, long cock totally filled my pussy. My vaginal muscles tightened around his cock. I raised my body up and down pulling his cock stimulating me to having orgasms. His big hands held my body as he licked, sucked, my neck, nipples,and breasts. He kissed me and while French kissing me he made a sound as he squirted copious spurts of semen flooding into my pussy. I orgasmed and had multiple orgasms. I was squealing as I had felt the sensations of his cock and his sperm deep inside of me.

He kissed me saying, “I will help you get your divorce. However don’t discuss with anyone what we are going to do.”
I replied, “thank you Allen.” I licked his cock and balls clean of cum. He helped me get dressed and I helped him get dressed. I gave him my cellphone number and he gave me his private number to call anytime. We kissed and went into the Club. I went to the ladies bathroom as I had cum tricking down my thighs from my cum filled pussy.

Allen joined Richard and William at their booth. He bought them drinks. Richard asked, “What do you think of Joan?”
Allen replied, “She loves my Escalade. She is beautiful. She is truly a Queen of Spades.” They clinked their drink glasses together.

I returned to the table. The guys kissed me. Richard and William took me home to their estate. Allen said, “he would call me Sunday evening just to say he wants me.”
I said, “please do.”

William and Richard fucked me most of the night. They would squirt my holes and have me suck their cocks to get their erections to fuck me again. Sunday morning I awoke having my pussy being licked and finger fucked. Richard laid on the bed having me straddling him to ride his cock. William pushed me down on Richard and pushed his cock in my pussy. I had two cocks fucking me and stretching my pussy. It’s called “double stuffing.” When they squirted me together I was making growling sounds as the sensations of two cocks were deep inside my vagina. The warmth of the sperm and deep squirting had me orgasming. I squealed like a high school girl. My vagina was twitching from two cocks stimulating me. I had multiple orgasms. Richard kissed and French kissed me as I orgasmed. I held Richard tight to my body so as not stop the orgasms.

In the morning I showered and the guys made Sunday breakfast. I wore my blue jean cutoffs and a short bare shoulder cami top. We had breakfast and I hung out with the guys. Later I sat on Richards lap watching TV. William washed the Bentley. We kissed and French kissed. He unfastened my short shorts and put his finger into my pussy. He finger fucked me slowly and then faster. We really were deep into French kissing. He had me orgasming. The guys like to keep me stimulated to fuck me whenever they want me. After lunch I gathered my things to go home. Or should I say, Bob’s home. William said he wanted me to take something home to Bob. They had me suck their cocks and take their sperm in a little jar with a cover and fill my mouth when I kiss him. A gift to Bob. I thought that it was naughty. Oh well.

When I got home Bob was watching a football game on TV. He said when I got home he would give me a big French kiss. I watched him arms out stretched. I swirled the cum in my mouth. When he French kissed me I push the sperm with my tongue through his lips. Bob received the gift from Richard and William. His comment was “that was a sloppy kiss.”
I responded, “French kissing usually is.”

Allen Starts Joan’s Divorce And Gives Her BBC Love.. cont’d

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