Latest encounter with Ananya – New Sex Story

Hi guys! This is Karthi from Chennai. Hope you all remember from my last post. This is about my last encounter with Ananya. I and Manoj planned to go for a movie on a Sunday night. Manoj said Ananya went out of town so let’s have fun, but in the last minute plan changed Ananya joined with us. I joined them while going to PVR theater.

Ananya was on the back seat and Manoj let me to drive as he was little tired. Ananya was wearing a pink kurta and white leggings, prefect as always. We gazed at each other.

As we entered the mall Manoj got out to buy tickets it was raining heavily and it’s an open parking space after I parked, Ananya offered a home made mushroom sandwich and insisted on having it since I didn’t have any dinner. Actually the atmosphere was quiet around us, music were playing. I said “why are you so silent? What are you thinking?” She replied “I am listening to music.” “Ok then listen” I said sarcastically and tuned the volume little high. She smiled as she could see what I was trying to achieve. “Karthi” she said. I turned to her. She came closer and pulled my shirt and kissed bite my lips within a second she came to front seat and sat on my lap. I pushed the seat behind so that she won’t hit the horn as someone will notice. I turned hard that second she could feel me. She grabbed my neck smelled me and started licking me from my neck to my ears. She whispered “I like the way you smell”. I hugged her tight and licked her neck and squeezed her boobs peeped her boobs as she was wearing a high neck kurta. As it may sound like this might took quite some time but actually this all happened in few seconds. She moved to next seat after giving me a smooch.

We both left for the movie and Monoj was in ticket counter. Manoj enquired to her, “what took you so long?” “Karthi was having sandwich.” Ananya replied. The movie was good. Since it was midnight Manoj insisted on staying for that night. It’s actually a 2bhk apartment. I was little excited on staying since I know there will be some encounter.

As soon as we entered Manoj went to restroom. Ananya went to kitchen to fetch water. I followed her. Ananya seeing me she sat on the slab having water bottle in her hand. I went near her she wrapped me with her legs, pulled me closer. I was bit hesitated at first. Ananya looked at me and said “don’t think hard. Come to me before he comes.” But I was little hesitated since I might get caught at any movement. I was tempted by her naughtiness grabbed her waist pulled her close.

Ananya pulled my collar and started kissing my neck as I was licking her. She started unbuttoning my shirt. I pulled her out to make her stop. I went to my room and Manoj came gave me new blankets. Slept well that night. Ananya woke up at 5.30 am and started to cook. I woke up by that sound of news that was playing on TV.

I saw Ananya sitting in the couch and having coffee. She was wear navy blue camisole and pink short. I went to the restroom, freshened up. I came to the hall Ananya handed over a cup of coffee. I asked Ananya “When will Manoj wake up”. “At 8” she replied gazed at me and went to kitchen. I sat there for a while and was calculating all the permutations and combinations what to do next. She took some vegetables sat by my side and started slicing them, and I was admiring her.

I went near her slide my hand into t-shirt pinched her soft skin and licked her neck. She placed the vegetables on floor and grabbed my collar pulled me close. I came on top of her. I noticed that she was not wearing bra I squeeze her boobs. Ananya removed my shirt and unbuckled my pant. She is super fast when comes to sex. I stretched her leg pulled them cloth away that was covering her pussy and fingered her… She moaned loud and I increased the TV volume. Slided her camisole up sucked her boobs and bit them hand her nipples were so erect. As I was fondling her pussy she slide her hand inside my boxer grabbed my cock and was stroking. I really wanted to fuck her hard .I was in no patience. I grabbed her hip made her to turn back, spanked her ass and fucked her deep… She moaned I fucked her vigorously. “Karthi slowly I may squirt” she cried but I couldn’t stop. I bend over grabbed her boobs and as well as rubbed her pussy nipples it was so hard. I pinched it hard and rubbed. She cried and squirted a little only then I slowed down little. I moved my hip in rhythm grabbed both of her hand. I could see our reflection in the glass of showcase room. Her boobs dancing freely. It makes too horny. I fucked her hard I came in few minutes. Uffffffff…… Extraordinary…. She cleaned the couch went straight to my restroom washed herself. I was waiting in bed for her. I really wanted to know how she felt, so was waiting in the bed. When she came out, saw me then sat on my lap kissed me all over and went to kitchen. After that I got ready meanwhile Manoj woke up and I left to my place.


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