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It was Mandy’s first trip to India, she was with her dad who had said at sixteen years of age Mandy should be learning the all about the company that he ran and all about the countries that they traded in. Many was a foul mouthed girl who caused trouble where ever she went and did not want to go to India she would rather be back home in England with her friends having fun. Not long after the plane had landed in India Mandy was sitting in the back of a car with her dad, Mandy was sweating in the heat and was wishing that she had not worn such heavy clothes, at the hotel Mandy was shown to her room by a bell boy who was not wearing shoes, Mandy judged the boy to be about twelve years old, once in the room Mandy went straight to the bathroom leaving the boy to deal with her bags, Mandy stripped out of her clothes and stood under the shower, the bell boy who was twelve years old was stood outside the locked door looking through a crack and smiling as he admired the cute naked English girl, the boy was liking the way that Mandy’s ample boobs gently swayed as she soaped her body, when Mandy started to rub her love tube the boy smiled even more then watched in awe as Mandy started to masturbate and loved it when he saw Mandy gush, when Mandy stepped out of the shower and started drying the boy quickly left the room happy at what he had seen. The following day Mandy was sat in a conference with her dad not liking the way the Indian men were looking at her, Mandy was wearing a strapless dress and to help stay cool had not bothered putting any bra or panties on, half a hour before the meeting finished Mandy’s dad told her she could leave, out in the corridor Mandy saw two lifts one was twenty floors away the other just approaching when the lift stopped at the floor she was on Mandy saw it had only men in there and ignored the warnings from her dad about special lifts for females and went into the lift thinking women’s rights. When the lift left the floor Mandy felt hands run over her skirt and said ” hands off you fucking perv ” she then felt the back of her dress get raised up and hands start to rub her naked bum, Mandy was trying to get her dress back down but was finding it hard to do so, then Mandy saw a guy smiling and when he pulled the top of her dress right down revealing her naked boobs Mandy spat at him she felt hands start to rub her naked boobs then felt her dress get pulled right down to the floor, to her horror Mandy realised that she was now naked in a lift full of men, she could feel her boobs bum and love tube being rubbed but could do nothing to stop what was happening to her, Mandy felt the lift stop then felt herself being carried out of the lift and laid on a metal slab, because it was cold and had very little lightening Mandy realised that she was in the basement and when she felt a dick slide into her love tube she screamed, Mandy could do nothing to get free and lay there as somebody thrust in and out of her love tube while others were sucking her nipples, she then felt the dick in her love tube being pulled out but as soon as it was out another one went in and started thrusting in and out after half a hour Mandy lost count of the amount of dicks that had been in her love tube and then passed out. Mandy woke up in a hospital bed where she saw her fourteen year old brother and mum stood by the bed, her mum said to her ” you gave us a fright the doctor said you passed out because of the heat and was lucky not to have been raped, Mandy was to weak to say anything and fell asleep again, when she woke again Mandy saw her other brother Steve who was seventeen stood by the bed, Mandy hated Steve and had often wished that he had not been born, Steve looked at Mandy and said to her ” mum and dad have gone back home leaving me to look after you ” Mandy then realised that she was back in the hotel room, Steve said ” I know that dr he told me that you must of had twenty cocks fuck you ” Mandy glared at Steve but could still not say anything, Steve pulled the sheets off Mandy revealing her naked body and said my turn, the bell boy and his twin sister were in the room the boy smiled at Mandy’s naked body and when Steve took his clothes off the girl smiled at the sight of Steve’s nine inch erection, the pair watched in awe as Steve climbed on the bed and started thrusting in and out of Mandy’s love tube and when he squirted cum over her body the girl squealed in delight. Mandy saw two Indian boys who were her brothers age stood watching both were naked with full erection, Steve looked at Mandy and said to her ” you are certainly going to learn all about India because you are never going home I will get a very good price for you at the local brothel and left the room as he did Mandy saw the two boys walking to wards her. A few days later Steve was leaving a brothel with a large amount of cash in his pocket. The next day Steve was in a hospital bed with the English consultant talking to him he told Steve that the doctor had given a full medical report on his injuries and he would be able to return to England soon and that they would do everything they good to find his sister. As the consultant left the room the Dr who was the same one who had treated Mandy gave Steve the thumbs up. A bit later Steve’s girlfriend Cindy entered the room and said to Steve ” your sister is very popular and has been sold to an African slave trader and will be in Africa soon, Steve looked at Cindy and said to her strip, Cindy looked at the dr smiled and stripped naked and was soon moaning as the dr thrust in and out of her love tube, the door opened and the bell boy’s sister walked in as she did Steve flung the sheets back revealing his naked body the girl smiled stripped and ran to the bed getting in with Steve and soon stroking his erect dick. Two days later Steve was on a plane home with Tina knowing that his parents believed his story about Mandy being kidnapped and how he tried to save her but had been unable to fight the kidnappers off and how he had taken a beating while trying to save his sister.

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