Lock down – Part one

This is a story based on the ex wife of a good friend, I have given it a happy conclusion but I don’t think it was.

The lock down has changed everything for me and not just for the better. Hi I’m Meg Rawling born and bred in Hampshire England, as opposed to New Hampshire USA. I’m coming up to 60 years old in a couple of months, still feeling and looking good. Dark brown hair and a dark complexion, my boob size various 34c to 36b depends on bra supplier but there still firm as is my ass but the best bits are my legs. Never stopped my exercise and diet control and not being big headed it shows when I look at one or two of my friends.

I’ve been married too Bob for forty one year, having known him all my life, I’ve kept on saying to myself Bob is a good man. It hasn’t been a bad marriage except for you guessed it the subject of this story SEX. Bob as only been with one woman and that’s me, we were both inexperienced when we married, and he would never try to experiment just a quick fumble then in and out and it was time for sleep, oh I’ve tried for the first few years to get more graphic for him, sucking his cock, pushing his head down stairs if you know what I mean. I tried the fantasy costume after reading a couple of magazine, he was more interested in the cost of sheer stockings than tearing them off me. I even offered my ass even though I wasn’t too keen myself, but when he told me that was disgusting I decided to give up trying and that vanilla sex would have been it for me, but for one thing work.

Now work that was a different matter altogether, a small engineering company on the outskirts of town, they’d never employed more than a dozen men, but it was normally more like eight, and that included Dave and Mike Houseman the owners. Until last year I had been the only women working there the PA, filing clerk, and general dogsbody. It was the general dogsbody part I’d grown to love.

Mike the older brother had joined the company eight years earlier and eventually took it over from his elderly father, Dave had only been there two years when I started the year after I got married.

From the off I realised they were go- getters, the company they took over was in a very large warehouse with a few old fashioned machines, the three of us shared an office crammed in with old desks and filing cabinets.

Within the first two years every machine had been changed and more added, we became a computerized operation fast efficient and in demand, a mezzanine floor was put in and I moved from an old typewriter to a state of the art computer and also completed three course’s in how to make best use of it. It was great compared to the old typewriter.

How did all this help with the sex I hear you say. Well that was down to Dave and Mike and me of course. We had hit it off at the interview, and within days of me starting we were all quite relaxed, we had plenty of laughter and loads of innuendo. I’d never worked in an office, and never even thought about a dress code so just wore my everyday clothes short tight skirts and tight tops just my normal attire. The brothers never missed the opportunity to talk about my legs and tits and I kind of liked it, I remember one of Mike’s first remarks to his brother when I wasn’t supposed to hear… or was I …I’d crawl through broken glass for that lovely arse.

It was just over 18 months before he got it, not my arse exactly. It was the end of the move to the new office and we were working late sorting the final documentation and account, the day had been long and busy really hectic, heels and a tight skirt not really the right outfit, all day up and down stairs flashing naked thighs seemed unavoidable.

The three ended up stood at one large desk, very close together and I just happened to be stood between them when I felt the first roaming hand, not for the first time it had happened at odd times but normally I’d slap it off with a laugh.

Not this time however, Dave it was had his hand running up the back of my leg, tickling behind my knee, very sensitive back there and I got that feeling in my stomach it felt so good, I should have stopped it there and then. Before I knew it it was to late his hand was half way up my inner thigh and I had knowingly started to slowly part my leg, and when I heard him tell Mike to go down and lock up, and I knew this was the point of no return.

By the time Mike came back upstairs I was at the beginning of a completely new experience my cunt was on fire and felt absolutely soaking wet, Dave’s fingers were down the back of my panties dancing all round my engorged labia lips, his thumb rubbing firmly on my swollen clit.

What happened next removed any resistance I may have had, Mike pulled the hem of my skirt high up my back with one hand while his other dragged my panties down my thighs, until they pooled round my ankles. Then I felt a wet finger stroke my anal ring before it was replaced by a very firm tongue god it was amazing no one had ever been anywhere near there before, and Dave now had two hands stretching my cunt lips, “look at her Mike she’s fucking sopping” I tried to look but could only imagine their view.

Dave released my cunt and held my head between his hands “Come on Meg get down here,” he was guiding me down onto my knee’s at the same time pulling at his zip, “good girl get it out and have a little taste” and now I was going to suck cock and I couldn’t wait.

I’d always guessed the brothers would be big as they were both large men, but the size of Dave’s cock as it popped out of his pants really shocked me, I had heard of big cocks but his was massive. He was twice the size of Bob it even scared me a bit.

I didn’t get time to be scared, I was soon on my knee’s my hand holding a monster while my mouth was being guided towards the monsters fat head, and know Mike was stood alongside Dave guiding my free hand towards another massive cock.

They took turn using my mouth at first it was just their fat mushroom heads, but slowly and steadily they were feeding me more and more each time. I gagged and they’d pull back but more and more entered each time, their eyes were on me gauging me they could tell by my eagerness I was loving it. Secretly I never wanted to stop but they had other Idea’s, Dave moved to the new leather chair while Mike led me over to him “suck him some more Meg and open those legs up I’m going to fuck the shit out of you”

In seconds there I was legs spread, Dave’s cock once more stretching my lips with a fat mushroom head already half way down my throat, Mike was spreading my legs further apart while running his prick along my cunt lips before easing it home Mike’s cock felt massive.

God I thought if this is what it feels like being a slut, I could easily be a slut. For the next few minutes they worked in unison easing their cocks into both holes treating me really nasty, I gagged over the cock in my mouth some more until it was embedded in my throat.

Then Mike started slowly inch by inch he eased into me telling me he’d take it easy, telling me how good and tight I felt a little pain soon turned to pleasure with Mike’s monster slowly becoming embedded in my know more than eager cunt, then he eased it all the way out until just the tip was in then back it went. I’d never experienced anything like this before he was touching part’s I never knew existed giving me pleasure like never before. Then once more he was pulling it out to the tip before forcing it home once more.

When they both thought I was ready they fucked me, and fucked me and I loved it, and so did they the called me the dirtiest names which spurred us all on to even more effort, that’s when I came for the first time.

They suddenly swapped over Dave lifted me on to the desk and skewered me with ease. Mike guided my mouth onto his rock hard cock, for the first time in my life I was tasting myself on a man’s cock.

They fucked me then harder and harder, molesting my recently freed tits, dragging on the nipples squeezing the fleshy mounds, hurting and bruising them. Telling me how they’d longed for this day, how they were going to keep fucking the office slut, cumbucket sex slave. I loved the filthy language loved hearing and still love using it such a hot turn on.

During the next forty minutes I sucked and fucked both men until they both came deep in my pussy such a superb feeling jet after jet of hot cum shooting into my womb I sort of lost track of my orgasms, I was completely swamped by little one’s coming to a full blown orgasms so many times. They’d fucked me like a rag doll and that’s how I still felt while they drove me home, dropping me off near my normal bus stop at round about the same time as the bus.

The deep kisses and body fondling before I left them… god I was left wanting so much more.

I walked to and then into the house, even though I had cleaned up at work the brother’s had left me pantyless and I could feel the wetness between my thighs sperm was leaking slowly down my legs.

Bob had done dinner for us a nice vegetable cobbler, he was just going on the table. We chatted quite normally and there were no signs of suspicion from Bob, but I was really glad to disappear and go get a shower after dinner… even then I had to run my fingers along my lips and taste myself before washing away the evidence. Such a naughty girl.

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