Lock down – Part three

Based on a good friends ex wife, I conclude with a happy ending but I’m sure it wasn’t.

The very idea that at nearly sixty I’d still be a company slut seems even to me unbelievable.

Oh things changed over the years, firstly their was Mr Taylor then young Jason and between the two came Stanley.

My sex life with Mike and Dave had gone on undiminished, we still had heavy nights they got me into some sexy outfits both outside and inside the bedroom. Anyone want a filthy nurse to take their temperature, or the skimpy dressed secretary to take a letter, but their favourite by far was the school girl, who never did her homework and got a good spanking.

It was when I was approaching 29 when we were in Sheffield chasing a big order when things happened to change the arrangement once more.

We’d had a good meeting and the deal was almost struck, Mr Taylor the representative for the large Asian company. A fifty something confident man suggested they conclude the deal over drinks in his room, well it was a lot larger than our normal room even the drinks were delivered and poured by a waiter, the brother’s soon changed the tone from music to sex and ME.

This soon got Mr Taylor’s attention, and pretty soon he was stood to attention with me on my knee’s sucking on a nice size piece of cock meat with his fingers in my hair encouraging me to greater efforts, I was down to sheer panties and fishnet hold-ups with Dave giving my tits a severe mauling almost dragging my nipples off, while Mike was starting to force my legs apart to run his fingers into my soppy black knickers. Well I’d heard the term being airtight before never thinking it would happen to me and certainly not that night and not three times, I always new I had a large sexual appetite god this was awesome truly, we never left that room for more than twelve hours.

Mr Taylor was the first one to fuck my arse that night, he said after the third time it was a first for him, his wife had never been up for it. Oh the first of the night I was sat over Mike cowboy on the sofa and he was filling me lovely then Mr Taylor with Dave’s leadership started to open my starfish (another new word) wet greasy fingers pushing their way in making me all supple, they were using plenty of starters both on my ring and finally his cock Mike was fucking me real slow and stopped completely while the fresh cock pushed it’s way passed my sphincter. Then just like when it was him and Dave they really went for it, they new I liked to be FUCKED for real and that’s what they did. At the same time Dave had climbed up and stood across Mike and fed me his throbbing hot cock I found it hard to breath at first there was so much going on and god was it good they didn’t just fuck me they kissed fingered stroked it was wonderful and the more they did it the better it got.

By the time they had finished with me my own mother wouldn’t have recognised me hope she never finds out HE HE HE!!!!. Sweat poured from every pore, tendrils of spunk adorned my greasy hair, my face, tits thighs and it was pouring out of my cunt and arse. I often wondered what the maid thought about the staining and the stench of pure sex. Just thought I’d let you know in case it worried you, Mr Taylor’s name was Henry, and I only found that out two days after we got home.

Within the next two years I’d been fucked by three and once four men a few more times, for the brothers it helped the wheels of commerce, for me it was mostly (not always) great sex.

What happened in Manchester changed everything forever, this was when we met up with Arnold he was a go-getter had two companies one in Salford the other in Sunderland both produced heavy metal material components and he needed a constant supply of mouldings. And he also wanted ME he told the brothers I had to be part of any deal they struck.

Arnold’s family were from Pakistan and he was called Arnold because his real name had two EE one ZZ and an X. He was what you’d call a self made man and only 23 handsome and sexy as hell, of course I wanted to be part of the deal why wouldn’t I.

The first couple of times were mixed once with him and Dave and once the three of us, he wasn’t as big as the brothers but still a good size and fat. Those two evenings didn’t prepare me for what would follow.

I went up to Manchester to complete the deal or rather was dispatched up there by Dave, knowing full well I was only sweetening the deal men they sometimes treat us like idiots. Anyway all I did was pick up the papers at Arnold’s factory take them back to my hotel, and wait to be picked up for what he called a celebratory meal that evening.

I went a little out of the way to look nice, well to look sexy really. I always wear good sexy underwear but tonight I added stockings and suspenders and heeled sandals, I did my make-up and hair thick and slutty. It was a bit of a shock when we turned up at the restaurant, from outside it looked a bit seedy and you couldn’t see through to the restaurant at all. Inside it was superb all Asian décor and really plush, this was when I got my second shock, we were at a table of nine yes nine, me and eight men Arnold’s father included.

Oh the meal was great the food and wine of the highest quality, and everyone was on their best behaviour.

It was after the meal when I began to realise what was for desert, yes you guessed it me. Don’t ask me how it even started but I remember Arnold’s partner stood behind me weighing my tit’s while the rest of the table had big grins across their faces. He soon had his hands down my top and was squeezing and pulling on my nipples, I was looking round the table, who did I want who did I fancy. I realised this was my biggest fantasy one that had recurred a hundred times I’d been half way there with four men but now!!! I knew like the men watching me I wasn’t going to resist not that they’d give me a chance. By this time I was stood up with my tits hanging out with a bloke I don’t even know the name of sucking my elongated nipple’s god were did the bra go, I was pushing back onto the hard cock behind me while he was still handling my tit’s pushing them into that waiting mouth.

Someone or two somebodies were stroking my thighs my dress rising higher and higher, the table was cleared and a table scratch mat covered it in fact there was more than one, because when they lifted me up there minus my dress it felt good and soft.

They new I was theirs I was a moaning mess when a set of lips and a tongue started on my cuntbullet like clit lapping away flicking a very , while two cocks were pushing to get in my mouth….yes they did both of them, still my nipples were being eaten, no they were being devoured half my tit was in his mouth. I had my first orgasm then and I don’t think it stopped for minutes. Things were getting really hot, I was called the filthiest names that night some of them I didn’t understand in their language, I know now I was a dirty white slut that night a cum bucket and depraved English whore.

Arnold’s dad was the first to fuck me, he was so quick and a little disappointing, but what came after fucking hell I had my legs wrapped round fat boys waist and I think you know what was fat, it felt like a beer bottle ramming me and he lasted a good time. No sooner did he cum than another took his place, there wasn’t a man with clothes on in the place, someone had filled my mouth with cum and another on my tits my legs were pulled back by my ears while about three of them had me.

I was soon down on my hands and knee’s with what felt like a two hands full of fingers greasing up her arse I recognised Arnold’s voice I hadn’t heard much from him since we’d started. I expected I was going to get my anal passage opened and fucked, oh I was but not right then,

Arnold and his partner Dp’ed me, a proper DP first one lined me up then the other with a struggle forced his way in alongside, both cocks in my sopping well stretched cunt and when they got in rhythm it felt well nothing short of wondrous. To feel that full was that first time just beyond belief, I knew I’d want to do it again and again. God I was a complete slut for those near strangers they fucked me everywhere mouth arsehole and my stretched cunt, I was on my back on my knee’s. against and across the table (legs like jelly) then a real knee trembler It went on for hours most of them fucked me at least twice my holes and hands never seemed empty for to long I’d never been fucked up my arse so many times or realised how good it felt. I remember them standing me up to EMPTY me scooping it out of my holes spreading it all over my body and feeding it to me. I didn’t know who’d fucked me that night but back at the hotel Arnold told me all the waiters had fucked me along with his guests, plus the restaurant owner and two other customers.

He was telling me this while he and two other blokes who’d come back with us were still taking turns fucking me, that was my first gang-bang with Arnold and not my last I was swollen red and sore in both holes and still enjoying it. This was the one and only time I couldn’t get home, I’d had to phone Bob and told him I was suffering a migraine actually my legs just wouldn’t work well enough to get the train. It was made worse that night when I got fucked by four more of Arnold’s friends. On the way home on the train a day late my mind was in turmoil I think I got fucked at least forty times and it could have been even more if you count the cocks I’d sucked off and wanked.

We were going into my fifties when a number of things happened, Mike who was more than ten years older than me discovered a heart problem quite a bad one, I had a small scare which turned out to be a urinary infection but it took a month or two to find. Then finally young Jason joined the company.

Jason was 29 and Dave was his uncle, and Jason new, yes Jason new everything gang-bangs video’s and I also realised quickly he could read me he knew I liked it liked it all and loved my boundary’s pushed pushed to the limit. He fucked me the first week he was there, no option for me he had me over the old leather chair and right after him Dave had me both of them twice, the calmness and control of Mike in the office had gone. I would find myself under a desk at ten o’clock in the morning sucking on a fat cock gagging as he rammed it home, and the same afternoon he had me in the loo, him sat on the throne with me in his lap. For the first time in my life I was getting sex really regular and I loved it, all those years the trips and sex specials four or five times a year were great, but this, this was something else.

Jason was crude and perverted my ass became my shitter, poop scoop or worse. I was a cum bucket spunk loving slut, only made to be used by men to make his firm richer and better. He appreciated me his spending on me was lavish including the bonuses, the outfits were smaller sluttish and so sexy. He started to organise parties when we were away from home which got me so much cock I couldn’t believe it, like my first gang-bang I could take any amount of men in all holes. I became a stripping exhibitionist slut whenever I was away from home. Jason really embarrassed me one day when he told me what I was like when I took charge of a hoard of men. How I’d strip my cloths off slowly, not letting the men near me even when down to just high heels panties and stockings, always wanting to show off pulling my panties down with my back to the audience slowly lowering those panties passed my bum cheeks showing my puckered hole, swaying to imaginary music I new I was doing it and they loved it. I remember always I’d reach back putting one hand on each cheek to spread my arse further and expose the little pink wrinkled button with the slightly darker surrounding ring. expanding and contracting my sphincter to cause my eager arsehole to wink at the guys. The group always ended up hooting and hollering.

Jason like his uncle Mike also enjoyed doing picture’s and video’s, and he liked them filthy, kinky and very different.

One weekend he arranged for me to do the company books on a Sunday when the company was closed. What a day he had me in several outfits all over that factory, we had so much fun I was oiled up completely in just heels, lay across machine’s with tools stuffed in any hole he wanted, covered in swarfega sat over the valve handle’s on all the various machine’s, he lay me across the canteen serving counter with as many serving implements rammed up my cunt as he could force up before he used some of them to spank my tits and arse cheeks, it went on for hours and finished with a wonderfully greasy double ass and cunt fuck in the back of a delivery van.

We are now on the last chapter of my tale, Jason and Dave had called me into the office to tell me about the problems, I’d seen it coming this was the start and the end for me with Covid 19.

The next week the factory was closed and most of us on furlough, the first two weeks were OK Bob was also off work we did the walking thing together really strange for us. It was week four when he built up his courage (his words after the event) to approach the subject. He asked me straight out was I missing all the fucking at work, it came as a massive kick in the belly, I thought he new it was all over and I’d be out on my ear.

We talked for ages, he’d always suspected and found he couldn’t hate me for it. Then when I’d started using and bringing home the laptop, he’d uncovered it all he’d easily sussed my password mums name, he found a couple of open letters about our naughty trips, later he’d discovered the pictures and video’s. I cried a lot that night and meant it, but the real outcome was unbelievable he wanted me to carry on and he wanted to watch.

By week ten of the lockdown he had achieved his first aim, three blokes from his work first singularly came and fucked me, then all three had fucked me, and I mean fucked me using every hole with lots of cock spunk everywhere and filled they filled me with implements just has he seen in the pictures. This happened for a few nights.

Then one night he said he had some video’s for me to watch, to say I was shocked at what I saw is an understatement, and surprised how we both handle it… I talked about my boundary’s before, this was way beyond them but I still blushingly agreed to do his bidding. The first thing was peeing which I’d done once or twice when really sexed up, he watched me piss I watched him piss, I started peeing on him and him on and in me, yes we drank it but after some investigation found it was best after twelve hours of just drinking water.

Week twelve we travelled to a small holding near Corfe Castle in Dorset, we did the round trip in one day not wanting to sleep in any strange places with the pandemic going on. We had gone down to do what shall we say carry out an experiment, I never thought I’d do what I did and do it in front of a small audience….week thirteen we were back in Dorset and collected two black Labradors.

Week fourteen I was invited back to work to sort out my retirement details, Bo said whatever was decided was up to me, he was of course talking about sex. Never miss a chance, I dressed for fucking one last time and I wasn’t disappointed I was at the office all afternoon and got Jason to video it for Bob. The best thing they gave me a special two year contract attending a minimum of six business trips per year… oh god bless lock down.

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