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Much to the dismay of the residents of a small English country town a government lab had been built on the out skirts of the town where they lived, after the lab had been open for six months none of the residents were one hundred percent sure what was taking place in the lab many of the residents assumed that animals were being used to test things on, the government would not give any details out, those who worked at the lab were to scared to reveal what they did for fear of being sacked if they did. A few residents had tried to get into the lab to find out what was taking place in there but failed, bribing the security also failed to get results. Then sixteen year old Sara applied for a job at the lab and was surprised when she got a part time job. Sara turned up at the lab late on a Friday night then after showing her pass to the security guard on duty at the main door went in fully intending to get photos and other evidence to feed back to her neighbours, Sara found that she was the only person working there her job was to feed animals, Sara went to the staff changing room once in there she stripped naked and put the supplied overalls on as she did she was wondering why no out door clothes of any sort were to be worn in the labs. After changing Sara started her task of feeding the animals but could not find any signs of testing or cruelty. Sara went into one section of the lab where she saw about twenty dogs sleeping in a compound right opposite a gorilla in a cage, Sara reached into her trolley and got a larch bunch of bananas as she started to feed them to the gorilla it reached through the cage bars and grabbed Sara by the collar of her overalls, Sara tried to pull free but was finding it hard to do so but suddenly the flimsy mate nipples going electrical of her overalls gave way, as the overalls were ripped from her body Sara fell forward as she did her foot hit a lever, unbeknown to Sara the lever was the release for the dog pound door which had now slid open releasing the dogs, Sara lay naked on the floor then to her horror she saw the dogs advancing towards her in a very short time the dogs had surrounded Sara who was feeling scared, she could feel the tounges of the dogs as they licked her body, she could feel them on her hairless love tube and ample boobs but there was to many dogs for her to push away then after ten minutes Sara found that she was enjoying having the dogs licking her body and could feel her love juices starting to flow and her nipples going erect as the dogs continued to lick her body Sara found herself getting very aroused and wished her boyfriend was there to sort her out, Sara then felt a wet patch on her stomach sliding towards her groin and realised that it was a dog dick she then felt another wet patch on her cheek before she could react the dog dick on her cheek slid into her mouth and started to hump her mouth, the dock dick that had been on her belly was now rubbing on her love tube, Sara felt it push into her love tube then star to thrust in and out, Sara gagged as her mouth was filled with dog cum shortly after the dick in her mouth pulled out but soon after another slid in then a second, Sara realised she had two dog dicks in her mouth both humping away while a second one was replacing the one that had just left her love tube, Sara could not believe how good it was feeling and after a minute climaxed seconds later one dick in her mouth filled it with dog cum closely followed by the second, Sara had no option but to swallow she then felt then both pull out only to be replaced by another, a few hours later Sara was walking home thinking I had dog spunk in my mouth and fucked by at least eight dogs and climaxed a few times, I will not be late for my shift tomorrow night and I will not need help from a gorilla.

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