Low-LIfe Stripper – New Sex Story

To begin The Amateur Hour on an early-September, Friday night at The Sparkling Diamond Club, the announcer said, ‘Gentlemen, it’s my pleasure to introduce Carol, The Brazen Hussy.’

After a short pause, the long-brown-haired 36-year-old appeared on-stage.

She was wearing a -top, high-heeled shoes and a brief skirt.

While the male audience clapped, a lewd crossed her pretty face as she teasingly slid her top over her head and exposed her massive, but firm udders.

‘Christ almighty!’ exclaimed the white, 19-y/o Philip.

‘With such huge jugs, guys in Scotland would call her a ‘dirty cow!’ said Toby, his also-white -and -19-y/o friend.

He’d scarcely mentioned that when the Third Polevstian Dance from the opera, ‘Prince Igor’, started thundering through the sound system.

Immediately, Carol removed her, to begin a vulgar shimmy while humping her lightly-furry loins toward 65 men drinking and sodas, the only beverages the club allowed.

Meanwhile, Adrian, her white, 37-/o husband, was sitting among and watching the customers, until he saw Philip and Toby grabbing their crotches beneath their table.

In a bit, Carol thrust a finger into her gooey vag and masturbated to a orgasm while her public behavior astonished Toby and Philip.

Having finished her dance, she collected her garments, went to the back-stage room and put them on.

Her husband next approached the youngsters: – ‘Hello, I’m Adrian.’

‘I’m Toby and this is Philip,’ the former answered.

‘I noticed you enjoying my wife’s show,’ Adrian responded,

‘Your wife?’ Philip asked.

‘Her name’s Carol.’

‘Aren’t you afraid she has a bad reputation? Toby inquired.

‘She loves scandalizing herself,’ Adrian grinned.

‘In that case, I hope you won’t mind me saying she’s raunchy bitch!’ Philip jeered.

‘She’s a ‘brazen hussy,’ Adrian quoted the announcer.

‘Really. Where is she?’ Toby asked.

‘Here she comes,’ Adrian said as Carol walked up beside him.

‘This is Toby and Philip,’ he informed her.

‘They’re cute,’ she purred.

‘And you’re a sexy, old dame,’ Toby complimented her.

‘He’s specifically referring to your danglers,’ Philip told Carol as he nodded at her tits.

‘They were almost this size when I was 14, believe it or not,’ she answered.

‘At what age did you lose your cherries?’ Toby said.


‘I’m guessing you’ve been a raving nympho ever since – huh?’ Philip snickered.

‘Yes, sir!’ she blushed.

‘You don’t need to be embarrassed,’ Toby said.

‘Yeah. So, why don’t you demonstrate how immoral you are?’ Adrian suggested…

‘… as if you already haven’t!’ Philip snorted, after which Adrian paid for the 3 guys’ .

He then led his wife, Philip and Toby out of the club and 3 blocks along the alley to a abandoned and doorless garage, with a light dimly illuminating its interior.

Upon him pushing her inside, the teenagers unzipped their to display Toby’s thick, 11-inched penis and Philip’s even thicker, 16-inched spear.

‘Ooooh!’ she moaned as she fell to her knees, followed by Toby ordering, ‘Suck my cock, you ‘dirty!’

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‘Yes, sir!’ – and she began obeying while Philip clutched her tresses and started cramming her lips up and down his buddy’s rod.

‘I’m gonnza’ trash the hole in your stupid mug!’ he jeered.

‘She’s trashier than a dumpster!’ Adrian declared.

‘You ARE a dumpster!’ Toby added.

For 10 minutes, though, Carol nursed his man-nipple until he withdrew from her mouth and jizz-soiled her top.

‘You should get naked again and use scum to cover your body!’ he taunted her.

‘Yes, sir!’

‘You’re a scum-bag, aren’t you?’ Philip questioned her, though he didn’t let her reply before he yanked her to her feet, raised her, pushed her non-flabby arse against the nearest wall and penetrated her snatch.

‘Bang the low-life stripper!’ Toby urged Philip who started hammering her vaginal slit.

‘Aaah, that feels good!’ she cried-out.

‘I don’t care, whore!’ Philip yelled.

‘Don’t forget she’s a skank, too!’ Toby chuckled.

Nonetheless. degrading talk excited Carol and she had a second climax.

Another 10-minutes later, Philip unloaded in her muff, while by then, Adrian had dropped his.

‘Get on all-4’s,’ he commanded.

She did, followed by Adrian crouching behind her and oozing his 13-inched pecker into her anus.

‘Fuck my ass!’ she implored.

‘She means her stink-potty!’ Philip crowed.

‘You’re disgraceful enough to stink, all right!’ Adrian growled as he kept reaming her.

‘Yes, I’m a terrible woman!’ she admitted.

‘Of course, you are!’ Toby said, then reached down to harshly slap her boobs.

‘Nice milkers, don’t you think?’ he asked Philip.

‘Yeah,’ the latter responded.

Soon, though, Adrian drained his balls into the trollop’s dung-pussy.

‘Did you fellows have fun abusing my wife?’ he inquired while Toby and Philip stowed their pricks away.

‘Sure,’ Toby said.

‘Okay. Shall we continue the fun at home?’ the husband asked.

‘You bet!’ Philip enthusiastically answered.

‘Wow, Carol, I didn’t realize you’re so addictive!’ Adrian said.

‘More to the point, you’re a hopeless dick-junky!’ Philip remarked.

Once Adrian had drawn his into place, he, Toby. Carol and Philip went to Adrian’s vehicle at the club, with Philip and Toby groping her in the back seat while Adrian drove to the couple’s where she further engaged in adultery…

… for she most certainly was a ‘hopeless dick-junky!’

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