Malaika Arora & Amrita Arora BBC Vacation

This fictional story is about three well-known personalities, two well-known Indian Milfs, Malaika Arora and Amrita Arora, and one, well, one of the best male porn-star of the modern era, a contract porn-star of two of the famous websites, blacked and blackedraw, Jason Luv. I would first introduce you to all three of them.

The first, Malaika Arora is a super Indian celebrity Milf, always in the news for her recent divorce rumors as well as flings with other young guys. She is well-known for her dance moves in the movies. She is 44 years old but hardly looks like 34, She is 5’3″ about 55 Kg with a gorgeous body figure measuring 34B-25-34. She has beautiful light brown eyes and midnight black silky hair. She is a mom of 2 beautiful boys. Malaika is an absolute gym freak and always eager to publicly show off her round ass.

The second, Amrita Arora is a forgotten movie actress but still in limelight now and then. She is less controversial and lesser-known than her older sister Malaika. Amrita is 39 years old; she also has 2 handsome children. She is a bit taller than Malaika, at 5’4″. She has an absolute sexy figure measuring 32B-26-36 with her eyes and hair matching her sister’s.

And third, a black Caribbean guy with a perfect body, Jason Luv, standing 6’5″ tall, weighing around 100 Kg. He is well-known for his lovemaking in the porn shoots. He is a 33 years old guy with a gigantic well-toned body. Not to mention he has a 9 ½ inch black cock which ladies always go gaga on.

It all begins when Malaika along with her sister and two friends decided to go for a summer vacation to the Maldives. Being filthy rich they chose to stay at one of the costliest beach houses in the whole Maldives. The hotel company had a chain of Beach houses with a fair margin. It was around 7 pm as the sun gradually starts to disappear, nightfall arrives. The gloomy shadow of dusk descends over the sea. Feeble light from the few remaining streetlights appears to dim as the night clouds roll in. Birds silence their song and flee to the safety of their nests.

Malaika and her friends enjoyed the evening sitting outside of their beach-house while having some wine and breezers. Tired from jetlag, they quickly took their dinner and went to the bed for a sound peaceful sleep lulled with the sweet sound of the sea waters.

The next morning, it was around 8 am, all the ladies wore their bikinis and came out of the beach house and jumped into the sea waters, after a fair amount of time playing in the sea waters Malaika came out of the water.

A timeless beauty cat walking out of waters in her black two-piece bikini, looking perfect on her sexy body. Adjusting her hair behind her head while the water travels through her cleavage to her navel and before it could reach any further, it evaporates because of her body-heat. Her perfect plump thighs were shaking with every step. Her legs can make any man worship and climb them at the drop of a dime. They bring this appeal and this urgent desire to admire the whole lower body of the female anatomy.

She reached the flat beach chair and lay down on her back, the warmth of the sun and the salty breeze were making Malaika feel rejuvenated. The sound of ocean waves, the sand, and the breeze were all making Malaika feel better.

Suddenly Malaika sees a Black guy coming out from their neighboring beach house. A well-toned guy with lots of tattoos. He had clear-cut six-pack abs, just someone that looks like they could handle 1 hour of jogging, walking, boxing, or any other physical activity.

Seeing him more precisely Malaika got a rough idea of who he is, Malaika kept checking him out now and then. After a while Jason also noticed Malaika staring at him now and then but neither Malaika nor Jason made any move at that time since Malaika’s lady friends were around.

Later in the evening, Malaika and the ladies decided to visit a high-class pub in the city. Malaika is a known, heavy drinker. They were sitting on the half-round table; Malaika was sitting with her face towards the dance floor and the bar while drinking tequila shots one after another.

Suddenly she sees a black guy walking towards the bar, he was wearing an ordinary orange T-shirt and white denim pants. He was none other than their beach house neighbor and well-known pornstar Jason Love. Malaika quickly drank one more shot of tequila and said, “You guys carry on drinking, I’m going for something.”

The ladies partly knew what was in Malaika’s mind as they were familiar with Malaika’s swinger nature. Malaika stood up and hopped in the bar chair right beside Jason. Jason hadn’t ordered anything yet because the bartender was busy serving other customers. Jason was busy typing something on his cellphone hence he didn’t notice the lady sitting beside him. The bartender approached Jason, “Sir…,” Before he could ask Jason about what he wants, Malaika, taps on Jason’s hand on the bar and orders two Johnnie Walker celebrity shots. Jason was familiar with these kinds of situations, now and then ladies use to hit on him like this but this time he was amazed because of what Malaika just ordered. It was one of the costliest drinks out there.

“Hi, how are you?” Malaika said while offering her hand.

“I’m fine, how are you?” Jason shakes her hand.

“Great. I’m Malaika, I’ve seen you somewhere, somewhere in the movies I guess.”

Jason smiles a bit and says, “Jason, Jason Love, you might have seen me on the internet but only when you must have felt horny. I am a porn star. And by the way, I’ve seen you a few times, I have some Indian friends in the industry, they have shown me some of your photos.” And kisses her hand gently, making his intentions clear.

“I’m not surprised; my prediction was on the point. Would you like to dance with me?” Malaika asked with a flash of lust in her eyes. Jason finished his drink while staring at Malaika’s sexy body, grabbed her hand, and took her to the dance floor.

A Rock Music track “Shape of you,” blared and they danced in the middle of the dance floor. Jason was mesmerized by Malaika’s very sensual moves, particularly the swaying of her impressive breasts, all to the sexy beat of the song. Her friends were noticing her too. As the song began its long play out, he stared at the suggestive movement of her hips as she pushed them up and down to the sensual beat of the music.

Jason grabbed her from the back. She was wearing a vibrant red backless midi.

Her back was nude, and Jason’s hand was rubbing on her sexy back. Jason started caressing and rubbing his hands all over her body. The music slowed down to a romantic track. Jason pulled Malaika close to her and slowly caressed her ass in a circling motion. They got into blissful eye contact as Jason groped both of her ass cheeks while having a clear view of Malaika’s cleavage. As a response Malaika turned around, she pushed her hips close to him, pressing herself against him quite raunchily. Malaika started rubbing her ass on Jason’s cock. Jason’s cock was getting hard, Malaika could feel his bulge on her ass.

“You just can’t control yourself, can you?” Malaika asked looking over her shoulder at him while backing her ass up into his crotch.

“I tried but you are too damn sexy! And the way you move those hips and that ass makes me wild” Jason admitted without hesitation.

“You mean like this?” Malaika moved her hips up and down making her ass bounce as it rubbed up and down against his crotch.

“Yes! Keep moving your ass like that and you’re gonna feel just how hard you are making me right now!” He exclaimed.

“Oh, yeah?” She replied as if she wasn’t fully aware of her actions. Without wasting another second, she pushed back against his crotch once again. Her pussy began to drip as she felt the massive bulge in Jason’s pants pressing into her ass.

“Damn girl! You’re gonna get yourself in trouble!” Jason replied, holding her hips as he continued to grind his dick against her.

“Trouble? From whom?” She asked as she continued pushing her ass into him

“You are making me horny; remember I won’t be in control once I am on a roll. You might be a delicate celebrity but before making me wilder, I’m warning you, once I get going, I won’t stop without doing whatever I want and as long as I want, so be prepared.”

“That’s exactly what I want handsome!” She said, “Besides I love the way your hard dick feels when you press it into me, and I don’t want you to stop.”

“Damn girl! You want this dick, don’t you?” He asked.

“Oh! I want it so badly! That monster in your pants,” She replied.

“I can’t pass up the chance to be with someone with a dick as big as yours,” She continued, massaging his dick through his pants.

“What a slut!” Jason said before he realized what came out of his mouth. “Shit I didn’t mean to…”

“I am a slut for your big black cock.” She replied, catching him in the middle of an apology.

“Wow, ok then! Let’s get out of here,” he said grinning ear to ear.

She was holding his hand pulling him behind her as she made her way through the crowd to the exit. “Wait here,” she said as she walked to her friends and told them something before returning to Jason. The second they reached Jason’s car he grabbed her ass with both hands lifting her onto the trunk. He leaned in kissing Malaika deeply as she wrapped her legs around his waist pulling him closer. She slipped her hand down the front of his pants wrapping her hand around his cock. He groaned deeply as her hand slid up and down the shaft. They continued to kiss as she unbuttoned his pants and pulled out his cock. With both hands wrapped around his thick black shaft, she started jerking him off as they made out. The feeling of his massive black dick in her hands turned her on so much that she soaked right through her panties. For a moment she considered fucking him right there in the parking lot. Just then she spotted a couple of guys pull into the lot putting a hold on their fun. A few moments later and Jason would have been inside Malaika. They jumped into the car as quickly as they could and pulled out of the lot.

With no further delay, Malaika started to unbutton Jason’s pants and pulled his zip open. Jason lifted his butt a little to help Malaika take his pants and underwear down. Jason’s black majesty sprang free. Jason’s massive member was in Malaika’s hands. For a moment, Malaika was awestruck. It was even bigger than she first thought. It was a magnificent thing, almost the length of her forearm, and nearly as big around as her wrist. Part of Malaika was terrified of its sheer size, but the rest of Malaika ached with an animalistic need to have it deep inside her. She stroked it gently at first, watching it grow and stiffen in the glow of the outdoor lighting.

“Oh my God! This is beyond my imagination, huge, I am worried if it might fit inside me, I’ve wanted to have it with a black man from a long time, but I couldn’t find anybody perfect like you.”

She winked at him and slowly, very slowly, bent over slightly, dipping her head to his lap, stroking his dong into her beautiful mouth. She wrapped her hand around his dick and squeezed his pre-cum slowly and teasingly licked it. She stroked his cock with her delicate hands. She licked him a few times, before wrapping her lips around his cock and starting to deep throat him. She was skilled in giving blowjobs and could easily take his dick almost in. She was kissing and licking his cock from the bottom to the top now and then.

“You got some serious skills babe, you are excellent with your mouth,” Jason said.

Malaika giggled and winked at him while again wrapping her lips around his shaft. She was sucking his cock hungrily, fast and deep but smooth. It was almost ten minutes from when she started sucking his cock, but she never let her teeth touch him while stroking except to plant some soft bites occasionally. She had nicely salivated Jason’s dick, she was making slurping noises while drinking her saliva from his cock. She then went further down with her hand and scooped his giant balls from between his legs and started slowly licking them one by one, while pumping his fat cock with her hand. She then took his balls in her mouth and alternated between rolling her tongue around them and smoothly sucking on them.

After playing with his balls for a while, Malaika again swallowed his cock inside her wet, warm mouth to its base. She slid one of her hands inside Jason’s T-shirt and slowly scratched his abs and then his chest. She played with his nipples, scratching her nails around it while sometimes grabbing them lightly between her fingers. All the while Jason was enjoying his first Indian Milf while not losing concentration on the road.

Jason got his hand off the gears and started fondling her back. He was amazed by how soft, smooth, and flawless Malaika’s skin was. He had fucked countless babes, but he surely understood that Malaika was different. He slowly moved on to her breasts and removed both breast pads. He was squeezing her not so big but firm boobs while pinching her nipples occasionally, meanwhile, Malaika moved her mouth on to Jason’s abs and started kissing and licking them while Jason’s cock was throbbing. Jason wanted her to suck it more, after a while, he grabbed her head and situated her mouth on her dick again. He pushed her head down on his cock and held it there while lifting his ass off the seat to fuck her mouth.

They were about to reach their beach house. There was security near the park entrance hence Jason removed her mouth and ask her to go back and sit on her seat as Jason slid his pants up.

“Any of my previous guys would have cum twice until now but you are so much in control.”

“That’s because you have never blown a real man until now sexy face,” Jason said while parking his rented car at Malaika’s beach house.

“Why did you park it here?” Malaika asked.

“Coz I want to fuck you while your friends hear you scream like a little slut with my big black cock.”

Malaika smiled a little as Jason stepped out of the car, Malaika kept on sitting to tease Jason. Jason walked around the car and opened the door. Jason gave her a hand as Malaika stepped out of the car. They started making out right beside the car, Jason grabbed Malaika’s round ass and started squeezing and groping it. They were kissing like wild animals… Malaika slid both of her hands inside Jason’s T-shirt and scratched his back hard. Jason was getting horny and out of control. Jason tore apart Malaika’s midi right there in the open but there was no one around to see them.

Malaika couldn’t control her urge to again wrap her lips around his juicy cock. She went down on her knees and quickly removed Jason’s pants. Jason’s cock popped out, Malaika quickly wrapped her lips around his shaft and started working on it up and down, “Yes!” He hissed, swiveling his hips to let his cock caress every silken inch of her throat.

Jason now wanted to work on Malaika, he grabbed her and flipped her around like a toy into a standing sixty-niner, He removed Malaika’s panty side-ways, it was a dusky, small, beautiful cunt. Jason first smelled Malaika’s pussy, it was a different kind of aroma flowing out of her love-hole. Jason licked her pussy lips smoothly, he then kissed her clit, all the time Malaika indulging herself with Jason’s tool. Finally, Jason drilled his tongue deep inside Malaika’s tunnel. “Ahhhhhh!!” She moaned softly. Suddenly Jason saw a car coming inside the park. It was far away so Jason slowly took Malaika inside her beach house while they both kept on sucking the hell out of each other.

He took Malaika to her bedroom and threw her on the bed like a toy. Malaika lay down on her back-watching Jason undressing completely.

Jason jumped in between Malaika’s spread legs and laid himself down on her luscious body. He kissed Malaika deeply and passionately. Malaika’s body vibrated with excitement, the sensation was unexplainable, so compelling and involuntary. Malaika was moaning as he kissed her lips and moved on to suck her gorgeous tits and played with her big dark already erect nipples before moving on to Malaika’s most prized possession.

Her underwear was wet because of the excitement and it was getting wetter as he was approaching her precious pearl. It was an unimaginable stimulation when his tongue met her clit. She moaned a little louder as Jason stopped for a while and laughed before continuing. Malaika’s head was spinning every time his tongue stroked her clit or penetrated her pussy. He fed on her sap and sucked it through wild kisses that made Malaika’s body twitch several times. It felt so hot to Malaika, her body was burning with every lick he did to her crying pussy.

Malaika’s head was running left to right because of the fervent impact of his actions. She closed her eyes and enjoyed his feast. Jason Planted a big smooch on her pussy lips and stopped licking. Malaika opened her eyes as he moved closer to her and starts kissing her lips and her neck. Jason’s python was roaring on the gate of Malaika’s love tunnel. Jason slowly kissed Malaika’s navel before standing straight on his knees. He rubbed his crotch on Malaika’s pussy lips. Malaika’s tummy was fluttering because of the sexual excitement and a slight fear of Jason’s big black cock.

Jason grabbed his cock with his right hand and spat on it before rubbing it all around, he then pointed it towards her wet pussy. He gazed at Malaika with ardent passion, “Slow plea… Ahhhh! Oh! My God, Holy fuck Ahhhhhhhhhh!” Before Malaika could end the sentence Jason was fully inside her.

“I told you, be careful, I will do whatever I want babe.”

Malaika was out of words, it wasn’t possible for her to speak anything. Her back arched and she was fluttering all over the bed. Jason grabbed both of her hands and planted a smooch on her lips to get her in control. Malaika was feeling surreal pain but it was pleasurable at the same time. It was tearing Malaika apart, but she knew she couldn’t stop now.

Slowly Jason started moving in and out, her cunt was gripping his cock like a vacuum. After a few thrusts, slowly the pain started to vanish away as the pleasure was building up. The motion got a bit faster and smoother, Malaika started moaning rather than wailing, enjoying the intercourse. Jason seemed to enjoy it as he picked up the pace of thrusting. Malaika was convulsing by the meeting of their bodies, being as one.

The tension was high; it was visible on Malaika’s face that she couldn’t hold it anymore. With a lot of zeal in her body, she came while Jason was still pounding her. Malaika’s muscles tightened and she vibrated out of control with loud moans enough to call it screams. Jason buried his mouth into Malaika’s and kept banging her harder and harder.

Malaika regained her strength, Jason positioned both of his hands beside Malaika’s shoulders. Malaika grabbed Jason’s right butt with her left hand and helped Jason push even more hard and deep. And said,

Slowly Jason lifted himself on all fours, getting into a pushup position and rammed Malaika harder than ever. He again made Malaika cum as hot streams of fluid ran down on his cock running further on Malaika’s anus and the bedsheet. Malaika was never fucked even half as hardcore than Jason did in her entire life. Jason was pounding her on another level.

Jason noticed murmuring noise from the drawing-room of the house, Jason knew Malaika’s friends have arrived and they are talking about him and Malaika. It made Jason wilder as he kept on clanging and banging Malaika for another 5-6 minutes in the same position.

Jason stopped his moment and stood upon his knees, the tip of his cock was still inside Malaika’s tunnel. He looked at Malaika with sheer passion as his eyes were telling her that he was going to fuck the hell outta here. Jason suddenly banged his tool deep inside hitting Malaika’s cervix, Malaika was not prepared and a deafening scream came out of her mouth, but Jason didn’t give a fuck and rammed it the same way again and again and again before finally taking his cock out of Malaika’s love hole.

Malaika acted like she was unable to move and stared in Jason’s eyes. Jason was approaching her lips to kiss them when suddenly Malaika grabbed him by his neck and kissed him like a wild cat. “I’m not as fragile as you think big boy,” She said and again pressed her lips on Jason’s. Her nipples were hard, her pussy was full of juice, Malaika was still. Jason’s mouth was fully open in astonishment as Malaika explored his mouth with her tongue. Jason was liking what Malaika was doing, he grabbed Malaika’s ass while they made out squeezing and groping it wildly. Jason’s cock was playing touchy-feely with Malaika’s clit while this was all going on.

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Slowly breaking the kiss Jason lay down on the bed widely spreading his legs while his cock was ram straight. “Get your ass on my mouth,” Jason said. Malaika quickly jumped on top of Jason and started eating his cock while Jason ate her sweet juices and poked his fingers inside her cunt simultaneously.

Malaika sucked Jason’s cock like a filthy slut until she again wanted it inside her hot, cock-hungry cunt. She slid towards Jason’s legs with the help of her knees. She grabbed Jason’s cock by her right hand traveling between her legs and guided it inside her love hole. Riding a guy is Malaika’s favorite position and Jason’s BBC was a cherry on the cake for her.

Jason grabbed two pillows and put it below his head to enjoy the beautiful view of Malaika’s perfect round globes. Malaika knelt between Jason’s legs, back to him and her shins were slightly under Jason’s hips. Her arms straight, close in between her knees. Jason was spanking her beautiful firm, round ass while she was adjusting for a comfortable position.

Malaika started riding vigorously on top of him. The first few minutes Jason did nothing and enjoyed an Indian slut jumping up and down on his cock while resting his hands behind his head, later Jason made a move bucking upwardly in sync with Malaika’s downward thrusts. He started to squeeze Malaika’s globes while occasionally kissing and biting her silky-smooth back. It was almost 20 minutes of riding along with multiple orgasms but Malaika was still riding it like he was the last man left on the planet.

Malaika was about to cum again and this time Jason could feel she was a little exhausted. He tenderly but purposefully shoved a finger in her ass hole and grabbed and twisted her left nipple. Holy shit! Malaika was feeling so good. The orgasm was an unstoppable, wave after wave of pleasure pulsing through Malaika’s body. Every time it started to subside Jason bucked his dick further into the Indian Milf and twisted a finger in her asshole or inserted another one. She couldn’t take it anymore and pulled herself forward off his dick with her boobies on the bed. With this action, when his dick head popped out of Malaika’s dripping wet cunt it sent another pleasure blast through her nervous system resulting in a short but intense scream.

Jason was stroking his cock while watching Malaika getting cooed for a few minutes. “Oh! God, your cock is just unbelievable, Ahh!” Malaika said while moaning. Jason’s cock was not half done yet. It was thriving to feel the smooth of her tunnel again.

He grabbed Malaika by the shoulders and pull her next to him. They were spooning as he rubbed her arms, legs, and ass while lifting Malaika’s right leg in the air, grabbing it by her thighs tightly and pushed his black mamba deep inside her. Unlike before, Jason was spooning her slowly and smoothly, letting her feel every inch of his throbbing cock calmly. About 10 minutes passed, Jason released Malaika’s leg and smoothly fucked her for another 30 seconds before bringing his cock out of Malaika’s tunnel. He spanked his cock on Malaika’s pussy lips and left it hanging on Malaika’s sexy ass crack. Jason squeezed Malaika’s tits with his left while kissing her by twisting her from her neck. Malaika was having the time of her life but Jason who has fucked countless babes is also having something different than he ever had. Jason’s right hand was playing with Malaika’s clit smoothly.

“You like it, baby, you like it how I rammed? Has anybody ever been this deep inside of you?”

“Words can’t explain it, Jason, how much I love your tool and your skills, you are just on another level, I wish I could let you fuck me every day.”

“I’ve banged countless cunts. Young, old, small, big, tight, lose, pink, black. Out of them all, you are one of my favorite sluts,” Jason said before whispering in her ear “But, I’m not done yet.”

“Get on your knees and ride me, come on my Indian Milf,” Jason said.

Malaika then mounted Jason taking his cock inside very slowly. Jason loved the warmth of her tight cunt, she gave a downward push, then Jason’s full length slid deep inside, Malaika went up and down on his cock several times then said, “It feels awesome, you’re filling me, it feels so incredible, I feel my Vagina being stretched, I’m so much in love with it inside me, I’m going up a gear.”

Malaika’s smooth cunt was traveling up and down Jason’s 9 and a half inches. She was doing it at a great pace. Good, long, hard strokes, making loud noises when their bodies were crushing each other, so loud that it was hearable to all the other ladies in the drawing-room.

Malaika had a body-shaking orgasm, hot streams drained on Jason’s balls as well as thighs and abs. Malaika stopped for a while than ground her ass on Jason’s cock. Jason was enjoying an age-less beauty going gaga on his prized possession.

I’m going to lean back so you can play with my clit as I ride you. Malaika lent back, and Jason started stroking her clit, Malaika had strong cunt muscles, she was gripping Jason’s cock at the base and the head as she rode his magnificent cock. Then Malaika started to tease the bulbous head of Jason’s dick; she just rode the head for several minutes; she had a sensual look in her eyes as she looked Jason in the eyes as she teased the head of his magnificent black rod.

Jason couldn’t hold back, he quickly got up and sat on his knees while Malaika was still sitting on his shaft. Malaika’s both legs were on Jason’s shoulders with her arms she hugs his back and her head is thrown back. Jason held her in his hands in the air and thrust his cock as deep as possible. Malaika screamed this is something no man has ever done with Malaika. Malaika was in total control of Jason. Jason banged her with hardcore shots for a while. His swift sharp movements were effortless despite Malaika being in a dominant position. Malaika picked up his moves and grooved along with him. They plowed her pussy together, moving on opposing directions, meeting halfway. After a few minutes, Malaika took her left hand off Jason and put it behind her back on the bed and dropped both of her legs beside Jason’s body.

Jason had a superb view of Malaika’s gorgeous Milf body as he started ramming her in the cradle position. Malaika’s legs were squeezing the torso of Jason with excitement. He was watching, admiring, and enjoying at the same time.

Jason tapped Malaika’s firm ass and said, “Kneel on all fours baby,” with so much excitement waiting for his next move. “Like this daddy?” Malaika asked after getting into the position with her dripping wet pussy, clearly visible to Jason.

Jason positioned himself behind Malaika, readying himself again to fuck his new favorite milf. Not long, Malaika felt his shaft on her ass crack as Jason rubbed his cock all over it and moved on to squeezing it on her clit making Malaika even more excited as he was about to make her his bitch.

Malaika almost felt another orgasm as he pushed his rod into her cunt and started pumping it. He pushed her butt down while straightening his back, it was an unusual doggy style for Malaika, she never got dicked like this ever before. With every stroke, she could feel Jason’s cock stimulating her G-spot. Malaika was trying hard to muffle her screams. Jason arched his back even more and pumped even harder. It was impossible for Malaika to hold on any longer. Her screams grew louder, torrents of a hot tsunami ran all over the bed. Malaika’s whole body was fluttering, it lasted for almost 2 minutes.

Jason stopped the motion and filled her with his whole cock. He leaned over and kissed her back and then her neck while grabbing her tightly with his left hand and rubbed her pussy lips with his right one.

Malaika tapped out as she was completely out of strength. She laid down on the bed while Jason’s cock was still roaring looking at the sweet cunt. Jason adjusted himself into a better position and rammed his cock while Malaika was flat on her tummy. He started pumping even harder. Jason’s body was slapping her booty like never before in a prone bone. It was Jason’s favorite position and Malaika’s butt globes were made to be pounded like that. It was almost 2 hours since Jason was banging Malaika without cumming a single time.

The perfect sexy view of Malaika’s sexy back and her breath-taking ass globes made Jason feel his orgasm coming. “I’m gonna cum inside you, babe,” Jason said.

“No… No… Not inside me, it could ruin my career and my life.” Malaika said.

“I don’t care you slut, I warned you before you seduced me. Just take birth control pill later.”

Jason dropped his whole-body skin to skin on Malaika and pounded her like a little slut until he dispatched a gallon of cum inside her love tunnel. He blew three of his initial loads deep inside her before taking his cock out and rocketed the remaining loads on her pussy lips.

Once he had drained all he had, he grabbed Malaika around the waist, lay his head on her back, and stayed that way until his dick became flaccid and snaked out. Malaika was not comfortable at first when he forced his cum inside her but later, she felt its pleasure. She didn’t regret Jason forcing his cum inside her because his load felt so good inside her cunt, like never before with any man.

Jason lay down beside Malaika and ordered her to clean his dick with her mouth and swallow the remaining cum. While enjoyed the slut slurping his cum off his big black cock.

Malaika lay down on the right side of Jason after sucking his cock dry. They spooned again, without Jason’s cock inside her cunt but between her ass crack with cum continuously dripping out of Malaika’s well-fucked cunt. They kissed gently and Jason squeezed her boobies passionately and fell asleep within minutes.

The next morning Jason woke up early around 7 am. He immediately needed a shower hence he went to his rented beach house. He stepped into the stream of hot water, closed his eyes. His hand subconsciously drifted to his cock and he started stroking it up and down.

Suddenly, He felt something warm press against his back and a hand pressing against his hard abs. He thought its Malaika, she must have followed her when he was on his way back to his house, Jason thought. He opened his eyes and looked down to see one hand tracing out the outline of his abs while a second hand running up and down his upper thigh. Those hands were a little fairer than Malaika, Jason noticed and immediately turned around to see one of Malaika’s friends standing naked against him. She had a nice body. Her breasts were pointed, with slightly large nipples than Malaika’s. Her stomach was flat, with only a hint of fat on it. Her pussy bush was light and deep black. Her legs, while not toned, were certainly shapely. Jason was shocked at first but then he understood that Malaika’s scream last night brought her to him.

“Oh! So, you are Malaika’s friend, seems like you want to scream like Malaika too,”

“No and yes, no because I’m not her friend, I’m her sister Amrita and yes because I want that cock,” She grabbed his cock in her hand and stroked it gently while addressing the issue.

“But, be quick, I don’t want anybody to know I was here, Do it short and sweet. I want to be at my house before anyone of them wakes up.”

“Oh! A sister like a sister!! You know that I saw you yesterday on the beach, I was more interested in you than your sister, but your sister turned out to be sluttier than you. Now, if you are getting laid, what the fuck are you waiting for?”

Jason grabs her from her waist and made out with her. She was a good kisser like her sister. Their tongues played with each other for a while. He turned around and asked Amrita to give him a good handjob.

Her hands started rubbing along his lower abs and upper thighs. He could feel her firm boobs pressed against his back, her stiff nipples poking Jason from behind.

She whispered again, “Mmmm I love the touch of your hard, carved abs…” Her hands made circles around his abs, inching closer and closer to his cock, teasing it beyond belief.

“…and your tight, strong legs….”

In this short period, it was clear to Jason that Amrita is more romantic than her sister and a kind of teaser too. His cock was wood hard; the swollen head purple and ready to roll. He wanted her to grab his cock but more importantly, his cock wanted it.

“…but there’s something else I wanna play with…I’ve been waiting all night for it.”

He let out a moan as her hand finally wrapped itself around his hard, thick shaft. He gasped under the feeling of her hand on his dick. She squeezed Jason’s dick. Her hand slowly ran up and down along the length of his dick.

“Mmmmm you’re so fucking hard baby… I knew you had a nice, thick cock…” She tightened her grip and started stroking faster and faster as her left hand gently cupped his balls.

“Ohhhh fuck…” Jason let out a groan as her left hand playfully squeezed his balls and her other hand continued jacking him off.

“You like that baby?” She whispered in his ear, “Do you like it when I stroke your big, hard cock?”

Her nipples were hard as rocks now, almost stabbing his back while he could feel the warmth of her pussy against his ass. Jason let out another groan as her left hand let go of his balls and grabbed the head of his cock and twisted up and down while stroking his cock with her right hand.

“Oh, shit baby… Your cock feels so fucking good in my hands….” She groaned as she jerked me off faster and faster.

“Your cock’s so fucking big… I need both hands to stroke it all….”

“When I saw your big, hard cock in front of me… I knew I had to take it…Your cock is so fucking hard, my pussy is getting so fucking wet….”

Drips of precum squirted out of the head of his dick as her right hand rubbed it around, coating the entire length of his rock hard shaft. She was breathing heavy and Jason was groaning under the pleasure of her hands.

His legs started giving in as he leaned back against her perfect soft tits. His arms reach behind and grabbed her firm ass, partly to keep himself balanced, partly because he needed to grab onto something. His hand reached under her ass and his fingers found her pussy soaking wet.

Her dripping pussy against his fingers was the last straw, He couldn’t hold back much longer.

“Oh fuck baby… You’re gonna make me fucking cum!” Jason grunted out.

“Yeah…? You want to come all over my hands…? You want me to jack you off harder until you spray your cum all over me?” She moaned as her left hand grabbed his balls and her right hand squeezed his cock as tight as she could.

His cock seemed to swell to twice its size and he felt the cum rising from his balls, unlike with Malaika Jason didn’t hold back his orgasm with Amrita.

“Holy shit baby! You’re soooo fucking hard……” She moaned in his ear.

“I want you to cum so bad… I want you to fucking cum for me!”

Jason couldn’t hold it in any longer. “OH FUCK!!!! OH, SHIT!!!!! FUUUUUCKKK!” He groaned as he exploded a powerful orgasm as the thick rope of cum blasted out of his big black cock and hit the shower wall.

She kept jerking him off as fast as she could as rope after rope of thick cum shot out of his rock-hard cock, coating her entire hand and showering the wall.

“OH MY GOD! YOU’RE STILL CUMMING!!!!” She gasped in amazement as she kept pumping the cum out of his engorged cock.

Finally, after what seemed like a lifetime, Jason’s orgasm subsided; he let out one final groan and fell back against her breasts. Amrita’s cum covered hand, holding his softening dick as they both stood there, catching their breath.

“You two sisters are the real deal; I’ve never seen any duo sluttier than you two sisters and trust me I’ve had a lot of women, more than you can think.”

Jason turned around and lifted Amrita, making her sit on his shoulders, each leg on each shoulder while Amrita grabbed his hair. Jason drills his tongue inside Amrita. Amrita instantly came all over Jason’s mouth. Jason drank some of her juice as hot torrents were running through Jason’s mouth to his neck, then chest, then all the way down to his thighs. Jason gently explored Amrita’s pink tunnel while occasionally smooching her clit and licking it up and down.

“Put me down, I’m getting late, shove that cock inside me big guy. I can’t wait anymore.”

Jason carefully put her down on her feet, turned her around, and bent her over with her hands on the bathtub. She spread her legs as her vagina popped out, her beautiful and much meatier globes than her sister’s.

Jason turned the shower off, he noticed Amrita has a very small cunt and his cock might tear her apart. Jason grabbed the bottle of lotion from the cabinet and rubbed it around his shaft. His cock was throbbing as he rubbed his cock against her pink clit.

Jason’s hands were on her hips, pulling her down onto his outstretched member. She stifled a loud moan, but, as he pushed her off and pulled her on-again, she gave in to the pure expression of pleasure bubbling up from inside her core.

She was getting louder, holding on to the bathtub faucet as he thrust deeper and deeper. She felt him grow and he reached that specific, slightly painful point inside of her. And that’s when she felt herself release, with explosions in her head and legs quivering. He was talking softly and coaxed her to another climax, grabbing her hair this time as she moaned through it. He collapsed onto her, finishing himself with a loud grunt.

“Oh, fuck yep I love your cock inside me. Fuck me. Spread me, baby. Oh yes, yes, yes!” She said over and over as his cock slid in and out making her cum, again and again, drenching Jason again with her juices.

Jason turned her around, grabbed her left leg in his hand, and plunged his cock inside her while they kissed each other. Jason was pumping her harder and harder while pinching on her big hard nipples. Jason was enjoying drinking Amrita’s saliva while Amrita was enjoying his cock exploring the points which no one reached before.

Amrita could not hold that for long, however, as an orgasmic thrill ran through her. She was so close, and judging by Jason’s groans, so was he. She started to push her cunt back against his thrusts, enjoying the feeling of his cock stuffing full her magic cunt and his hand pinching her sensitive tits.

“I’m going to cum inside you,” Jason groaned.

“Do it! I don’t care,” Amrita said unlike Malaika as her orgasm hit her. Pleasure overcame her and she felt Jason’s black cock twitch as he blew out his cum. She swore she could feel his seed spewing deep inside her, her magical cunt making sure that he came even harder than he did before.

They slowly kissed each other while Jason’s cock kept throwing white streams inside Amrita. They kept doing it for few minutes than Amrita broke the kiss and shakily pushed herself upright as Jason slowly pulled his cock out of her love-hole.

“Well, done big man, all I can say is thank you for your services that were a hell of a ride, I need to go now. I hope our path meets again soon, and yeah; your cock is fucking incredible.”

“So, do you, two sisters, you both are the best sisters in the world,” Jason said joyfully.

She planted a goodbye kiss on Jason’s lips, “Bubye, beautiful cupcake” Jason said and slapped her fluffy ass cheek while she turned around to leave the bathroom. She went out in the room dressed before she went to her beach house while nobody having a thin idea of married Amrita’s guiltiest pleasure.

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