Married Life Part 1 – New Sex Story

At just seventeen years of age Emma had got married, she lived on a very run down council estate, Emma had a reputation for being loud mouthed and violent, her wedding came as a surprise to residents of the estate and many thought the marriage would not last, Emma’s husband was Steve a seventeen year old violent thug who was feared by many of the residents of the estate, the wedding went well and Steve and Emma had just returned from honeymoon. Emma’s sister July who was three years younger than what Emma was went to see at her new flat, when she got there Steve was in the shower, July sat talking with Emma when suddenly Emma looked down the hall and said ” my sister is here ” July got a surprise when Steve walked into the lounge naked drying his hair as he did Steve said ” so what she is now family ” July stared at Steve’s seven inch hairy dick liking what she was seeing and thinking Emma is very lucky, Steve got his phone and left the lounge, a hour later July left the flat not long after Steve’s brother Colin who was in July’s class at school arrived at the flat, Emma had never liked Colin she thought he was a creep, not long after he had arrived Steve said to Emma ” let my brother have a look at you ” Emma asked Steve what he meant when Steve told her to strip naked so Colin could see her in the nude Emma said to Steve ” get lost ” Steve turned and slapped Emma hard telling her to do as she was told, Emma fell to the floor looking at Steve in shock, Steve stood over Emma and yelled at her ” you belong to me you do as I say so get your clothes off ” Emma stood up and glared at Steve but before she could say anything Steve slapped her again, Emma staggered backwards with Steve yelling at her to strip, Emma was feeling very scared and did not want another slap so started to undress with Colin watching in awe and once Emma was naked Colin stood staring at her love tube and large boobs, Steve made Emma stay naked while his brother was there, a hour later Colin left the flat, the next day at school Colin told July what had happened, July said ” cool ” July did not like Emma much and was glad that her sister was going to be controlled and when Colin told her that she was next, July smiled and said ” that is cool as well ” Colin was surprised by the response he had got and when July said ” if I have to be your sex slave that will be cool ” Colin thought that he was dreaming. That night July went to see Emma, Steve let her in saying that Emma was out at the shops, in the lounge July saw a bulge in Steve’s joggers and said ” you have got a hard on ” when Steve pulled his joggers back letting his nine inch erection spring free July smiled and said ” cool very nice ” Steve said ” get your clothes off and get in the bedroom ” July did not hesitate and stripped naked then went to the bedroom where she saw Colin laying naked on the bed his dick standing up fully erect, July looked at the seven inch erection and got on the bed as she did she heard Emma’s voice and Steve telling her to strip, Colin was soon pushing his dick into July’s love tube causing her to groan, Colin started to thrust in and out July was soon groaning in deep pleasure and after five minutes cried out as she climaxed not long after Colin was squirting his cum over July’s body, ten minutes later July went back to the lounge where she saw three boys from her class all stood naked with erections and sixteen year old Martin thrusting in and out of Emma’s love tube and not long after squirting his cum over Emma’s body and standing up one of July’s classmates got down and was soon sliding his dick into Emma’s love tube, when Steve started to rub July’s boobs and one of her classmates started rubbing her love tube July thought glad Emma got married and smiled when more boys from her school arrived and started to undress July thought cool and smiled when Steve carried her back to the bedroom July thought at last.

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