Meri Biwi Neha ka Birthday celebration in Goa

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Ye meri 4th story he, I hope ki aapne last 3 stories enjoy ki hogi.

Aaj me aapko apni beautiful wife Neha ke birthday celebration ki kahani sunana chahta hu.

28Th August ko meri wife Neha ka birthday hota he aur me usko memorable bnane aur usko khush krne ke liye kuch bda plan kr rha tha kaafi dino se. Last stories me padha aapne ki humari sex life me naya twist ek couple Pallavi and Saurav ke aane se hua aur hum har weekend unke sath enjoy kr rhe the. Infact Neha bhi bahut enjoy krne lgi thi vo sb.

Ab jaise hi August month shuru hua, Main Neha ke birthday ki planning krne lga. Phle socha pallavi $ Saurav ke sath kuch plan krta hu, but fir maine socha ye to hum regular weekend pr kr hi rhe h…. Neha ko kuch bda surprise dunga. Isiliye Goa ka trip plan kia maine hum dono ke liye.

Maine Neha ko 26 Aug tk nhi btaya fir maine us se kaha- Darling is baar bday pr kya chahti ho?, Usne kaha – Bahut saara pyaar aur Sex…. Ye bol ke vo muskurai. Maine kaha….. Bag pack kro…. Hum log 3 din ke liye bahr ja rhe h….. Vo puchne lgi kaha ja rhe h… Btao?…. Pr maine nhi btaya aur bola ki surprise h…..

Maine kaha 27 ki early morning ki flight h….. Isliye jldi niklenge ghar se 4 bje. Fir hum 4:30 am pr airport pahuch gye. Airport aane pr. Neha ko ticket dikhaya ki hum Goa ja rhe h…. To vo phle to khush hui… Fir naraz ho kr boli ki… Maine to Goa ke layak kapde hi nhi rakhe h…… Maine ka…. Darling tumko kapde pehn ne ki jarurat hi nhi padegi…. Aur hasne lga…… Aur 6 bje humne flight board ki sur 7:30 ko Goa pahuch gye….. Humare resort already booked the…. Aur fir hum cab se resort pahuche. Fir check-in krne baad thoda rest krne k liye let gye.

Tb Neha ko maine kaha – Acche se rest kr lo abhi…. Raat ko sone ko nhi milega… Sur na hi aaram kr paogi….. Vo kehne lgi – Aisa kya surprise plan kiya h aapne??… I told – Wait n Watch baby….. It will amaze u but U will love it.

Fir hum dono so gye aur 12 bhe uthe. Vo fresh hone and nahane ke liye gyi…. Maine kaha tum apna kaam cmplt kro…. Me 1 ghante me aata hu fir lunch krenge sath me.

Then I left the resort. I had already contacted a jigolo before coming to Goa and confirmed my booking for 27th night to 28 morning. His name was Alex and he was a Negro of 6. 5 Feet with strong muscular body. Neha always had a hidden liking and fantasy for huge Black cock with muscular body. I called him and met him at the the given address.

He was a tall black and muscular man of 28 years of age and very attractive. I was sure Neha would love it. I said hello to him and we sat for brief talk and formalities. I was amazed by the professionalism of them. He showed me his STDs report ( That is is not having any sexually transmitted disease ) and showed me a terms a d conditions. It was written that no contact with the client after the appointment is over. No hidden recording from his side ( however if the client wants they can record ).

I asked him to come to the resort at 6:30 pm. Maine usko paise diye aur fir me us se handshake kr ke nikl gya…. Uska hath itna tagda tha…. Maine socha aaj to Neha ke boobs ko masal dalega ye.

Main vapas resort aa gya aur fir humne lunch kiya. Lunch krte krte 3-3:30 ho gye. Neha mujhse puchne lgi ki kya surprise h btao. I told baby just wait for 7 pm…. U will know it.

We realized a bit in the spa in the evening and at 6 pm, I told Neha to come to the room and change. I selected her dress for the evening. It was a red small tight top with small skirt exposing her naval and her thighs.

Now I told her…. Betu tumahri kya fantasy he sbse bdi……. She thought for sometime and told……. Raja… Sach me meri fantasy puri krne vale ho tum? I told Ha beta.

She told….. I love u jaan…… Pr akele nhi…. Tum bhi rahoge na sath…. I told obviously baby….. Aaj tumko thoda threesome ka bhi mza milega. There was a naughty smile on her face and I smooched her and kissed her forehead.

Now it was 7 pm, I got a call from Alex that he has come to the resort and I asked him to come to our room. As the bell rung, I could see excitement on Neha’s face. I opened the door and could see Alex standing. He was looking handsome as usual.

Neha to usko dekhti hi reh gyi. Alex ne mujhse hath milaya fir maine Neha se introduce krvya. Neha he is Alex…. And Alex she is my fucking lovely wife Neha….. Tmro is her bday….. I want u to make it most memorable and slutty birthday for her. Alex smiled and said – I won’t disappoint the beautiful lady.

Alex brought two bottles of wine with him and I ordered few snacks from the reception and we started drinking wine. I told Alex, the floor is yours, enjoy. I took the fully filled wine glass and went towards the balcony and asked Neha to relax and chill. Meanwhile Alex poured wine for Neha also and started talking and praising her to make her comfortable. I came back after 15 mins. Till now Neha finished 3 packs of wine and was looking in full mood. She was staring at Alex and began praising his muscular physic. Alex also began praising her well toned body and said he would love to explore it.

I already told Alex to initially go solo with her and do everything what she tells him and I will join only if she calls me….. Or else I will sit on the sofa in the side and enjoy my wine and my wife being fucked.

While Neha was freshening up during the day, I fixed 5 Cameras in the room to get this all recorded and for our enjoyment. Alex also can see out the cameras and told me that will ensure everything is covered by the cameras.

Now Neha was beginning to become more friendly with Alex, that is what I wanted. I wanted my darling to enjoy to the fullest and get maximum pleasure. That why I moved in the side so that she is free and enjoy herself. I also told her beforehand that this night is for your pleasure. Do it full with Alex and do not bother about me. She should fulfill her all fantasies and I will only join if she wants and that too in the later stage. First I wanted her to enjoy with Alex.

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Then Alex moves near Neha on the same sofa and sits touching her. They continue talking and drinking wine. Now Alex took Neha’s hand in his hand and began kissing it. She also reciprocate by kissing his hand. Now Alex wrapped his left hand around Neha’s shoulders and brought her even closer. Now Alex planted a kiss on her right cheek and she also did it. Now he approached near her lips and started licking her lips with his tongue. It excited Neha like anything and then they both were under liplock. Big firm lips of Alex over Neha’s medium sized lips. She seems to have totally engaged in the liplock that it continued for 10 mins with Alex’s hand started exploring Neha’s boobs from outside. Now Neha was also getting hot and asked Alex to remove the top and do the magic. He slowly removed the top and started pressing the boobs gently. Neha loved his muscular hands over her melons and started moaning. Now Alex asked Neha to remove the bra and she obliged by turning back. Finally unhooked the bra and her dusky melons with light brownish nipples were free in front of Alex. Neha was only in a short skirt in front of Alex now. Alex started playing with the boobs without touching the nipples in order to tease Neha. Neha was enjoying his strong palms playing with her boobs. Neha knew Alex was intentionally avoiding her nipples so as to tease her. But now it was unbearable for Neha started literally begging Alex – Pls suck them…. Pls suck them….. It’s unbearable…. Pls u damnit.

Alex started laughing and said – I know bitch…. U are dying for it…… Wait…. Will suck the melons entirely and empty them. Neha pulled Alex for a kiss and mind u….. She was passionately kissing him……. While his hands reached the nipples. Then Alex brought his face in front of her boobs and grabbed boobs from both sides while his lips rested in the cleavage area. Alex started pinching her nipples and moaning of Neha increased. Now Alex brought Neha’s left nipple near his mouth and started looking at her eyes. Neha’s eyes were pleading him, and Neha on her own pushed and brought the nipple on Alex’s lips. Now Alex began circular moments of his tongue on the areola and Neha was moaning like anything. Alex pressed her right boob while playing with the left. Alex started slowly biting her and she was enjoying.

Neha loves her boobs to be sucked and fondled. Alex continued for 10 mins with his Fondling, kissing, biting and sucking. Neha seam to have lost in and was just following Alex’s order’s.

Now Alex asked- ” Darling will u love o play with my dick?. SHE Said – Alex I wasn’t to enjoy everything tonight….. Do whatever u want….. I’m all urs. Now Alex asked Neha to remove his underpants. Neha did it without wasting a second. His dick was erect and Neha was shocked to see such big and thick dick. She started rolling her hands on the dick and slowly Alex pushed it near her lips. I was shocked to see Neha not resisting and began sucking the tool like a horny bitch. She took the dick in her mouth and sucked like a whore. Alex enjoyed it and started rolling his fingers in her hair and slowly pushing more deep. Neha sucked for 5 mins before asking Alex to go for the glory.

Alex told her baby will u like pussy to be sucked. She said she had never had something like this and would love it. Now both were on bed and in 69 position. Alex started rolling his tongue on the clitoris and asked Neha to suck his cock. Neha was moaning heavily due to the sucking by Alex and she was jerking the cock vigorously and kissing the shaft. After 3-4 mins. Alex asked her to turn. Slowly when Neha was on top of Alex began sliding his thick dick inside her glory hole. Neha was excited like anything and followed orders of Alex. As Alex pushed it inside, Neha began loud moans but kept taking without any resistance. Alex pushed the whole dick inside her and now kissed her passionately while fondling and pinching the nipples. I was shocked and amazed to see my slut Neha but was enjoying too with my wine. Now Alex started with strokes and Neha kept bouncing on him and boobs were moving like heaven. Now Neha was lying down and Alex climbed on her and began fucking her with brutal force. Neha was shouting in pleasure and enjoying. She told more fast man…. More deeper….. I’m loving it. Alex continued with this for 10. Mins and Neha told she is going to cum. Alex also said I’d like to cum over your face ( I told him this ). Alex pulled his dick and gave it in Neha’s mouth. My slut wife took it in her mouth and started jerking. Now Alex released his semen all over Neha’s face. Now he finally kissed the boobies and asked her….. Did she enjoy. Neha told – the best till date…. And kissed Alex.

Now both of them parted ways and was lying next to each other.
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