Mom and son : Ritu their sex slave

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It’s a story that happened two months ago as Ritu is in her 23 rd years of life with her sexy figure that’s 34-26-36 inches with a V shaped buttocks and pair of round boobs while my sexy vagina is reddish with fleshy labias and I am in physical affairs for lost two years but it’s my dad first then my lovers Naman and Rajan while brother Nilesh as well as cousin brother Kirti, so got five cocks to taste as all have fucked me regularly and Ritu have always shown them her beauty without any hesitation as sex is an addiction for me and one evening, I am well exhausted after my day long classes and than back home I took a coffee as felt bit sleepy, so as it’s the month of March I am feeling bit hot and so switched on the air-conditioner of my room. It’s evening 07:50 as I left bed and now walked out of my room to see my mom as well as brother and I know my dad’s late night plan for tonight, so no one is in balcony and dinning space as I walked first towards brother’s room and there as door was opened with curtain on door, I just looked inside to see my hot mom Nikita nude with her young son, oh no! It’s shocking as well as hot also and as I put my legs inside his room they both were doing their sexual act as mom is on bed with legs apart, so my brother Nilesh is kissing her mom’s face to lips as mom eyes stuck on me ” oh baby how you came inside
( Ritu ) ashamed, it’s completely unwanted as mom and son are nude on bed
( Nilesh looked back ) sorry sister but haven’t you get fucked with your dad ” and I felt bit shy but hot also, so came on bed as my slut mom of 39-40 years is nude and her big boobs to waistline are shinning like pearls, now we three joined the physical love session as Nilesh got his due love, he get laid on bed while mom sits on his face with her round shaped buttocks slight up on his face as I got chance to suck his penis. Ritu is in her shorts and tops as she removed it first, so I can see brother’s hand on mom’s waist as he starts kissing his froggy vagina hard and now Ritu hold his penis as she starts masturbating it slowly to make it hard and I can see Nilesh long tongue inside mom’s vagina. Ritu now leaned her face as I swallows his glans to penis and starts sucking it while moving my face fast, it’s a nice evening as my brother is nude and her mom is getting licked with his tongue as sister is giving him a hard blowjob, so my hand starts rubbing my mom’s buttocks and I can hear mom’s voice ” uh oh ah Nilesh it’s itchy please fuck me soon
( Ritu took out his wet penis ) a negro will be with you soon as he will fuck you sexy ” and than my tongue starts licking his 6-7 inches long penis with a tongue as I can see Nilesh still fucking her mom’s vagina with his long tongue fast and now it’s time for change as mom left his face, walked towards washroom and now like a slut gal Ritu is on his top. So I put my lips on his face as he is rubbing my back hard while my soft boobs are getting pressed on his chest, than Ritu pushed his tongue in brother’s mouth as he starts sucking it hard with my waistline feeling his penis hardness. Later on I took out my tongue as I start kissing his chest and going down to his waist as I can see mom standing there while watching both of us, a gorgeous lady with a tall figure of 5’6 inches as her sexy body is still much in shape, she came on bed as I left Nilesh and now mom put her sexy body like a bitch on her knees and elbows as in doggy position she is going to get fucked with her son as well as my brother, now Nilesh put his hand on her thighs as she widened it for comfort, now hold his cock as pushed it inside her glory hole and while sitting near her face, I hold her saggy boobs as I starts squeezing it while mom screamed louder ” oh yes it’s hard fuck me whole night ” and Nilesh starts fucking his mom with speed and power as I can see mom’s waist in motion and while pressing her boobs I am getting hot and my younger brother’s penis is making her too wild. So mom starts screaming in pleasure ” uh oh fast hard hard my son I will cum soon ” and there I can see my brother’s penis moving fast as both stopped and than I can see brother’s penis covered with a white gel as it’s cum of his mom’s vagina. So Nikita slept with legs apart and Nilesh moved towards washroom but her daughter took the position as she is in between her thighs, putting her face down while my crossed fingers have widened the hole and now I starts licking her wet vagina fast as it tastes bitter but licked it for a while. Ritu than moved towards washroom as Nilesh came out and I can see mom’s vagina getting fucked as Nilesh is on her top while he is penetrating her cunt like a hungry wolf and now my mom hold her son’s waist as she starts bouncing her heavy buttocks and both are voiceless but I am a fully aroused gal but who will fuck me now? I can’t say and after a while Nilesh shouted ” oh ah yes it’s cumming my sexy lady ” and he kept his penis inside it as mom have been fucked. So both made way to get fresh and I am still on bed nudely.

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