Mom fucked by ghosts (The end)

Hello guys…… I am Shivram….. My Google account had been deleted due to some issues, so I was not able to upload stories…… Sorry for that…. I have made up my mind and here to present the continue of the story “My mom fucked by ghosts (beginning)”…..

After coming back to City I was still thinking on that incident which that old man told me…… After 5 months we again visited my Granny’s home for some rituals….. There was some Pooja program in our home….. Only family members were there…. I was wondering why they didn’t invite anyone….. For that Pooja my mom was the only one who’s sitting near priest and performing some rituals…… I was totally confused by this situation and I wanted to know what’s happening….. No family members told me about this thing….. Suddenly a idea flashed in my mind……

Our Granny’s home had a worker named damodar, everyone called him Damu….. He looked after our agriculture, as my mom’s parents main occupation was agriculture….. Damu’s parents was also worked for us…. But they’re no more….. So Damu is continuing our service…. Damu was very loyal to our family, he was working in our farms since my mom was child….. He’s a good guy but drunkard (only at night)…..

I thought of asking Damu why this rituals are talking place n all shits…. But I knew he’ll not reveal so easily….. So I stole money from mom’s bag and bought alcohol for Damu….. Damu had a shed near our farm where he stayed alone….. I took advantage of this situation and went inside the shed…… Damu was shocked to see me….. He already had his drink and he was little high…… He asked me why you’re here……. So I asked him what’s happening…. He didn’t reveal at first…. Then I showed him that bottle and told If u tell me the truth I’ll give u this bottle…… Somehow he agreed to this and started to tell truth…..

This rituals are conducted because of your brothers death…… I was confused and asked him did I had a brother…. He told, YEAH, elder brother….. He was killed by your family members only…… I didn’t understand what he was saying…. The. I told him to explain what happened…. He started……

2 Years after my mom escaped from that ghosts she had been married to my dad…… She was 28 when she’s married….. After a year after she’s being married she and dad visited my Granny’s home as it was Diwali time…… Mom had became a perfect women at that time…. Became little fat, and fleshes are grown out at her boobs part and ass….. Cute and fair face, vermilion on her forehead, mangalsutra dangling over her blouse, hot fancy saree…. All this thing made her a perfect Hindu sexy women… She looked like Bengali women….. Every man could get hard seeing at her in that attire….. At 9:00 all are offered crackers for Diwali celebration…. So my dad and mom got ready to go for City…… My mom’s mom (my granny) and Grandpa told not to go
Coz it’s very late…. But other people in home wanted crackers so badly they convinced my granny saying that “Diwali will come only once in a year”….. Finally granny and Grandpa agreed to this….. My mom and dad went to City and returning home….. I had already told in previous story that roads are surrounded by jungle and so lonely that no nearby homes and nothing…… While coming near the bridge my dad’s car got turned off because of engine problem….. My mom was so feared because of the incident took few years back…… Dad got down of car and told mom car will not start without calling a Engine fitter…. My opened her small phone and about to call anyone in family but network was not there….. Both were worried and mom decided to walk coz house is only 3 kms from that bridge….. Dad also agreed then both started to walk…… While coming near the truck mom was fearing more and more….. Suddenly Dad got pushed by someone and he was nicely beaten and gone unconscious….. My mom was running but those ghosts caught her and lifted her and bought inside the carriage of the truck and threw her…… My mom was hurt, but those ghosts not wanted to miss that chance….. That ghosts wanted to fuck her so violently coz they are deprived of sex from many years…… Finally ghosts became visible to my mom, after seeing their face she shouted loudly coz they were all burnt and blisters were all around the body and face….. At first one was watching and another one is enjoying my beautiful mom….. He kissed my mom’s tounge that mom resisted so much because of awful smell…. Finally he got her tounge and started to bite it, my mom was about to die out of Pain and finally he left…. He looked all over my mum’s body and to the pallu and threw it apart…. The other man caught that pallu and started sniffing it and licking it….. It was a hot moment coz a virgin women is about to lose her virginity to a ghost…… My mom was covering her cleavage through her hands and resisting and pleasing the ghost to leave her….. But the ghost was not in mood to listen her…. He kissed all over her body and finally tore the blouse and bra also…. He completely made my mom nude…. He threw her Mangalsutra outside and started to press her boobs so violently and bite it, he also gave love bites? in my mom’s boobs… From that love bites blood was coming out… Finally he wanted to have a blowjob…. I think my mom never had a oral sex and never heard about, it was the first time….. The ghosts held his hand on her back of the head and suddenly pulled towards his cock and his long cock had reached my mom’s throat and moms mouth was completely filled by his cock that she had no chance to breathing…… After 1 minute he suddenly pulled back her head and he continued this for about 10 minutes….. Then he wanted to have gangabang and called another one and made my mom to doggy position and told the other one to have blowjob and he wanted to fuck her ass…. The one was enjoying blowjob at the front and other one was slapping my mom’s ass that loud sounds was coming and his fingers imprinted on moms white ass…. He spit on her ass hole and gently massaged it and entered his tool giving a sudden thrust that my mom was about to scream but her throat was filled with another tool…. He gave more thrusts and she was not able to take it…… But they wanted to nicely fuck my mom anyhow….. Then both changed their positions and finally tool entered her pussy and both cummed on her pussy and made her to drink their cum…. And put all cum over her body and massaged her like oil massage….. After sometime mom became unconscious they put pallu over her nude body and they both got moksha….. They were no more ghosts, they’ll born as humans in next life…… The family members were upset and my uncle and Damu came in search of my mom and dad….. They saw car stopped near the bridge and came to search…. Uncle finally saw and dad and went near him and woke my dad up…. Damu came inside carriage of truck and saw my mom was lying there… He took the pallu and saw my mom was nude and then uncle came and dressed her up and took both to home….. Next morning my mom woke up and explained all family members what Happened last night…. Family member kept this as a secret…. After a year my mom became pregnant and gave birth to a child……. But that child was not from my dad….. It was from ghosts….. Mom thought nothing problem will happen and continued to treat as her child only….. But after days came to know that the child is evilish in nature…… When my mom was breast feeding it hardly bit my mom’s boobs and sucked all milk and started sucking blood also…. So family members came to know this and killed that child…. For that child’s moksha every year they were conducting rituals…..

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Now I came to know what happened actually….. Then I gave the bottle to Damu and sat there only till he drank coz I had something to talk with him…. After drinking alcohol people will say truth I heard somewhere, so I wanted to test…..
After Damu getting high I asked him…

You have saw my mom nude nahh…. Tell me frankly, what did u feel at that time….
So he told

Yeahh, she was nude, Every man could use that opportunity, but your uncle was there….. So I didn’t use much but I pressed your mom’s boobs…..

I asked him with excitement how was the size compared to now….. So he said that,
Now it’s more larger than before….. Your mom is so hot that I wanted to fuck her atleast once but I couldn’t….

I talked with him this for sometime and he fell into sleep then I came back to my home….

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