Mom fucked in Temple by strangers (The end)

Hello guys this is Shivram back with the continue of the story “Mom fucked in Temple by strangers” ……. If you haven’t read the first part then please read to understand this story…… If you have any doubts in the story or about my mom then contact my email.

Coming back to story….. It was Saturday evening….. Mom took a bath and came out….. She wore a blue saree and matching blouse and also wore gold ornaments…. She was in fasting for full day coz Pooja was there…… Then we left our Lodge and headed toward Temple…..
While coming to reception of the lodge the owner of the lodge was looking my mom like he never seen anyone like that….. He had never seen such a beautiful lady. In that village and that too my mom wore gold ornaments…. His lust towards mom and gold began…. We left to Temple in our car…..

We parked our car down the hill and started to walk to Temple….. When reached Hill top the temple was looking very beautiful decorated by deepas around…… There we’re about 10 village people in the temple….. When my mom entered temple everyone’s eyes popped out seeing my mom…. I don’t know why because of her beauty or gold….. I looked around and saw some people making actions with their friends n all…. My mom was only the woman in the temple…. Finally she approached priest and fell to his legs….. Her pallu came down and cleavage was visible, my mom didn’t notice this thing…. Priest held her shoulders and woke her up…. I could see her cleavage and all the people can also see….. Then she got to know and corrected her pallu….. Mom went to talk with the priest and told me to sit….. I was sitting alone and it was boring…. I was 12 years at that time…… A group of 4 people came near me and started to talk….. As I was feared at first, they used to talk so kindly that a person should talk with children….. All 4 was black, poor and aged between 50-60…… First they asked my name…. Then they asked in which class I was studying…. Then which place n all…. They asked my interests and all….
I was also talking frankly with them…. Finally they asked who is that…. I said my mom…… So they asked where’s your dad….. I told he’s in foreign…. So they replied ohh then how she enjoys….. I didn’t understand their meaning coz I was small…. I asked them what…. So they told me how she enjoys her holidays and all…… I told them what we do in holidays and all…. They were interested in my mom more and more….. Then they asked with whom you sleep every night….. I told with my mom….. So they asked what dress she will wear while she sleeps…. I told nighty…… I could see sparkle in their eyes……. Then they told me in low voice that tell me frankly, have you touched your mom’s boobs…. I was little shy so I didn’t answer….. Then they told like, we know that you have touched that don’t lie, if you lie the God will curse your mom…. I was feared and told yes I have touched it….. Because till my 8th standard I was sleeping with my mom and daily I was hugging and sleeping, when I feel more cold like in winter, rainy season and all automatically my hand opened her zip near breasts and I kept my hands upon her big white soft breasts….. After sometimes I would get her nipples, that was hard due to cold, I was pinching it and sleeping every night…. When extreme cold will be there I would remove her top of nighty and unhook her bra and sleep upon her so that I could feel some warmth….. I explained all things things to them….. They got hard….. One of them asked how big is her breasts, show it in your hand…. I showed what I had experienced…… My mom finished talking with priest and came near me….. Then she told me let’s have some light foods that temple priest arranged coz we have to awake till morning….. I could see the people who have talked with me checking out her body….. Then priest showed his house behind the temple which was atleast 800 m from temple……

We went to priests home….. Priest was only one in his home, he didn’t had wife or any family members…. His house was small and had only one bedroom and one kitchen and a hall…. He had prepared Idli and sambar…. Me and mom started to eat….. While we was inside home, that beggars came on begging for food…. Priest had always giving them food…. So they had came today also…. Priest gave them some food and they were eating outside the home and we were eating inside the home….. While eating I observed my mom’s pallu came little down, she couldn’t adjust it coz she was eating, after eating while going out also she couldn’t adjust coz she had to wash one hand And in another hand she should take care of bottom of saree….. This made to show her milky white cleaves….. As the toilet was in outside the home she went to toilet for washing hands…. She passed by the beggars…. They got hard by seeing my mom…… All of them went in back of her, that she didn’t notice coz it was dark… The toilet was also in a dark place but had lights inside (yellow bulb)…. Moreover it was also used for bathing also… It had little more space than toilet….. My mom entered in and closed the door… The beggars went from side and peeped through window…… Mom couldn’t notice anyone coz it was dark outside but outsiders could see mom….. They four were peeping in…… I saw this and I went in to see what my mom is doing…. I entered… Mom finished washing her hands, and told me to wash hands and if you want to pee then pee…. I said no….. Then she removed her saree pallu (she changed dress infront of me many times coz I was small at that time)….. After removing pallu I saw her blouse was tightly fit to her boobs and half cleaves were out…. With her every breath taking her cleaves went up and down…. It was very tight so my mom told me to unhook her blouse from back…. I was not ready coz I knew 4 beggars are watching this….. I could I expose my mom….. Then she told again…. Then I unhooked… Suddenly her flat boobs came to original size when released….. Also unhooked her bra and her boobs were just awesome….. Huge, round in shape, nipples were not so dark as Indian women’s, it was little pink in color…… Then she started wiping her boobs with kerchief coz she had sweat alot…. Then she told me to go and she’ll come….. I went outside and I saw 4 beggars, they still peeping inside the toilet and one of their hands was in their groins…. Then I was coming inside priests home, suddenly Priest arrived and went near the toilet and saw that 4 beggars…. He called them asked what they were doing, so they said nothing and went away from there…. Priest had a doubt what they were doing here…. So he just peeped in and saw my mom wearing blouse and he shocked to see her….. He got angry on 4 beggars and went near their hut and he started scolding them…..
The beggars got angry on him and one beggar from behind hit the priest with a thick stick that priest has fell unconscious…… They put him inside their hut and came towards priests home I saw this and came running towards my mom….. Mom was inside priests home…. The beggars had no entry inside priests home coz they were lower caste people’s….. They rushed into the house and surrounded my mom…… They told her to cooperate otherwise they’ll force her…. My mom didn’t care to his talks…. So he slapped my face and I fell down….. They told my mom you show your boobs to this little boy who don’t even have a half inch of penis, show us, we’ll make use of it….. My mom got angry and went to slap him…. He held her hand and slapped her back, her white cheeks became red and a man behind her stumped her ass and she fell down….. I was crying……. Another man went near hear and lifted her holding her braid hair and kissed near her neck…. They was passing my mom to each other like a ball, everyone are touching her and passing again and again…… Finally a man stopped and locked her lips with his dirty lips and started kissing, his one hand was caressing her ass over the saree and another hand was pressing her boobs over the saree and pushed her back…. She went and fell on the floor again… This time a man held her saree pallu and lifted her… They removed the pin which had been put to pallu and removed her pallu… Her boobs was rising and falling, it was hot moment and a man went near her and slide his hand over the cleavage and said ahhhh… Another man went near her and tucked her cleavage by pin saying that let’s see does this balloon blast or what……. He tucked 2 -3 times on her cleaves, my mom started to scream, so one man hit her face hard saying that don’t scream bitch….. I was also crying and saying that please don’t hurt my mummy…. So one guy told don’t worry we’ll enjoy and throw her after that you enjoy her…. Saying this they fully removed her saree by pulling that she had turned 2-3 rounds while pulling and threw the saree apart…. She was just in petticoat and blouse….. One guy threw her to bed and forcefully pulled her blouse that her blouse tore and same way petticoat was also tore…. She was in bikini….. Then completely made her nude and all started to take one positions one guys was fucking her ass and one had his penis inside my mom’s pussy and one had inside her mouth and another had his cock in middle of two boobs…… All were thrusting so hardly that I thought my mom would die….. They haven’t fucked such a lady from years….. They were so filthy that their cock smell was coming till me…. I don’t know how my mom tolerated and gave blowjob…. The guy who had cock inside my mom’s mouth had his hand tightly held against her neck….. They all changed positions and all of them got every position to fuck and finally my mom fell unconscious coz she was fasting for full day and her body became weak….. Finally they all masturbated and opened my mom’s mouth to drink that cum and they put cum all over her face…..

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Then they told me anything you want to do to your mom do it now bcoz we’ll throw her…… I said please don’t do anything for her…. They were not in a mood to listen…. They packed all my mom’s gold and kept themselves……. Later sometimes the one beggar in the group lifted my mom in his shoulder and went somewhere… I was crying and following him….. Mom was nude and unconscious in his shoulders…. He took her near the pool and threw her inside the pool and ran away from there…. I was searching for mom she was inside pool and I couldn’t help her…. Then I saw a group of friends they approached before walking outside of the temple…. So I called them and told my mom is there….. Then all of them jumped to the pool and finally my mom up….. I thanked them….. Water was inside my mom’s stomach so they started pressing her stomach and nude boobs….. She spat out water but she was half unconscious….. So all of them didn’t enter any of her holes seeing her situation….. Instead they all pressed and sucked my mom’s boobs…. Kissed her lips and touched all over the body……. Then they bought her to priests home and dressed her up and they left…. Priest and mom woke up next morning…….. Mom told all the things happened with priest….. The beggars took away all of my mom’s gold which costed about 2 lakhs and left the village…. Then me and my mom returned to lodge on afternoon….. Mom finally paid the lodge and we left from lodge at 5:00pm and reached Bangalore on 6:00am next morning…..

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