Mom teaches kids – New Sex Story

John and Jenny were brother and sister. They had always been very close, having been born almost exactly a year apart, Jenny being the oldest. She was also the dominant sibling and John followed every idea that Jenny came up with. They were still young when Jenny discovered that by rubbing her, as she called it at the time, cunny she got a good feeling. One afternoon they were listening to music in Jenny’s room when Jenny said to John,

“Do you want to see something really fun?”

John was always up for fun with Jenny, “sure, what is it?”

She was wearing shorts with loose fitting legs. She spread her legs and pulled the leg band and her panties aside exposing her cunny.

“Wow!” Said John, “your showing me your thingie!”

“I call it my cunny or sometimes my kittie. When I rub it like this”, she ran her finger up and down the narrow slit and it opened, revealing small inner lips and a hole, “it feels real funny but good!”

“Oh wow! The same thing happens when I rub my dick!”

“Can I watch? I’m showing you mine!”

He pulled his shorts down and his jockeys. His penis was about 3 inches long and pointing straight up.

“Wow! It’s really hard! Why is that?”

“Because I am watching you diddle your cunny!”

He started rubbing up and down and told Jenny that it felt real good too.

“Hey Johnny! I bet it would feel even better if we did it to each other!”

They scooted close together and Johnny put his finger on Jenny’s cunny and she wrapped her hand around his penis.

“Oh wow Johnny! It really is hard!”

“And your cunny is wet! And it feels slippery! And mmmmm, it does feel better when you rub me that way!”

“Yeah me too! It makes me tingle down there!”

That’s when they saw their mom in the doorway!

They jerked their hands back.

She smiled at them and said, “don’t be ashamed! You’re just curious about each other’s bodies. That’s natural at your age. Keep doing what you were and I’ll help you make it even better.”

They resumed fondling each other and their mom, Sandy came over and sat next to Jenny.

“Now Johnny, take your fingers and spread Jenny’s pussy apart.”

“Is that what it’s called?” Jenny asked.

“Well that’s one name for it. It’s also called a vagina or a more nasty name is cunt. There are alot of other names but those are the most common. Now see the little bump at the top?l

Johnny nodded.

“Spit on your finger and rub that side to side.”

Johnny did and Jenny moaned and her hips twitched.

“Oh wow! That feels really good!” She moaned.

“Yes it does honey. Right now your pussy is small and the lips are thin but they will get fatter as you get older.“

Jenny asked, “is yours really big mommie?”

Sandy laughed, “I should have known you would ask that! Yes honey. In fact dad says it’s the biggest he’s seen.”

From John, “can we see it?”

Sandy thought about it for a few seconds then said, “sure, why not.”

She stood and took her shorts and panties off the sat back down. She spread her legs and explained, “see how my cunt opens when I spread my legs and how it looks different than Jenny’s. And her is the clit as it’s called.” She pulled her cunt open more and pinched the knob at the top, pulling it out. She grunted as she rubbed it.

“Wow! Said Johnny, “it looks a little like my dick!”

“Do you want to feel it?”

She leaned back and John shyly reached out and ran his finger around the little nub. His mom moaned and squirmed a bit as he rubbed it.

“Mmmm, Johnny! You’re doing it just right!”

Jenny was leaning close to watch. “Wow, mom! Your cunny, I mean cunt is getting all wet and open!”

“That’s because I’m getting hot from Johnny rubbing me!”


“Yes, I am getting wet so a penis, or cock it’s called, can go inside easier.l and the lips, or labia officially, swell when I get excited.”

“Are you gonna let Johnny put is, uh, cock inside of you?”

Sandy giggled at that, “well I wasn’t intending to today but if you want to see how that works, We can try it. I think Johnny’s cock is big enough to reach. Into my pussy.”

“Oh yes mommie! I really want to see Johnny do it to you!”

“It’s called fucking, honey. You want to see Johnny fuck his momma?”

“Yes mom! Please!!”

“Well Johnny? Do you want to fuck me?”

“Can I mom? Can I fuck you?”

“Wellllll…. since you ask so nicely.”

Joy spread her legs, “now Johnny, take your cock and rub the end up and down my pussy until it opens and your cock slides between the lips.”

Johnny did as his mother instructed.

“Oh wow mom! That feels really good!”

“It’ll feel better in a moment! Now find the hole. Your cock will sink in a little when you find it.”

Johnny moved his cock down and sure enough, his cock sank in deeper when he pushed on her hole.

“Oh yes! That’s it Johnny! Now push in with your pelvis. Let your cock enter my pussy!”

Johnny flexed his pelvis and his cock went all the way in.

“Unnnhhhhhh! Ohhhhh mommmmmieeeee! It feels so good!”

“I know honey, now pullout until just the head is in and then push back in. Oh yes, just like that! Mmmmmmmppppphhh!! Yes! Now just keep doing that!”

Johnny started going in and out, almost pulling all the way out before shoving it back in.

“Oh yes mommie! Ohhhhh it feels really good now!”

“It feels good to me too honey!”

On the next outstroke his cock slipped out.

“Just put it back in but keep going!”

Johnny did and started going faster.

“Oh yes, fuck mommie! Your fucking mommie so good! Your making mommie feel so good! Keep going honey! Keep fucking your mommie!”

She was moaning and kept saying that kind of stuff.

Johnny was going faster and faster. He groaned, “oh mommie! I’m getting that feeling!!”

“Do it Johnny! Cum for mommie!”

He wasn’t quite at the ejaculation age, but he got the good feeling. Joy hugged him to her and even though she didn’t cum, she loved the way her son fucked her.

When he was done cumming he rolled off of her, panting rapidly.

“Wow!” Said Jenny, “that was awesome! I want to fuck too! Can I fuck?”

“Well boys need a while to recover before they do it, but yes, you and Johnny can fuck, but only when I’m there, okay?”

They both agreed, thinking it was hot when their mom was there.

“Also, you can’t tell anyone we are doing this, and I mean everyone including your dad! I would be put in jail because not everyone thinks that this is okay. You need to promise me.”

They both promised.

“Okay, I have to do some wash so you two find something to do. Something other than playing with each other or fucking! Okay?”

“Okay!” They both replied.

, but Jenny asked, “we can do this again though, can’t we?”

“Yes honey, we can do it every day if you want to as long as it’s just us in the house.”

Jenny jumped up and down and clapped her hands, reminding joy that she was still a girl.

The kids kept their word and didn’t do anything else that day and didn’t let on to their dad that they were doing things.

The next day after breakfast the kids asked if they good mess around and fuck again.

“Oh god, I’ve created a pair of sex maniacs!” Joy laughed, “but of course we can fuck again. In fact I’ll show you how to have fun without each other if you want to.”

They went into the master bedroom and got naked.

“Okay, first I’ll show how Jenny can get fucked without a boy.”

She reached in her bedside drawer and pulled out a 6 inch dildo.

“This is called a dildo and as you can see, it’s shaped like a real cock. This one is smaller than the other ones I have but it will be perfect for you Jenny!”

“Oh wow! It does look like a cock! Can I try it.?”

“Let me show you how to use it first. The important thing is to make sure it’s lubed nicely so it won’t injure you inside.”

She pulled a tube of sex lube from the drawer and squeezed out a dollop onto the dildo. Then she spread it all over it, getting it nice and slippery.

“Okay, now you place it at the entrance to your cunt and pushed it in slowly, like this.”

She spread her legs and put the dildo against her cunt and pushed in.

It sank in until only the base was visible.

“Ohhhh yesss!! I love this feeling! Uhh! Now I’m going to shove it in and out so it’s like fucking,”

As Joy started shoving it and out slowly, she was moaning and describing how it felt to the kids,

“Unnngh! Ohhhh! Oh god!! It rubs my cunt and stretches it as it goes in! It feels so fucking good!” The kids giggled at this. They weren’t used to mom using these words!

“Oh god! It’s so hot doing this while you’re watching me! I’m going to cum soon! Oh god!!!”

Her stomach muscles clenched spasmodically and she rapidly slid the dildo in and out, “ohhhhhhhh!!!” Oh my fucking god!!!”

She finally lifted her hips up and shoved it as far as it would go. Then she collapsed

“Now do you want to try it Jenny?” Joy gasped as she caught her breath from the intense orgasm.

“No mommie, I want Johnny to fuck me first! I want his cock to be the first in my pussy!”

“Of course honey! I should have known you would want Johnny to break your cherry!”

“Break my cherry?”

“Tear your hymen honey! We’ve talked about the hymen before, it’s a membrane that is inside the vagina and is torn open the first time you’re penetrated by either a cock or other object that goes deep enough. Some girls tear their hymen in sports such as gymnastics or dance.”

“It doesn’t hurt a lot does it?”

“No honey and some girls don’t feel anything but a slight pinch.”

“Okay! I’m ready!”

“Johnny, you lay down on your back and Jenny will get on top. That way she can control how quickly she takes your cock?”

Johnny laid on his back and joy grabbed his cock and stroked it to hardness. She spit on it to make it nice and slick.

“Okay Jenny, now you get on top of johnny. Yes just like that! Now grab his cock and put at the right spot where your hole is.”

“Mmmm, yes mommie! It’s right there.!“

“Now lower your body down and keep ahold of his cock as it penetrates you. Let me know when you feel pressure.”

“Mmmmmm! Yes mommie! It’s going in! It feels so good! Unnnnnnnhhhh!! Yes! It’s right there mommie! I can feel it pushing on something!”

“That’s your hymen. Now pull up just a bit then use all your weight to sink all the way onto him!”

Jenny lifted up and then just sat down on his cock!

“Ohhhhhhh mommie!! It’s in me! His cock! Oh god! His cock! I’m not a virgin anymore!”

“No honey, your a woman now. You can start fucking him.”

Jenny bounced up and down on his cock, moaning over and over and begging him to fuck her hard. Joy told them to turn over.

“Oh god! He’s so deep now!” Jenny had her legs next to her sides, looking like a frog! Johnny was driving his cock into her and sweat was dripping on her small boobs. They were going faster and faster and then they both stopped and grabbed each other as they orgasmed simultaneously!

“Now you will be able to use my dildo Jenny. You can put in your panty drawer. That’s what I use to do when I was your age. Dads never look there!”

“So mom, how do I do it alone besides using my hand?”

“I’ll need to get some things first.”

She left, returning with a few hand towels, latex gloves, rubber bands and lubricant.

“First you fold a towel like this.” She instructed, folding the towel so it was rectangular. “Then you put one of the gloves on top with the wrist band extending past the towel. Then fold and put the other towel on top.”

She placed it on top and the glove was sticking out.

“Next you fold the glove over the towels, like this.”

She rolled the glove so it held the towels together and formed a pocket.

“Now use these rubber bands to hold the towels together and give some tightness.”

She put the rubber bands on and holding it up, said, “there you have it! Your own pussy to play with! Just use plenty of lube so you don’t chafe yourself!”

He was going to try it later.

“Don’t forget to wash the glove out when you’re done. Especially after you start ejaculating!”

“Wow, it almost looks like a pussy!” Johnny exclaimed.

“Well, you can buy ones that look just like a pussy but this one works just as well.”

“Thanks mom! You’re the best!”

They all cleaned up and returned to their regular activities.

But that night each of them tried their new toys!

Johnny got the fake pussy from his closet and squirted a bunch of lubricant into it. He jerked his cock to hardness and then slide the pussy onto his cock. He grunted from the feeling and started sliding it up and down. This was much better than wanking!

Meanwhile, Jenny was on her bed, legs spread and the dildo in her hand. She was a little scared of the size but really wanted it in her cunt! She rubbed it up and down. When her cunt opened she started to slowly push the dildo in. She had to bite her lip to keep from moaning loudly. Oh god! She thought as the dildo stretched her cunt as she pushed it deeper and deeper. She was breathing deeply and her eyes were rolling back as the dildo finally reached the bottom of her cunt! It was almost all the way in, just an inch showing as she looked down to see the latex cock stretching her cunt lips. She slowly started fucking herself with the fake cock, moaning and pinching a nipple. She sped up the strokes and soon the dildo was a blur as it was shoved in and out. She felt an orgasm building and lifted her ass off the bed a pulled her legs up to get the dildo deeper. She finally came hard, pulling her pillow over her mouth to muffle the groan that she couldn’t stop! She collapsed on the bed and fell asleep with the dildo still buried in her cunt!

Meanwhile, back at Johnny’s room, he was sliding the fake pussy faster and trying not to moan too loudly. Damn but it felt almost as good as Jenny and mom’s pussy! He felt his thighs start to tingle and, like his sister, grabbed a pillow. He bit down on it as he orgasmed, whimpering as the feeling became almost unbearable until he had to yank the device off and roll into a ball, clutching his cock.

In the morning, after dad had left, the family gathered in the kitchen.

“Well, did you two use the toys I gave you?”

“Oh god yes mom!” Jenny moaned, “it was awesome! I left it in all night and did it again this morning. My cunt is a little sore but I love it!”

“and how about you Johnny?”

“Yeah, I did too! It was almost as good as fucking you two, but not quite because you guys are alive and soft and I love you”

“Oh honey! I love you too!” Joy said and hugged him to her breast.

“I love you too and not like a sister!” Jenny declared. She grabbed his face and kissed him deeply.

“Uh, Jenny? Can I watch you use the dildo?” Johnny asked shyly.

“Yeah! I’m hot to use it again! It feels so fucking good!”

“Well I’ve got a lot of work to do! You two go and have fun.”

The kids went to the living room after Jenny got the dildo from her room.

She sat on a chair and pulled her shorts and panties off. Johnny sat on the floor in front of her.

She squirted some lube on the dildo and then smeared some on her pussy. Johnny was intently looking right at her pussy, inches from his face.

Jenny put the dildo at the entrance to her cunt and pushed in. It slowly disappeared into her, causing her to moan. Johnny pulled his shorts down and started jerking his cock.

That got Jenny even hotter and she quickened her strokes, watching Johnny masturbate!

“Oh Johnny! You’re making me cum already!”

“Me too sis! Oh god!! It feels even better than usual!!”

To both their surprise, when Johnny orgasmed, white stuff squirted from his cock.

“Oh god Jenny!!! I squirted!!”

He squirted again, he cum shooting out and landing on the carpet.

Jenny yelled for their mom, “mom, come quick! Johnny squirted!”

Joy was in the kitchen and ran to the living room.

She saw the cum dribbling from johnny’s cock and the puddle on the floor.

“Oh Johnny! That’s a lot of cum for the first time! You’re a man now honey!”

Then looking at Jenny, said, “and that means you guys can’t fuck until we get you on the pill. My doctor will call in a prescription if I call her on the phone. Until then, no insertion! Okay?”

They both agreed as long as Johnny could still fuck mom. She assured him that anytime dad wasn’t home she would be happy to fuck him.

She was also looking forward to tasting his semen, but that would have to wait a few hours anyway.

The kids went off to play video games and joy resumed her house jobs she had started.

A few hours later though joy couldn’t get the idea of swallowing a big load of cum from Johnny out of her head.

She called Johnny and Jenny to her room and told Johnny to take off his clothes and sit on the bed. He was already getting hard knowing what was to come, pardon the pun.

He got naked and so di Jenny. Joy knelt in front of him and took his young cock into her mouth. She didn’t want this to be a long blow job so she started aggressively sucking on his cock.

“Awww shit mom! You’re really sucking me! Geez! You’re going to make me cum really fast! Oh man! It feels so goo!”

He was moaning as she sucked, making slurping noises which just got him more worked up. He felt the tingle start in his thighs, “oh shit mom! I’m gonna shoot it!””

She kept sucking and all of a sudden his cock spewed a long rope of cum into her mouth!

She gurgled and swallowed as he kept cumming in her mouth. Finally, after several spurts and dribbles, he stopped cumming.

“Oh Johnny! That was delicious! I love your cum!”

Johnny was laid out on the bed, panting from the intense orgasm.

Jenny was furiously fingering her cunt, finally getting her own orgasm.

“Ohhhhhhh!!! Sheeeeiiiiit!!! Cummingggggghhhhhhhaad!!”

She scissored her legs and joy sucked on one of her nipples, intensifying the orgasm!

“Oh god! That was so nasty! Watching my mom suck the cum out of my brother’s cock!”

It was time to clean up for dad’s arrival. They were all innocently involved in personal tasks when he arrived home, having no idea his family was fucking like crazy while he was gone.

Joy had dinner ready and they ate mostly in silence, which wasn’t easy because Johnny was rubbing his mom’s cunt with his stockinged foot. She gave him a few ‘what are you doing looks but didn’t try to stop him. By the time they were done with dinner, Joy was dripping wet.

Their dad said, “it’s been a hellish day today so I’m just going to go up and get in bed. Don’t make a lot of noise when you come to bed joy.”

“I’ll sleep in the guest bedroom so I don’t wake you.”

She smiled at Johnny who was already getting hard.

“Thanks hon! You’re the best!”

Johnny couldn’t resist adding, “she is the best!”

After dad was asleep, joy and the kids retired to the guest bedroom.

Joy had an idea that they hadn’t tried yet. She told Johnny to lay on the bed on his back. Then she had Jenny lay so her head was above johnny’s cock. She told her to put her body so she could lay with her head at Jenny’s pussy and her cunt at johnny’s head.

“This what I call a real love triangle!” Joy laughed.

They all started licking and sucking on each other’s genitals. Good thing their dad was sleeping or the moans coming from the guest room would have had him in there!

After around 5 minutes Joy had them turn so she was sucking johnny’s cock and Jenny was licking her cunt with Johnny licking Jenny.

“Oh god mom!!” Moaned Johnny!” I’m gonna get it! Gonna shoot it in your mouth! In my slut mommie’s mouth!”

Joy put her tongue on the end of his cock and when he started shooting, she swallowed every drop of his cum, except the last gob. She turned and kissed Jenny, pushing the cum into her mouth.

“Wow mom! That was awesome!!” Jenny moaned.

Jenny and joy finished each other in a 69 position, squirting cunt cream into each other mouths!!

The trio kept fucking as much as they could. Their dad was so wrapped up in his business and golfing, he never caught on.


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