Moms early life as a teacher 1 (series)

Hello everyone…. I’m Shivram back with a new series of my mom….. In this series I’ll explain you how everyone was perverting my mom, ogling at her and some incidents after 5 years of her marriage….. Hope you all liked last story but no one gave me feed back…. Hope you give after reading this story…. If any questions about story and my mom then contact my email…. Let’s not take more time, I’ll start the story….

My mom Chaitra married at a age of 25 and she became pregnant at 26 and gave birth to me….. She had completed her BSC (bachelor of science) before marriage and completed MSC few years ago….. But at that time my dad went to foreign when I was 3 year old…. My dad assured my mom that he’ll send money to every month to look after expenses of her and me but my mom wanted to live a self life….. She didn’t stay with my father’s parents, she went to her home and stayed with her parents coz my mom’s dad was sick…… My mom began to search a job in her hometown, but that was a village barely underdeveloped…… My father’s parents had a friend known as Jayanth, he had a school in my father’s hometown….. Although Jayanth had some police cases at that time, my dad’s parents helped him a lot at that time until he’s free from police cases and all….. My father’s parents gave my mom’s contact number to Jayanth and told that she’s searching a job, if any jobs you have in school or you know anyone could give her jobs then please contact her…. Actually Jayanth had school from 1st standard to 10th but he didn’t had LKG (LOWER KINDER GARDEN) and UKG (UPPER KINDER GARDEN), he had a plan of building a LKG and UKG but he didn’t had sufficient space in his school…. So he built it in my mom’s hometown which was a village and appointed my mom as a teacher for that kinder garden…. Although she studied BSC she had to do this job because she had no other option…. My mom became teacher of that school when I was 3 year old, her age was 28 at that time…. The school was on the village area, so the building of the school was not so good…. It was looking like a old haveli, had a hall where students of both classes can sit…. And little corridor and a stairs to a room where my mom had kept her bags, and other essentials needed to her school, moreover it was like a staff room…. Near the stairs it was very dark, so kids didn’t made a dare to go there…. My mom was only teacher in that school coz she had only 2 classes…. Kids thought only English (abcd and other stuffs) and Kannada…….. Finally she completed 1 year as teacher in that school and I turned 4 at that time….. I had admitted to my mom’s school only in LKG section…..

My mom was good looking women with her toned skin and cute face, she wore saree to the Kindergarten…… Some pervert people in village just needs a women to flirt or to sex, they don’t need color, structure and anything…. But my mom was like angel, it was a feast for them……. I always travelled with my mom to school… We had to take bus in morning till the Kindergarten…. The distance from mom’s house to school was 10kms…. School started at 9 in morning and left at 2:00…… At 11:00 we had a recess time, most of the kids brought tiffin box….. My mom treated me same as other kids, she didn’t make favoritism….. There we’re only 15 kids when I admitted….. 7 Students was in LKG and 8 were there in UKG….

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Mom became famous in that locality….. Every person respected my mom, they didn’t call her name instead they called my mom as teacher….. Every one became my mom’s friends in one year, my mom was also kind to them…..

I had a best friend named Akash when I was LKG…. He and I played together and all…. One day classes ended at 2:00 as usual, everyone gone with their parents but Akash’s parents didn’t come…. So he stayed with me and my mom…. I and mom always had stayed till 2:45 and locked the Kindergarten and left to home….. Till that time I used to play with my mom, like more I used to fight with her….. I always had climbed above her and pulling her hair and doing all such stuffs, my mom also was lifting me and tickling me and kissing and doing such stuffs daily…. Also she was feeding her breasts whenever I told I’m hungry (seriously, she was feeding me till 1st standard)….. But today Akash was there, mom told me not to do those things today, but I was naughty in behavior at small age…. After reaching the room, my mom used to talk with me and Akash…. Then finally I woke up from the chair and started tickling her near armpits, her pallu was coming down coz she was resisting to my tickles…. Finally I ended, so she corrected her pallu by removing it, I could see her cleavage and Akash also could see….. After seeing her cleavage I wanted her breast milk, so I told her… But she told me she’ll feed me after going home coz Akash was there…. I was stubborn, I started shouting and screaming…. So finally she agreed…. She was more worried about Akash that he could see her boobs… So my mom asked Akash, does your mom still breast feed you…… He said no…. Then too my mom wanted equality to other kids as me…… So my mom took off her pallu and opened her blouse and slid her bra… Then I and Akash could see her soft white boobs, which was not big but medium and round and had red nipples…. I went and started sucking her milk from right breast and mom told Akash to drink, so he started drinking from left breast….. Mom was holding both of our heads and her hands and then she felt some pleasure or something IDK, she was making ssssshhhh sound with seeing her face upward and closed her eyes……. Suddenly door opened, she pushes our heads and closed her boobs with her hands….. It was Akash s Dad Rajesh….. He was very a local politician and very influential person in that village……

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