Moms early life as a teacher 2 (series)

Hey guys…. I’m Shivram back with the continue of the story mom’s early life as a teacher…… If u haven’t read it then read to understand this story……. IF u have any doubts then please contact me at my email…. Let’s continue the story….

Akash’s dad pushed the door and saw my mom feeding her breast to two kids…. He didn’t even take a moment, started yelling at mom that “you’re a horny slut, you are not a teacher, you use kids for your sexual pleasure, that too you used my kid”…. My mom tried to convince him saying that she was breastfeeding her son and then your son was also there, so I feeded…… But he was not in a mood to listen… After sometimes he told my mom to come out, they spoke for 5 minutes and mom came, Akash and his father went….. When mom came back I could see moms mood was bad, he had told my mom something….

Next day as usual we went to school and mom was daily wearing chiffon sarees, the colour of the saree and my moms structure was looking so hot with a Mangalsutra dangling over her breasts…. She looked like a hot Hindu sanskari women….

Mom was teaching and the time was 12:00 noon…. One car stopped infront of our school… All students concentration went near that Car even my mom’s…. From that car, villages biggest and richest politician Yusuf got down, along with him Rajesh (Akash s Dad, who was a politician under Yusuf), and Yusuf’s two brothers who was aged between 40-50 but Yusuf’s age was above 50…. Yusuf was heavy and his brothers also, Rajesh was lean and tall….. They entered our school, mom stopped teaching and went near them… They spoke with mom coming to a corner in low voice…. After sometime mom came near kids and told us to learn rhymes, she’ll come after little time…. Kids agreed and started to learn…… Rajesh was in the front mom was behind, two brothers were in moms behind and atleast Yusuf was there…. All the students were reading but my mind diverted towards mom and I saw towards her walking upstairs to her staff room, one of the brothers slapped her ass from behind and gave a evil grin to my mom…. They went to upper room (staff room) and closed the door….. I wanted to see what will happen, so I also went behind me Akash also came, but the other students were studying….. We went and stayed near the door and there was a gap between the door and we started seeing…..

Yusuf spoke to my mom “You made the biggest mistake, if people come to know about this they’ll pelt stones on you for having sex with kids”…. My mom knew they won’t listen anything she says so she kept quiet….. Yusuf walked near my mom, kept his hand on her face and asked “where’s your husband”…. Mom told he’s in abroad…. So he told that “ohh, then you’re deprived from sex from many months, we’ll give you heaven today”…….
Mom told them in a feared voice “please not this time, my students are there”…. So Yusuf told her “You can have sex with your students, then what’s wrong if students get to know about your behavior…. If you won’t cooperate now we’ll tell whole village about your deeds and prohibit you from this village”…..
Saying this he pulled her face towards him and gave a long kiss to her cheek about 20 seconds and then my mom pushed him back…. Then they all surrounded her and pulled her saree pallu and threw it aside….. I don’t know why even at that age my penis got hard and excited to see what will happen next….. Then Yusuf held her near hips and hugged for about 10 seconds and suddenly lifted her and made her to sleep on table…. Then he slept above her like in old movie romance and all…. Also it was 2010 or something, so they didn’t know much sex positions, oral sex and other things….. Yusuf kissed near her breast part while she was in blouse and kissed all over her navel and body and finally made her nude and himself got nude….. I was astonished to see a 8 inch penis coz I saw it first time…. Also I saw my mom nude for first time…… Then again he pressed her boobs and sucked it….. For his surprise milk was coming…. He told others that milk is coming in her boobs….. Then Rajesh told that she has a son for whom she feeds….. Then he drank milk for 5 minutes and bit her boobs hardly, I could see my mom’s face expression, she was about to cry….. Then he started fucking her in missionary sex position, he was thrusting like a beast but my mom was hiding her moans in order to not to listen for children…. From behind Rajesh and two brothers was laughing…. Finally he had cummed on moms pussy and took out his penis and went aside and started smoking….. Then two brothers started fucking her, they knew doggy position, so they started fucking her in doggy position…. So Rajesh asked them what is this, you’re supposed to fuck her pussy not ass…. Rajesh didn’t knew any other positions than missionary coz he was grown up in a village…. But the two brothers were grown in Dubai and had a experience of fucking many whores….. Finally they finished fucking her and it was Rajesh’s turn….. Rajesh was lean and they were making fun of him….. Rajesh pressed my mom’s boobs and played with it for sometime and finally started fucking her and had a orgasm in 2 minutes, so huge laughter broke out….. Finally my mom a laying on a table naked, she was crying, tears was coming out from her eyes….. Then Yusuf came near my mom and told “what happened teacher, think it’s your luck we have fucked you so softly, we have fucked many more women’s but brutally, dress up and don’t cry, don’t tell to anyone…. If you tell then your prestige will be degraded”…. They all dressed up and came near door, so I and Akash ran away and sat in out classes and started reading…. They went in car…. After 5 minutes my mom came, anyone could say that her mood is not so good…. Then school left and me and my mom only were in the school and I understood her mood was not good…. Then I spoke to her and hugged her, then she smiled and her mood came back into normal….

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We reached home and while mom was changing dress I was also there…. I remembered Yusuf opened my moms pallu and I had got hard…. Then I told my mom that I’ll open her pallu, so she also agreed because I was a kid….. I pulled her pallu and she dramatically acted like turning and closed her cleavage (just she acted dramatically, as all the parents do with their kids)… Then I jumped over her and kissed her…. Then she also gave me kiss and I left the room…. I was doing this with my mom for till my 1st standard….

In next part I’ll say other more incidents that took place with my mom when I was a kid… Till there bye….. Please give your feed back or if you have any doubts then contact [email protected]

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