Mom’s Facebook Education – New Sex Story

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It’s my first story so enjoy

Let me tell you something about my self my name is Karan and I’m 20 years old and I’m a college student.

I always want to explore my parents sex life since I was 16 but I was never so lucky but something happened when I turned 18,

Let me tell you about my dad Subhash first He is about 5-8 in height and 46 years old when I was 18 and He is little bit chubby, not so fat and He works in PWD office His education is Basically in Hindi but he knows a little bit of English as well.

On the other Hand My mom Kavita is Really Hot, She is 5-5 tall and has curvy body, she keeps her body in shape by doing yoga and she got a big ass and big boobs and she knows a little bit of English as same as Dad and She loves my Dad so much she is 40 years old when I was 18 but she looks like 34-35.

When Mom stated using Facebook I sent a friend request by fake account and used some pics from internet of same lady in different actions, like with family and doing sex, and I started chatting with her it all began normally but soon I started telling her about fictional sex life and asked about her as well and from Mom’s side it’s not interesting at all so Started sending her porn and tell her try some action,

After chatting In midnight I slowly moved and stand outside their door and I heard porn playing on phone but nothing else then I came back and sleep next day I asked her about her experience, and she told me that she sucked my dad and drank his cum and dad fucked her in ass, I was rock hard and Started stroking and asked her about her son and what they teach him about sex and she said nothing, she said it’s not okay to talk with him on that topic and I told her another fictional sex education story and told her to check if your son needs guidance or not, to my surprise she asked how and told her invite him to do yoga with you and tease him and if got hard but doesn’t rub on you then he sure needs guidance and mom was like ok,

Next morning on Sunday around 9 am mom came in my room and told me join her in yoga, I was really excited but I hide it and we came in living room dad was sitting on sofa and was waiting for me to join mom in yoga, he was excited I think mom already told him and we started doing yoga and mom was in tight top with no bra I can see her nipples poking out and I was rock hard already and mom smiled and placed her ass on my cock and bend downward at that point I just wanna put it inside but I controlled and after a few minutes mom turned towards my side and dad came up to me as well and they started conversation

Mom : you need to learn an important lesson son

Dad : in other countries parents talk with their kids and it’s not wrong

Me : what are you guys talking about?

Mom/Dad : sex!

Mom : tell us what you know about sex?

Dad : and we’ll teach you sex education

Me : isn’t that weird and don’t wanna talk on sex as I Know nothing except it’s a wrong thing

And my parents were like no we’ll show you, we’ve been thinking about it so come to our room when we tell you

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Me : ok

After a few minutes they call me in their room and mom was sitting nude so as Dad I was shocked

Mom : take your clothes off

And I took off my all clothes and my cock was rock hard by looking at my mom and mom told me sit near her and she take my hand and explained her body and then she spread her legs it’s hairy but beautiful and she opened her pussy lips it was pink from inside and tell me about her pussy and told me put finger in pussy,

And I put my finger inside her it was wet, tight, warm and so pleasurable that I can’t explain and she told me smell that finger it’s some kind of magical scent and I cummed so hard without even touching and parents started laughing and my dad gave me a cloth and my mom cleaned my cock with cloth and the told me watch them carefully, and mom hold dad’s cock and started jerking and dad told me do like that when my cock gets hard and then mom take dad’s cock in her mouth and started sucking and I became hard again and mom told me to jerk off while watching them and mom was giving dad a blowjob and dad was about to cum and he told mom and mom opened her mouth and take her tongue out and dad cummed on her face and in her mouth and she sucked dad again it was too hot and mom licked all cum she’s looked like a slut pornstar at that time and than mom told me lick her pussy and I started licking and was giving me instructions and soon I was able to lick her like a pro and she squirted in my mouth it was so different and my face was covered in her juices she than licked my face and sucked my tongue it was amazing and then we kissed passionately and then dad put his cock in mom’s pussy while she was kissing me and she started moaning softly and kissed her again and licked her tongue after that they fucked and I watched them and started jerking off to view after 10 minutes dad put his cock in mom’s ass and started fucking her ass it was so hot I came on mom’s face and she sucked my cock as well and my dad and were laughing to this and than dad slapped her ass hard and cummed in her ass it was dripping and we all slept on same bed nude.

Rest in next part

(I’ll fuck her in next part and when I tell her that it was me who created that spice in her life what will she say stay tuned for next part)

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