Mother and Son – New Sex Story

Author’s note (The websites mentioned are not real websites. They have been made up for the purpose of this series. Thanks Jessica)

Toby sat up and stretched hearing the car pull up the drive. He reached for the remote and turned off the TV putting his cock away. He stood and looked at the clock 8.34.

The garage door closed with a bang. He entered the kitchen and turned on the tap getting a drink of water. He heard the click clack of the high heels come through the door. The garage internal door closing. He turned to see his mother walk up the three steps from the foyer into the lounge.

” Hi mum. ” He said.

” Hi darling, how was your ? ” Vicky said placing her things on the couch. She entered the kitchen kissing her sons cheek.

” Good. How was the date? ” He asked her.

” Date? No it wasn’t a date, it was a guy from work asking me to go out for a drink. ”

” Date! ” Toby said ” He wants to get into your knickers mum. ” He said.

” Are you jealous baby? ” She said stepping up to him putting her hand on his cheek leaning in kissing his lips.

” No fuck no. ” He said. ” You can fuck who you want. ” He said.

” But I don’t want to. I want to fuck you darling. ” She said turning stepping over to the opposite counter picking a wine glass out off the cupboard.

Toby stepped behind her sliding his hands on her hips. He leant in kissing her bare arm up over her red sleeveless roundneck dress to her neck.

” Oh Toby. You know how much I like that darling. ” She said tilting her head. She reached her left hand up to the right side of her head pulling her shoulder length blonde hair free of her skin as he kissed her skin.

He watched as she poured a glass of wine into a glass. The dark red Merlot matching her long fingernails.

” I love you mum. ” He said kissing her ear.

” I’m sure you do. ” She said sipping her wine. He leant back grabbing the zip on her dress slowly pulling it down her back. He admired his mothers skin as the dress opened up at the back. He saw her bra strap as the zip passed it.

” Your wearing the bra I brought you. ” He said.

” Yes and the matching panties. ” She said loving him slowly undressing her. The zip reached her hip. The hint of purple lace in the band of her g string visible.

” I love your arse. ” He said smiling as she turned around. He pulled the dress forward and down her body revealing her purple lace bra. Her C cup breasts in it he pulled his mothers dress further down her body off her hips and onto the floor. On his knees he lifted each foot taking the dress off the floor.

He looked up at her smiling drinking her wine. He slid his hands onto her hips his eyes level with her groin looking at her sheer lace G String her pussy slit visible through the lace.

” I felt naughty wearing such see through knickers and such a short dress today darling. Had to be careful how I sat down. ” She said as he leant in kissing her thighs. He kissed up to her groin kissing over her underwear.

” Your moist. ” He said feeling a wet patch on her with his lips as she opened her legs slightly.

” All I could think about having a drink with Keith was coming home to fuck you. ” She said holding his head.

He stood up and wrapped his arms around her waist pulling her in. Her arms around his neck holding her glass. They kissed. They passionately kissed, their lips massaging each others.

She looked at him holding his cheek smiling at him. ” You make me happy baby. ” She said.

” You to mum. ” He replied looking at her. He kissed down her neck to her bust fondling her breasts. She slid her hand to the back of his neck feeling his head move as he kissed her cleavage. He reached behind her unclipping her bra. He pulled it off and stepped back holding it. ” It looks good on you mum. ” He said.

” You chose lingerie for me really well. You know what I like baby. ” She said smiling as he put her bra on the bench and cupped her breasts. They kissed and pecked lips teasing each other with their tongues and lips. She moved her hands to his groin feeling his bulge in his underwear. Wow your underwear feel like there’s precum in them.

” Yeh mum. ” He said ” I was watching the video of you. ” He said.

” Oh well you like that don’t you? ” She said.

” Yeh my mother doing a strip for me, I love it. ” He said. She knelt down running her hands down his toned chest and 6 pack stomach. She knelt kissing over bulge in his underwear tasting the wet precum through the fabric.

He looked down holding her head as she pulled the front down his cock springing out. She pulled his underwear down with both hands and put his hard erection in her mouth sliding her lips down his shaft.

” Oh mum yes. ” He said moaning as she supported his cock with her mouth sucking it as she helped him step out of his underwear. She put her hands on his hips. He looked down at her lips, the lipstick the same shade as her fingernails over his fat shaft. She cupped his balls massaging them as she moved her mouth up and down his shaft grabbing it with her other hand stroking it tasting his dried precum and the fresh oozing cum on his cock.

” Oh yes mum you know how to suck cock. ” He said moaning.

He looked down at her massaging his balls as she stroked his shaft and licked and kissed his knob and shaft sliding her mouth down his shaft.

” Cum for me baby. I want to swallow your cum. ” She said

She wanked him and sucked him. He was so close to cumming before she got home.

” Ohhhh muummmm yees. ” He said.

She sucked harder wanking him faster. ” Shit. ” He said his body tensing as he cum. He shot into her mouth. Vicky swallowing her sons cum. He looked down watching her lick and clean his cock. Cum on her lips and chin and tongue. He watched her lick up the oozing cum from his cock.

” That better baby? ” She asked.

” Oh yes mum so much better. ” He said smiling at her as she stood up. He kissed her lips tasting his cum on her lips. They french kissed. She loved him licking his cum out of her mouth, he quite often cleaned her pussy after he had cum in it.

” Good I like to make you feel better. ” She said she picked up her glass of wine taking a sip. He cupped her breasts massaging them as he kissed her neck.

” Wish I could marry you mum. ” He said.

” Well technically your my partner, you share a bed with me, you fuck me, we are in love. Its just that no one else knows about us darling. ” She said.

” I know. ” He said smiling.

” I love the naughty gifts you buy me to, the lingerie, the toys, the nice jewelry. Everything a husband buys for his wife. Now take to our room and fuck me. ” She said.

Toby grabbed her hand and they went upstairs. He sat on the bed pulling her close. She stepped between his legs as he slid his hands up her body to her breasts groping them. He kissed her belly button and around to the side of her hip kissing down to her underwear. He groped her breast as slid a hand between her legs rubbing her pussy over her underwear.

” Oh baby. ” She moaned ” I love it when you grope my tits, kiss my sides, rub my pussy at the same time. ” She said.

He pushed a finger inside her underwear touching her wet moist labias. Pushing further into her pussy finding her vagina opening, his finger entering her deep into her body

” Oh fuck babe yes. ” She moaned closing her eyes holding her sons head as he slowly finger fucked her kissing her hip, squeezing her nipples and breasts. ” Ohhh shit Ah Ohhh yes Agghhh Toby. Fuck me. Fuck me now ”

He pulled his finger out making her jump. He looked up at her as he put it in his mouth slowly pulling it out tasting her juices. His cock re hardening at the inticipation of fucking his mother again, as it had done so many times before.

He grabbed her hips pulling her down to the bed into her back. He stood as she moved up the bed. He knelt between her open legs grabbing her underwear pulling them off. He admired her wet moist motherly pussy as he sniffed her underwear.

” I like your pussy after a days work mother, wet moist sweaty and slightly smelly. ” He said opening her legs leaning in his open mouth wrapped around it licking and sucking her labias and clit.

” Oh baby I know you do. ” She said ” Eat me. Eat me now. ” She moaned as his tongue licked her tasting her juices and the days sweat and piss. His fingers being pushed into her three fingers finger fucking her as he licked and sucked her. ” Oh fuck I need your cock. ” She said. ” Mummy needs your cock. ” She moaned as he kissed up her body to her breasts sucking her nipples. Then up to her lips kissing her, she could taste her pussy on his lips.

He guided his cock to her pussy sliding it deep into her.

” OHHHH FUCK ” she said loudly. ” OH FUCK YES. ”

He slowly thrust his mothers pussy, his shaft lubricated by her wet sloppy pussy juices.

” Oh mum. ” He moaned nuzzling his mouth into her neck kissing her leaning on his elbow, his other hand squeezing her breast.

” Oh son yes. ” She said her hands on his shoulder blades, her nails pressing into his skin as her thrust her.

” Fuck yes. Fuck me harder. ” She said.

He thrusted harder and faster his hard cock deep in her the bed shaking as her increased speed. His mother holding on moaning he kissed her lips again tasting his cum in her mouth.

” Oh mum. ” He moaned their lips touching but not kissing. They could feel each others breath on each other.

” Cum baby. Fill mummy’s pussy. ” She whispered.

He fucked harder. He knew he was close. She slid a hand to his arse slapping it. ” Cum in mummy now. ” She ordered.

He sped up squeezing her breast. His body lurched, he felt it comming. There it was his cock erupting into her pussy.

” FUCK. ” He yelled as he filled his mothers pussy with his cum.

” Shit yes baby. I love that, I love your cum in me. ” She said smiling. He looked in her eyes as he finished filling her pussy and womb with his cum.

” Mum, Id love to make you pregnant. ” He said.

” Darling I’m 58. Plus I’ve had my tubes tied after I had you.

” Yeh I know, I’m a only child, you didn’t want kids but you were glad you had me and dad didn’t want a second kid so you got your tubes tied. ” He said.

” That’s why I love you so much. Your my special boy. I love you ” she said holding his cheeks kissing his lips. ”

” Thanks mum. ” He said.

” Well you cum twice in half an hour. ” She said

” Yeb I know mum shit. ”

” Well clean me up and we will have a shower and go to bed ok. ” She said.

They got into a 69. She licked and cleaned his cock covered in her juices and his cum as he licked and sucked his cum from her wet pussy. He always thought for a 58 yr old woman she had the most beautiful pussy. He loved giving her oral and playing with her. Afterwards they got into the shower to wash off the day and each others sexual fluids.

She hugged him in the shower. ” So tell me about the girl you met off afamilyaffair dot com darling.


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