My Husband Pimped Me Out To BBC PT One

Margret is a sexy Milf (mother I’d like to fuck) living the suburban life. Her husband Scott is an extraordinarily successful microchip designer. They live fabulously in a big house. They drive awfully expensive cars and have more friends than they can count.

Their love life was well, but, predictable to say the least. Its been the topic of discussion for a while. They discussed a few options, Margret wanted to bring sex toys into their sex life. In fact, when Scott was on his business trips, she used a vibrator to please herself. But, Scot wanted to see and even film her fucking another man.

She often thought about fucking another man when she got herself off with the vibrator. But, even with Scott’s approval her heart wouldn’t let her do it. The discussions continued until Margret told her best friend Jill about the discussions her and Scott were having.

Jill was silent for a moment then asked, “why wouldn’t to fore fill that request?”

“Because it would be like I’m cheating on him,” Margret told her.

“Let me get this straight. Your husband asked you to fuck another man in front of him and he wants to film it,” Jill questioned?

“Yes,” Margret responded.

“Gurl, I’m getting turned on just thinking about that,” Jill informed her!

Jill was the sluttiest of all Margaret’s friends, but, she was real with hers which is why Margret liked her the best.

“I’m going to tell you something that no one else knows. I fuck other men behind Jim’s back,” she announced.

That didn’t surprise Margret. Jim was on the pudgy side, but, he made crazy money and he wanted a trophy wife. Which Jill is, she wouldn’t be surprised if Jim knew about his wife’s indiscretions. When Jill gets a little alcohol in her she becomes very flirty with Jim in the room. It’s been times he had to drag her home.

“I was I could fuck these men in front of my husband. It would set me free and I would love my husband so much more. I could never love any of these men in fact I have a three-screw rule. The first screw usually I’m drunk and, in my head, I’m fucking a younger version of my husband. If the guy last until I cum then I fuck him a second time,” she explains

By this time, my pussy becomes moist and my nipples are erect. Sit up in my chair because I don’t want to miss a word of what she is saying.

“The second time I’m sober to see what this guy really has, to see if he really has the stamina to last in this good pussy. Trust me I give that dick a workout. Cowgirl, reverse cowgirl and he’s got to be able to hit it from the back,” she continued.

I was mesmerized as my panties became wet. My breathe shortened, my nipples would of exploded from the slightest of touch. I could feel my clit throb against my soft silk panties while I hungrier for every word.

“If he makes it past all that, then, he gets to have me any way he wants me,” she told me.

Then she paused. I was near climax and she stopped the story. I tried to claim myself, but I had to know if any guy made it to a third fuck. A few moments pasted and I could not take it any longer!

“Well,” I insisted!

“You want to know if any guy has made it to a third fuck,” she teased.

“Come on Jill,” I pleaded!

“I will tell you if you promise to fuck another man while your husband films it. I also want to see the film of the whole thing. Because I bet your husband is going to fuck you right after. A lot of men like sloppy seconds,” she insisted!

“Okay,” I told her. I would of gave her anything the way my clit was throbbing.

“There has only been one man that has fucked me three times besides my husband. He was a young Latino boy, named Wilfredo, no more than twenty. He was a valet that parked our car at one of the resorts we stayed at. It was the way he said, ‘Yes Madame’ with an accent that got my attention and started my juices to flow. His cock was huge! He was nine and a half inches long, the biggest cock I ever fucked. First, he made me deep throat that monster. I gagged the whole time and I’m a natural deep throat dick sucker,” she explained.

My pussy was on fire and I hoped my moistness hadn’t soaked through my jeans. I wanted so bad to stroke my swollen clit as she continued her story.

“He finally filled my mouth with his salty man juice, and I thought that’s it. But, his nine and a half was still hard as I wiped the man juice off my lips. I was soaking wet when he pushed my knees to the bed and sunk that large cock to places, I never felt. It was the first time I ever came that fast and that hard. His heavy nut sack slacked at my butt hole as he pounded my pussy,” Jill told me.

I was fanning myself as I seen the hardness of my nipples threw my blouse. I shifted myself in my seat. I crossed my legs to apply pressure on my throbbing clit. I was so ready to explode, but, I had to hear the rest of this story.

“I came once again, and I thought he was right behind me. But, he pulled out of my hungry wet pussy. He flipped me over and slapped my ass with that hard penis. Each slap sent quivers of pleasure through my body. He took the head of his cock and ran it up and down the length of my pussy. He was driving me wild but that was nothing when he began to rim my asshole with that huge head. The sensation was awesome and with out warning he thrust that big dick into my asshole. First there was suddenness, second it was pain then there was euphoria. I came as my ass accommodated his large dick. My asshole puckered around his cock which caused him to throb sending me into another climax. My asshole clamped down on his hard penis and milked the cum right out of him. He chanted something in Spanish and flooded my ass with hot jism. We stayed froze like that for several moments as I felt his hot jism flow down my inner thigh. We collapsed he on top of me as his large cock slipped out of my tight asshole. That is still the best fuck I have ever had. I wish my husband could have witnessed that and filmed it. We could still be getting off to that today,” Jill regretted.

I got off twice to her erotic story, once when he shoved that large cock into her tight asshole. I could see that large dick going into her tight asshole in my minds eye as she described it. I creamed my panties! I creamed a second time as I imagined that hot man juice running out her asshole down between his balls and her soft pussy lips. Down her inner thigh onto the bed. I squeezed my thighs together around my swollen clit, shifted my weight teasing my clit just enough causing an explosion in my panties.

Once I cleared my head, I told Jill, “That was an awesome fuck! Are you sure you never went back for more of that big dick”?

“As badly as I want to I promised myself no one but my husband would ever cum in this pussy more than three times. I can’t catch feeling for anyone but my husband. If a dick is good enough for a fourth, I will be divorced hence the three times rule. Well let me ask you, did my story change your mind,” she questioned?

“Gurl, yes, my husband is around seven to seven and a half inches. I’ve always wondered if this pussy could handle a bigger dick. Don’t get me wrong Scott has a nice size cock and he knows how to use it. But, if he wants his fantasy, I will get mine,” she told Jill.

“I can’t wait to see that film,” Jill offered.

Margret was horny by the time she got home all she could think of was Jill story. She jumped in the shower to wash all the cream off her pussy. She put on one of her skimpy nighties and went to the bedroom. Scott was already on the bed watching T.V. She didn’t even say hello before she started fishing out his cock. She had him hard in seconds as she sucked his dick. She brought to the edge of climax then straddled his hard cock.

She was well on her way as she rode her husband’s dick when she blurted out, “I will do it”!

“Do what,” her husband asked while he enjoyed his wife’s hot wet pussy?

“Fuck another man while you film it,” she told him. The thought caused her to swing her hips left than right. She was fucking her husband well and she could tell he was enjoying her efforts from the groans that escaped his lips.

“What changed your mind,” he asked?

“Does it matter,” she blurted as she came on his cock. Her pussy clamped down on his dick, as the sensation overwhelmed her. Her thoughts of her husbands cock deep in her starving pussy. Plus, the fact she was going to find the biggest cock she could find along with having her husband approval. Was all she could take as she creamed his dick. The sensation was so overwhelming that her husband lost control, he came in her hot pussy seconds later. A flood of jism that filled his wife’s pussy and spilled all over them both.

They fell off into a deep sleep and for a few days they didn’t speak of the issue. Although, Scott was showing his sexy wife’s picture to potential guys he would like to see his wife fuck.

The picture of her is a nude that she took for him when they first started spicing up their sex life. Her hair is pint up in a bun her neck long and alluring. Her arms folded across her breast only to cover her long nipples. Leaving much milky white cleavage. Her waist small which leads out to her round hips and sexy thighs. That were crossed hiding that fat putty cat. Her sexy legs are the end of a sweet fuckable package.

The only guys that Scott showed the pictured to were black guys. He never told his wife his fantasy was her being ravage by a black man with a huge cock that would fill her hot hungry pussy. He knew a BBC would stretch out that pussy, but, he wanted to see if she could ride a monster cock. Plus, the thought of having it on film made his dick throb.

It was Margret who brought the subject up. She was in a horny mood and talking about fucking was feeding into her mood. She couldn’t get that erotic story Jill told her off her mind.

“Well, how are we going to go about finding me another man for me to fuck. Because I only make love to you,” she wanted to know?

“Well, I was thinking I would get a few guys together at a bar and let you pick from them. If you don’t like any of them. I will round up more for next weekend,” he explained.

“I get to choose,” she inquired as her clit began to tingle.

“Yes my love, I want you to have the time of your life,” Scott assured her.

Friday, Margret and Scott dressed for the club. Margret dressed very conservative, sexy. But, Scott asked his wife to get a little dangerous. He reminded her that she was on the hunt and you need the best bait to get the best prize.

When Margret returned Scott almost dropped his drink. Margret pulled out a pink sequence cocktail dress that was so short it barely hides her fat pussy. The dress fit her like a glove highlighting her small waist. Her hips and thighs were made for this dress and the stockings were sheer with that pink seam down the back. What a turn on! Scott was hot for his wife a that moment. The only thing stopping him from bending her over the sofa and driving his cock deep into that pussy. Is the thought of a BBC pounding that sexy ass!

The drive to the club was fill with small talk as they pulled. The scene was lively as everyone was making their way in. The bar was pack, but the men made room for Margret in order to get a good look at that sexy ass. Margret was getting attention from men and women as she maneuvers on a bar stool and crossed her legs. Scott grind ear to ear as his hot wife became center of attention.

His fantasy was beginning to come true. He order drinks as he looked for the guys he lined up for Margret to look over. He spotted Charlie a guy from his job. Well built, white, with curly blonde hair Scott choose him because one day they were in the restroom together when Scott looked down to see his cock was larger than his. Charlie is a pain and he really hoped Margret would not choose him. But, he had to put a few white guys in the mix.

Scott brought Charlie over, they had a drink and with in the first fifteen minutes. Margret gave him the choke sign which meant she was not interested. Scott whispered in Charlie’s ear no go. He had previous told the guys it was totally up to his wife whom she would fuck. Scott walked Charlie back to his seat when Charlie offered him two grand for an hour with his wife. Scott just laughed as he looked for one of the other guys he lined up.

He bumped into Jake, a black man, very muscular. The talk around the locker room was that Jake swings an eleven-inch dick. He even bragged he fucked a woman to death with his long penis. He was very dark completion and Scott was very sure he was to dark for Margaret’s taste. But, he could not help him self after he heard the story of his size.

He introduced Jake to his wife and the look of lust on her face was surprising to Scott He thought he was going to have to talk his wife into fucking a black man. Apparently, his wife has contemplated fucking a black man, in fact she looked turn on by the idea.

When Margret heard her husband say this is Jake and she looked up to see a black man. Her clit jumped, because she heard the rumors and she had an experience when she was a young girl.

Her cousin who was a year older than her use to date a black guy. Margret was the look out when ever her cousin and the guy got together. One day Margret just had to see if her cousin’s boyfriend was as large as she said. So she crack the door just enough to get a good look. Her cousin seen her, but the guy did not.

Her cousin smiled and maneuvered the guy around toward the cracked door. The guy loved it because the cousin usually laid there as he fuck her little white pussy. She got him with his ass towards the crack door. She knew Margret would have a good look at his large nuts, long cock running in and out of her wet pussy. In fact she creamed his cock at the thought of her baby cousin watching her getting her little white pussy pounded by BBC.

Margret remember gasping when she saw that long thick cock pull out as his ass went up. She remembered his large balls slapping her on her tender white ass as he shoved his long thick cock back into her pussy. She remembered the erotic moans her cousin made as that man size dick fucked her pussy. She remembered slipping her hand inside her panties to stroke her clit as she watched her cousin get fucked. Margret remember climaxing when she saw all that man juice running down the crack of her cousin’s ass to land on the mattress.

All that ran through her brain when her husband introduced Jake to her. Her pussy was on fire and her clit throbbed as she shook his hand and her husband bought drinks. Never in a million years would she ever have thought that her husband would want her to fuck a black man.

They had small talk as the drinks came. Margret became giddy and Scott smiled as it looked as this might be the one. Things were going good as Jake regaled Margret with his travels around the world. But, as faith would have it to other women approached Jake. No shame in their game each of them whispered things in Jake’s ear, and just like that. Jake apologized and they hauled him off. Scott ran to catch up with them and pulled Jake to the side.

“Hey, man what’s up. My wife was into you and your going to leave with a sorry apology,” he demanded!

“Look man, a grand is a bit much to fuck your wife when I can fuck those two for free,” you get me?

Scott looked over at the two ladies, “I see what you mean.” he admitted.

Scott had one last hope, a Latin guy he knew. He was young, but, he also had a rep. He introduced him as Jose as he got a round of drinks. But, as they drank Jose’s immaturity came out and that turned Margret off. After about twenty minutes Margret gave Scott the choke sign. Margret’s mind was stuck on Jake. In her heart and minds eye, she knew he had a huge cock that would push her pussy to the limits. Getting her husband and Jill off when they saw her taking that monster into her sugar walls.

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