My life with the Hankins

This is the continuation of Jane’s story (Slut and Mom) of how she became the school slut but then was adopted by miss Hankins, her teacher.

After my mom was arrested for statutory rape and negligence to a minor, I was taken to Miss Hankins’ house, who had agreed to foster me. I knew from school that miss Hankins was well off financially from the luxury Mercedes that she drove and the clothes she wore. We walked to her car and it was the nicest car I had ever been in, all leather and wood! When we pulled in the gated entrance to their house, I couldn’t believe my eyes! The house was huge, with 7 bedrooms, many bathrooms, a pool and tennis court in the rear and a large garage to house all the cars. Her husband was a prominent lawyer but I had never connected them because they had different last names.

“Wow!” I exclaimed as they pulled in the circular drive, “is this really your house?”

“Yes Jane, my husband makes a lot of money and my family is very wealthy also. But really, it’s just a house, so don’t be intimidated by it. Let’s go in and you can meet my husband and daughter.”

“Okay miss Hankins.”

“Jane, now that you will be living with us I would love it if you would call me mom. I am not trying to replace your mom, but I would just love it if you would!”

I was already in love with miss Hankins so I gushed, “oh yes! I would love to call you mom, mom!” I giggled at the double mom in the statement.

Miss Hankins, Nancy, hugged Me and we got out and entered the house. Her daughter and husband were waiting.

“Jane, this is my daughter and your new sister, Mary. I believe you have seen each other in school.”

“Hi Jane! I’m so glad mom agreed to have you come here! I know we’ll have so much fun!”

Mary was a senior, two grades ahead of me so she didn’t run in the same group that teased me. I had seen her in the halls and at lunch. She was very pretty and I noticed she had large breasts like her mom.

“And this is my Husband Tom.”

“Jane, it’s so nice to have you here! I know you’ll love it!”

Tom was tall, over six feet and very handsome. I found myself staring at him and I looked at his crotch, trying to imagine what his cock looked like. He noticed where I was looking and smiled at me. I blushed and looked away.

“Mary, why don’t you show Jane to her room. We have several guest rooms that we use when family or friends stay. You’ll have a room next to Mary with your own bathroom.”

Mary walked Jane to her room which was as bigger than any room in her old house.

She let me get comfortable and then a half hour later we went down to the family room.

Nancy said, “I know your mom made a huge mistake by inviting those teens in for a gangbang. And my husband and daughter know all about it. And they know that you and I made love in my classroom. You see, we also like to have fun at home and we all fuck each other. We also have sex parties here but because the guests are all elite members of the community, there is no danger of what happened at your house. We would love for you to participate in these parties but only if you want to.”

“I’d love to mom! I just love to fuck!”

Nancy laughed at that, “yeah me too!”

Mary chimed in, “me three!”

Tom said, “I think I’m a lucky man!”

Nancy said, “why don’t we all get more comfortable!”

At first I wasn’t sure what she meant until Mary pulled her tee over her head. She wasn’t wearing a bra and her boobs were firm and capped with large pink nipples. Then Nancy unbuttoned her blouse and let it fall to the sofa. She unclamped her front load bra and freed her large tits. They hung down on her belly and I got a tingle in my cunt looking at them. She had large brown nipples that pointed down and large crinkly circles around them. They looked at,me expectantly and I shyly removed my tee, showing them my small breasts. Mary breathed, “oh god Jane! I love your boobs! They’re so firm and god! I love your puffy nipples! I want to suck on them! Can I? Can I suck your nipples?” I had always been self conscious about my nipples. The pink area, I think it’s called the areola, is puffed up above the rest of my breasts and the nipple is prominent in the middle of this area.

I was trembling with desire and just nodded as Mary walked up to me and bending down, took a nipple into her mouth, sucking hard and licking the tip. I felt the sensations all the way to my cunt!

“Ohhhhhh! Mary!!!! Oh god! Suck my tits! Oh god yes!”

While she was sucking, Nancy came behind me and undid my pants and pulled them down. Then she stripped my panties down, leaving me naked. She dropped to her knees and licked my ass cheeks, pushing her hand between my legs to run her finger along my slit.

I looked over at where Tom was sitting. He hasn’t taken anything off yet, just watching the action. He looked right in my eyes and it made me shutter as he seemed to look right into my mind, knowing what I was thinking.

“Don’t worry Jane, I’ll get naked soon enough but first I just want to enjoy the action. Why don’t you girls make you mom feel good and suck on her titties?”

“Oh yes babies! Suck on my boobs! Nurse on mommie!”

We each took a nipple in our mouth and started sucking. I loved sucking on her nipple! It was long and fat and as I sucked and bit gently, mom moaned deep in her throat.

“Oh Jane! You’re sucking me so fucking good! Oh god! Stick your finger in my cunt! And Mary, bite my nipple!! You know how I love that!”

I reached down and my new mom spread her legs to allow me access to her wet and open cunt! I rubbed it with my palm and the curled a finger and shoved it in as far as it would go!

“Ohhhhhh!!! Oh!! Oh!! Oh!! God! More fingers!! Fucking please!!”

Mary reached down and added her finger to mine. We pulled mom’s cunt open wide, stretching it out then filling the gap with more fingers! We both had all four fingers in her cunt!

“Oh my fucking god!! Ohhhhh!! You’re tearing me apart! But I love it!! I love it!!”

God! This was hotter than anything I had ever done! Mom was getting weak in the knees and we had to hold her up. She was moaning and whimpering as we ravaged her cunt and tits!

Tom was still sitting in a chair watching, his eyes shaded in lust. His cock was staring at his pants but he didn’t touch it or pull it out. I wondered how he could resist with two nubile teens and his voluptuous wife naked and in the throes of passion.

Nancy had her arms around our shoulders putting all her weight on us. Her legs couldn’t hold her up. She was getting very close to a mind shattering orgasm.

“Oh my god! You’re killing me! Oh god! I’m going to come so hard!” Her head was thrown back and her eyes rolled back. We were jamming our fingers in and out so fast they were almost a blur!

We sucked her tits hard, making marks as we sucked all over the large sagging orbs.

I bit on her nipple and she moaned, “oh hard Jane and Mary! Bit my nipple off! It hurts so good!”

Then she screamed as her orgasm shook her body all over. Her legs left the floor and jerked spasmodically as she was consumed with passion! We lowered her gently to the floor and then stood and looking at each other, smiled and walked over to Tom.

“Your turn daddy!” Mary said in a breathless voice.

We took his clothes off piece by piece. He just smiled and let us strip him naked. I pulled,his pants down and his cock was tenting his shorts, making me drool in anticipation. Mary and I each grabbed his shorts and pulled them down. I gasped at the size of his cock.

“Impressive, isn’t it Jane?”

“Oh god! It’s so big!”

“Wait until you feel it in your pussy! It’ll drive you mad! The first time daddy fucked me I thought it would hurt my little pussy, but oh god! It was the best feeling in the world! You’re going to just love it!”

“Enough talking girls, get busy on this cock! It needs attention!”

We dropped to our knees in front of him. Mary grabbed his cock first and licked up the underside, then around the head. She pointed it at me and I repeated what she had done.

“Oh yeah! Just like that girls! Make your daddy hard!”

We both licked up his cock and when we reached the top, we kissed, opening our mouths and twirling our tongues together. Then we licked back down on his long, thick cock.

Mary took his dock deep in her mouth and I sucked on his hairy balls. I pulled one into my mouth and licked all over it.

“Aaaahhhhh, babies! You’re gonna make me come if you don’t stop and I want to come in Jane first! I want to fuck my new little girl!”

“Oh yes daddy!” I moaned, “fuck your little girl! Fuck my little cunt with your big cock!”

I was apprehensive about him putting his 8 inch cock in my pussy but really wanted it! I also wanted to please my new daddy!

He picked me up in his strong arms and I wrapped my arms around his neck. He carried me to the master bedroom with Nancy and Mary following. He gently laid me on the oversized bed. I gazed into his eyes as he spread my legs out and got between them. Mary and Nancy sat on either side and started to massage my small breasts. Dad rubbed his finger up and down my slit, getting me nice and wet. He reached to the nightstand and got a tube of lube, squirting a large gob on his cock then spreading it around. I never took my eyes away from his as he knelt again and rubbed his cock up and down my cunt, spreading it out. He pushed in and I sucked in my breath!

“Ohhhhhhh! Daddyyyyyyyy!!!” I was already in heaven, the feeling of his cock head stretching my cunt indescribable. He paused for several seconds looking into my eyes and then began a short in and out motion, going deeper with each stroke. Mom and Mary each took a nipple in their mouth and sucked.

With his cock halfway in and my nipples being sucked, I came violently, my whole body shaking and little whimpering noises deep in my throat!

“Immmppphhhhh!!unnnnghhhhh!! Ahhhhhh!! Oh god! Coming!! Shove it in daddy!!! All the way!!!”

Dad did just that, shoving the last 4 inches in, bumping against my cervix!

“Ooooooohhhhhhhh god!!! Goooooood!!!, Fucking good!”

He started really fucking me then. I was humping up to meet his thrusts and shaking all over as orgasms rocked my body and made my head swim! My cunt was squeezing his cock as my orgasmic spasms massaged him.

“Oh goddamn! Your tight! I’m gonna come!! In your little teen cunt! Aaaagghhhhh!!”

He jammed in all the way and mary and mom bit gently on my nipples, sending my orgasm soaring!

I could feel his shaft throbbing as he emptied his balls in me!

I held onto him until our orgasms ebbed and we were able to breath again.

He rolled off of me and I looked between my thighs to watch the cum flow from my reddened cunt!

Mom gasped, “Damn! That was the hottest goddamn fuck I have seen since the first time Tom fucked Mary!”

Mary laid beside me and hugged me to her. “I love you Jane! I love you too Mary! I love you all!”

When we recovered enough to get up we had a nice dinner and then exhausted, went to our rooms. I slept like a baby and in the morning when I got up dad was already at his law firm.

Mom said over breakfast, “Jane, I know you think you’re not attractive but I’ve always thought that it was a matter of not knowing how to accentuate your beat assets. So today we’re going to my beauty spa and have them give you a complete makeover. Mary and I are due for a spa day anyway.”

I was speechless! I couldn’t imagine how they would make “ugly Jane” attractive. But it would be nice to get pampered.

We got there and they left me with a whole team of stylists.

The lead stylist was named Tami. She looked at me and said, “honey, I can make you stunning! You have a good body and your face just needs some makeup to empathize your assets! Maggie will do your hair with some subtle highlights and soft curls. So let’s get started.”

They did my hair first, washing and perming then styling. They wouldn’t let me look until they were done.

Two hours later they dressed me in a skirt and blouse and then finally led me in front of a mirror with my eyes closed. Tami said, “okay open your eyes, beautiful!”

I opened my eyes and oh my god! I didn’t know the person in the mirror! I was stunning with two tone blond hair and just the right amount of makeup and lashes to make my eyes look sultry and sexy! My cheekbones looked higher and the whole affect was to make me look like a different person.

Mom and Mary came back and they complimented Tami on a fantastic job and mom gave her a very generous tip.

Walking back to the car we three sexy ladies drew a lot of attention from both lusting men and jealous women!

We got home and Mary and I went to her room. We were talking and Mary said, “hey Jane, I want to show you something that I just love to do, but I’ve never done it with anyone else, not even mom. You know when you get your nipples pinched, how good it feels?”

“Oh yes! I love that feeling!”

“Well, a few months ago I was in my closet and I saw one of my dress hangers and I just got an idea. Wait! I’ll show you!”

She went to the closet and returned with a dress hanger. It was the kind that had two clips attached to a wire so they could slide to fit any dress.

“I was standing and looking at it and suddenly I thought, wow, I can clamp them on both my nipple at the same time! Like this!”

She took the hanger and spreading one clamp, she put a nipple in and let it close.

“Oh god! That’s good!”

Then she moved the other clamp so it was over her other nipple and clamped it on, sucking her breath in from the sensation.

“Oh Jane! It hurts so good! And look! If you pull on the hook, it stretches you tits way out. Sometimes I even hang the battery lantern over there, watch!”

She went to her dresser and got the lantern that was like a camping lantern and hooked it on the hanger, leaning forward so it swung from her nipples,

“Ahhhhhh god! I just love how it feels! I do this almost everyday! Do you want to try?”

I was actually trembling from watching the lust in her eyes.

“Oh yes!!”

She handed me the hanger and I lined up one of the clamps. It has ridges to grip the dress fabric and when I clammed it on my nipple, it bit in to the flesh and I gasped from the pain/pleasure. Then I repeated with my other nipple.

“Oh Mary! Oh yes!! I love it!”

Mary took the hook and pulled,out on it, stretching my tits out and causing my cunt to cream. She the handed me the lantern and I hooked it on, walking around the room with the lantern swinging and pulling my nipples.

I left it on and masturbated, coming quickly and loudly.

“Isn’t it wild?”

“Oh yes! Thank you for showing me!”

My nipples were tender the rest of the day but not too bad.

The rest of the weekend was spent either at the pool or around the house. No more sexual activities. Mom explained that they didn’t want to make it a constant thing.

Monday morning we got ready for school. Mary helped me with my makeup and hair and when I came down Mom gushed, “oh Jane! Nobody will believe it’s you!”

We drove in the Mercedes and getting out in the staff parking lot, we walked in the main entrance. There was a group of kids hanging out nearby and when we walked past I heard one boy say, “wow! Who’s that? She’s hot!”

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I blushed at the remark and another boy looked closely at me and then recognition made his eyes flare open. “Holy shit! I think that’s ugly Jane!”

The first boy said, “no way! No way Jane looks like that!”

But I gave him a sultry look and winked at him.

“Damn! You’re right! What the hell!”

Mom turned and in her best teacher voice, “yes, it’s Jane and show a little respect. And watch the language if you don’t want to see the principle! Now get to you classes!”

They all hurried off.

“You girls go on to your class, I have to talk to the principle. I don’t have a first period class.”

We found out later that she informed the principle that I was her daughter now and if he touched her again her husband would have him in arrested immediately. Needless to say he never approached me again.

All day as I walked into my classes everyone stared at me at first thinking I was a new student but then doing a double take when I sat in my regular seat.

I was like in heaven, when I had lunch with Mary, the girls who used to torment me all of a sudden wanted to be my friend, but I ignored them. I stayed with the few friends I had and also Mary”s friends.

At the end of school I met up with mom and Mary. Mom told us that dad was in a meeting at work and that he would be very late, maybe even saying in the office. They had a few rooms in the building’s top floor for just these occasions or maybe also for a little fun?

Anyway, we were on our own and mom said that her brother Jim was coming over for a visit. He was younger than her by several years, being a late surprise to their mom.

He lived in another city so he flew in and was going to stay for a week. Mary told me while we were talking in her room that uncle Jimmy was really hot and had a cock as big as dad’s.

“Oh my god! I can’t wait to see it!” I gushed.

Mary moaned, “oh shit Jane, I. Getting so hot I have to get off. I’m gonna get that skirt hanger and put it on. Will you suck my cunt while it’s on, Please??”

“Oh god yes! Then you can do me!”

She almost ran to get a hanger while I pulled my clothes off. She came back and after shedding her clothes, she clamped the hanger on her nipples.

“Ohhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmpphhhh!! God! It’s so good!!”

She hooked the lantern on and leaned over the bed with her boobs stretched down by the hanger and her pussy exposed for me to suck! I knelt behind her and attacked her cunt with my lips and tongue, covering her whole pussy with my mouth and flicking my tongue all over, then pushing it into her count as far as I could.

“Ohhhhh yes!! Tongue fuck my cunt!” She was moaning and writhing, making the lantern swing and pull harder on her nipples. “Oh god! I’m going to come already!! Aaaaaaaaa!!!!”

I bit down on her clit and the dual bites on her clit and nipples set off her orgasm. It caused her to shudder all over, making the lantern pull even more.

I heard the door open and mom came in!

“So, you’ve been holding out on me?”

Mary whimpered, “oh mom! I’m sorry! But this is just too much! Oh god!!!”

She finally calmed down a bit and removed the hanger.

Mom walked over and took the hanger from Mary.

She stripped and clamped the hanger on her big tits. “Unnnnnnnnphhhh!!, Oh god! That hurts but so fucking good!” Then she hung the lantern on and bent over. Her tits were stretched down and swung back and forth. “Ohhhhhhhhh!!! Oh god! Suck my cunt! Somebody, suck my cunt!!”

Mary dove down and started licking mom’s cunt. Mom was moaning and whimpering as her nipples were being brutalized by the clamps. I got on the bed and scooted up so mom could eat my cunt.

She started licking and nibbling on my clit, driving me toward a massive orgasm!

She begged Mary, “oh god! Put your fingers in my cunt! All of them!! Shove your fucking fist in there!”

Mary first shoved her fingers in, the tucked her thumb under and using an in and out motion, her fist popped in!

“Oh god! I can’t take it! Oh fuck!! I’m cummmmminnnngggggg!!!”

She reared her head back, muscles straining and eyes rolled back as she started shaking all over. The lantern was swinging wildly, torturing her sensitive nipples and Mary was punching her fist into mom’s ravaged cunt!

Finally mom screamed out, “oh god! Stop!! No more!! I’m going to faint!!”

I pulled the hanger off and mom’s nipples were red and swollen. Mary pulled her fist out of her cunt, it stayed open and cunt cream ran out. Mom crawled on the bed and catching her breath said, “oh my god Mary! I can’t believe you’ve been keeping that from me! I almost fainted!”

Mary lowered her head and said, “I’m sorry mom! I just wanted it for myself! I won’t keep anything else from you.”

Mom took Mary in her arms. “It’s okay honey! I love you! But I can’t believe you thought of that! It’s so deliciously decadent! I love it!”

Mom told them to get cleaned up so they could get to the airport to pick Jimmy up.

“You’ll love him, Jane. He’s really a great guy! And a great fuck!” Mom admitted.

I answered, “oh, I cant wait!”

“I told him about you and he can’t wait to meet you!”

“Now I can’t wait to meet him! And fuck him too!”

They all laughed at that.

They arrived at baggage claim and only had a ten minute wait until a tall, very handsome man came through the security door. Mary ran to him and threw her arms around him, giving him a kiss on the lips, drawing surprised looks from the people nearby.

“Oh uncle Jimmy! I’m so glad you’re here!”

“I’m glad to be her Mary and you’ve certainly grown a bit!” He was looking at her boobs when he said that.

“Oh, uncle Jimmy!” She complained, but with a smile.

Then mom hugged and kissed him. She turned and introduced me. Jimmy said, “I’m so glad to meet you Jane. You’re a lovely young lady!” He looked me up and down and I actually got wet.

“Let’s get you home before these girls rape you right here!” Mom said.

We went out to the car and drove home. We barely got in the door before Uncle Jimmy took mom in his arms and kissed her passionately!

Mom sighed, “oh Jimmy! I’ve missed you so much!”

“I’ve missed you too Nancy! Especially your hot cunt!”

“How about mine?” Mary whined playfully.

“Yes honey! Your’s too!”

She pulled her shorts and panties down and said, “Then come and get it big boy!”

Playfully, Jimmy grabbed her and carried her to the sofa. He dropped her on it, grabbing her ankles and pushing the behind her ears while diving his head into her crotch.

“Aiiiiiiyyyyyeeee!!” Mary squealed as he fastened his mouth on her cunt.

Mom said, “wow! I guess you did miss her cunt Jimmy! Just make sure to save some energy for your dear sister and new niece!”

“Oh don’t worry sis! I’ve got plenty for all of you!”

Mom turned to me and said, “come n Jane, let’s make Jimmy feel welcome!”

We walked over and mom knelt one one side of him with me on the other. Mom unbuttoned his jeans and I helped pull them down. When mom pulled his briefs down I gasped at the size of his cock! It was at least an inch longer than Tom’s!

“Oh god mom! It’s huge!”

“I know honey! The first time he fucked me I thought I’d get split open, but I loved it!”

I reached under him and grasped his shaft in my hand, stroking slowly. I couldn’t wait however and slid under him to take the hanging cock into my mouth.

Jimmy pulled back to moan, “oh shit Nancy! I already love this girl! I can’t wait to get to her sweet cunt!”

I teased him, “well, the quicker you make Mary come, the quicker you can fuck my little cunt!”

“Oh! A challenge eh?”

Jimmy dove back into Mary’s cunt and started sucking and biting gently on her clit. He jammed two fingers in and shoved them in and out rapidly.

“Oh my god uncle Jimmy! Ohhhhh god!!, Aaaaaaaa!!”

She went off like a sky rocket, her legs going straight out and muscles clenching!

For the first time ever, she squirted cunt juice into his mouth.

“Uuuunnnnnnnhhhh! Aaaaaah!! Jesus uncle, you’re gonna make me pass out!”

Finally, not able to take any more, Mary pushed him away. I was waiting on the sofa with my legs spread.

“Come on Jimmy, just shove that big cock in my tight little teenage cunt! Hurry and fuck me Jimmy!”

“Oh god yes!!!!! Here it comes baby!”

He got on his knees and his cock found my hole and was buried in one swift stroke.

“Aaaaaaaiiiiiiiieeeeee!! Aaaaa! God damn it’s big!!”

Jimmy was so horny he started fucking me with long fast strokes. Mom was sitting next to me and stroking my hair.

“Yeah brother! Fuck the little cunt! Fuck her good!”

Her nasty words only made me hotter and I started fucking my cunt up at Jimmy! He was battering against my cervix and there was an inch still visible. Then I felt him stretch it and his balls slapped my ass.

“Ohhhhhh!! Deeeep!!! So fucking deep!”

I was sweating and drooling, going crazy on his cock! I knew I would come soon as my thighs tightened and my cunt started spasms that squeezed his cock.

Then it hit me like a bomb going off inside me!

“Aaaawwwwwwshit! Fuck! Fuck! Aaaaaaa!!! Commiiiiiinnng!! Fuck me! Coming so fucking hard!”

“Yeah! Coming too! In your teeny cunt!!”

Just as I started to cum, mom and Mary bit down on my nipples, causing me to cum even harder!

“Oh my fucking god! I’m going to fucking pass out!!”

I thought I would faint as spasms rocked my body and caused me to jerk all over.

Jimmy filled my cunt until it formed a white froth around his cock. He kept fucking me until his cock wilted enough to slip out of my cunt. His withdrawal was followed by a stream of cum that puddled on the sofa.

Just then dad came in the door.

Mary moaned, “daddy! Hurry! Come fuck me! I’m so fucking horny!”

“I see that Jimmy has been busy already! Okay honey, but at least let me put my laptop down and get undressed! I’m feeling way overdressed!”

He laid his laptop on the desk and quickly shed his business suit. He had a raging hard on by the time he got naked.

“Oh daddy! Please hurry! I’m so horny from watching Jane get fucked! Just shove it in me!”

“Okay babe, you asked for it!”

He grabbed Mary’s ankles and pushed them next to her ears then without touching his cock, aimed his cock at her snatch and shoved it in to his balls!

“Aaaaaaa fuck! Daddy! Fuck me!! Oh god, it’s good!!”

We watched as he fucked his daughter with long rapid strokes! She was moaning and whimpering as he pounded her pussy.

“Yeah baby! I love your teenage cunt! God, it feels so fucking good!”

Even though I had just been fucked I started fingering my cunt, pinching my clit and squeezing my boobs! It was too fucking hot watching Mary get fucked by her dad. I could clearly see his cock plunging in and out of her spread cunt and could also clearly hear the squishing sounds as his cock squeezed the cunt cream from her hot pussy. Jimmy and Mom were kissing and fondling on the floor. I added a finger but it wasn’t enough. I looked around for something bigger and saw a long thick candle,on the mantle. I grabbed it and showing it to mom with a raising of my eyebrows, she nodded as jimmy was sucking on her nipples. I laid on the floor and inserted the narrow end of the candle into my cunt and slowly penetrated. My cunt spread as the candle got bigger and deeper! I watched the sex acts going on and started fucking the candle in and out of my cunt! God damn! That felt good! It went deep and the tapered end entered my cervix, hurting just enough. I fucked my self with the candle as I watched Mary get fucked by dad.

Mary whimpered as he fucked her with powerful strokes. She humped her ass up to meet his thrusts and I could her the slapping sound of his groin hitting her pussy. They were both consumed with lust as they approached a massive simultaneous orgasm!

“Oh baby! I’m gonna cum! Gonna cum in you tight little cunt!”

“Oh yesssss!!! Daddy!!! Cum in my cunt! I love your cock! I’m cumming toooooo!!”

She pushed back against her daddies cock and ground her hips in a circle, rubbing her clit on his pelvic bone.

“Aaaaahhhhhhh fuck!! Baby!!”

Dad groaned as he pushed in hard and threw his head back, squirting his cum in Mary!

“Yes daddy! In my cunt! I feel it in my cunt!!!”

After filling her to overflowing he collapsed onto the floor. His extraction was followed by his cum dripping from Mary’s cunt!

I was very close myself and pinched my clit while jamming the 7 inch candle in and out so fast it was a blur!

“Oh god!! I’m cumming!! Ohhhhhhhh!,! Cumming! Fuck! Fuck! Cumming!!”

I was going off like a firecracker! It felt like my whole existence was centered on my clit!

We finally were all spent and had a nice evening almost like a normal family except we were all naked.

The next day dad and mom asked me to the dining room.

“Honey, we know you love your mom and we don’t want to take that away. We want you to love us but she will always be your mother. As you know, dad is a very prominent lawyer with influential friends. He has talked to the best defense lawyer in the area and he will represent you mom in court. But we want you to know that he won’t be able to get her completely off, all the boys there have corroborated the details of the party. But he can get her a light sentence with probation. He is talking to her now and we want you to be able to visit her. He has talked to a judge and she will get 30 days jail time with credit for time served and two years probation. As you know we have plenty of room here and we have the pool house which we can expand into a comfortable house. If she is willing you and her can live here with us in the pool house. We would love to have her with us and hope she will agree.”

“Oh thank you!! I know she will and I know she will love you all! Just like I do!”

Well, needless to say, mom was overjoyed at the prospect of living in this wonderful, what would you call it… A villa? Anyway we are all very happy. Perhaps as time goes by I’ll have more exciting and erotic tales to write about!

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