My Naughty Spanish Teacher – New Sex Story

This is an absolutely authentic story that took place in my life. It all started in High School.

My Sophomore year I had Spanish 1 with a teacher, who I won’t name for privacy reasons, so we’ll just call her Mrs. Steph. Now Mrs. Steph was my Spanish teacher, she wasn’t Spanish in any way, she was white and had short curly hair. She was in her mid 40s and always dressed very interesting. She wore dresses all of the time and always had on some pantyhose. I hated Spanish but couldn’t wait to get to class to see her.

She was so hot I couldn’t help but get hard every single time I had her, It was so hard to concentrate when she had on a short dress and a beautiful face. I’m not going to lie, she was the love of my life, I love her more than anything, She was skinny, and had about 3 kids, which makes her a MILF with some saggy tits, which was very sexy to me.

My love for her started after about a couple months of school. She would talk to me a lot and I always felt as if she was flirting with me. It turned me on HARD. I couldn’t help but have dreams of her every single night, I had a dream where we did some naughty things, it made me go crazy for her.

Everything was going normal, but one day all of that changed. As I said, I couldn’t concentrate on the Spanish when I had such a sexy teacher in front of me. Hard cock, pantyhose, short curly hair, small saggy tits, it was everything I could ever want. So I failed my test. After class ended it was the end of the day, the last period. As I was about to get up to leave from my seat she put her hand on my should and told me, “Don’t leave, I have to speak to you about something.” I already knew what it was she wanted.

I stayed and once everyone left, she went from my shoulder to my back and started to rub it, she told me, “You know you failed another test, Right?” I said back, “I know I’m sorry It is just a little hard for me to pay attention.” She bent over and looked me straight in the eyes and said, “Is there something wrong?” I told her back, “No it’s just I get a bit distracted that’s all.” But what she didn’t know what what I would get distracted from, the thought of her small saggy MILF tits and sexy legs, it made me get even harder. She told me to go close the door. I was rock hard. Solid cock and I didn’t want her to see it. But she told me to do it so I got up. And closed the door with the print if my hard cock bulging out of my jeans.

She had a eyebrow raised and a pen in her hand, she told me, “Listen.” While she would twirl the pen on her chest area, “You want to get a better grade correct?” I told her of course. So she told me back, “If you’d like, I can tutor you a bit after school and help you get back on track.” I was scared and didn’t know what to say, so I remained silent, then she said, “Oh come on, it would be fun, just the two of us and no one else!” I look deep into her beautiful dark eyes and I started to pre cum, J couldn’t help it, I was shaking my leg and that was enough to make me cum at that point, just think if her was so hard.

I told her, “Ok, I guess that would be ok.” And she told me to come to her house later that week.

Later that week it was the day. I arrived and her house and rang the door bell, absolutely scared and confused on what would happen next, she opened it up while wearing a hoodie, sweats, and her hair in a bun, you could tell she didn’t dress up or anything. She told me, “Come on in, don’t worry no ones home but me and you, my husband is at work and the kid’s are at my mother in laws house.”
So we went to her room where she had a desk, we sat for about 30 minutes and studied. We planned to study for an hour, so we had 30 minutes left. I told her, “Thank you for helping me out, I’m staring to get the hang of it more, though I think it’s time to go do I’ll just see you at school.” She once again started to rub my back, and she said, “Why the rush, just hang out a bit, we can have some fun, I’ll put on a show and we can just hang, you know?” I couldn’t believe what I heard, though I couldn’t resist, we sat in her bed and turned in the TV.

She was getting hot so she took off her hoodie, underneath it she was wearing a shirt almost identical to this one (First-Layer Fitted Cami) but it was in white, I couldn’t stand it, I got so hard because not just was the shirt skinny and white, but she has on no bra and I could see her nipples through her shirt.

Now, this is where things got crazy. I ignored and and didn’t bring it up, though after that she grabbed a glass of water to drink, as she lifted it towards her mouth, it slipped and poured on her shirt. At this point I could see her body through it.

That completes Part 1

If you want to see the rest email me at [email protected] to let me know.


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