My Naughty Spanish Teacher – Part 5

In case you haven’t yet, go read part 4 first (My Naughty Spanish Teacher – Part 4)

Start where I had left off, my teachers husband said he wasn’t down punishing me. He made me suck his cock and came in my mouth, I’m not gay, that was already a huge punishment!

I didn’t think it could get crazier, I was so wrong. He grabbed me and his wife by the hair and threw us onto the bed. Then he took the blindfold that me and my teacher where using earlier, and tied it around my face. Once again, I couldn’t see anything.

After about a minute of me laying on the bed, all naked, waiting for him to punish me, I felt his hand grab my balls. He stretched them out and tied what felt like some sort of band around them, it hurt so much. He was suffocating my balls!

He then said to his wife, “Suck his balls, since you wanted to fuck him so bad!” I could feel her sexy, short, curly, frizzy hair on my thighs move around as she sucked on my balls. My cock got so hard!

Next thing I know, I feel a cold metal object wrap around my right wrist, then my arm was pulled up towards the top of the bed and hanging off of it, he had handcuffed me to the bed! He then did the same to my left arm.

There I was, hanging off of their bed all naked with my toes balls being sucked by my teacher. Then her husband said, “Bring your head forward!” So I did. As I brought it forward o was stopped by something soft, it started to spread apart and I could feel it, it was sweaty and hairy, I was sure of it, it has to be his ass!

I asked him, “Sir… is this your ass” He replied back to me, “It is, and your going to eat it!” I didn’t want to as I wasn’t into eating ass, especially a guys! So I asked him, “Sir, please, is there anything el…” “NO, EAT IT NOW!” He said before I could even finish speaking. I had no choice.

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I stuck out my tongue and started to lick and suck his ass hole. As that was happening, I felt someone sucking my cock, it has to be him as my teacher was sucking my balls. I know he was trying to punish me, but I was sort of enjoying it!

He got off my cock and slapped my teacher, he startled and but on my balls! It hurt so much! He then lifted up my blindfold for a second and said, “Don’t get too comfortable, I didn’t even go crazy yet! I’m just getting you warmed up!” Then he kissed me, as he brought his lips away from mine I could see and taste my cum. I saw my teacher, she had tears coming down her face and her mascara was getting ruined.

He put the blindfold back on and kept on sucking my cock as I ate his ass.

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