My Naughty Spanish Teacher – Part 6

If you haven’t yet go read part 5 (My Naughty Spanish Teacher – Part 5)

There we were, my Spanish teacher was sucking on my balls as her husband was sucking my cock and I was eating his ass. I didn’t really enjoy it.

After a couple of minutes I eventually came again, he sucked it all in his mouth. Then he grabbed my teacher by her hair, and forcefully opened her mouth with his other hand. He spat my cum in her mouth then grabbed her sexy tits very aggressively as if they were balloons.

He told her, “Gargle that cum in your mouth!” So she did. After that he turned around and said, “Now spit it on my ass!” There was my cum, all over his ass and his ass hole, some even went inside of the hole!

He tuned back sound and told me, “Suck all of your cum back out, now!” I didn’t have a choice so I stuck out my tongue and licked it off. He told me, “Why did you stop, your not done. There is cum in my ass hole, SUCK IT OUT!” So I pressed my lips around his hole, and sucked in, my cum came out of his hole and it was very warm and salty.

He shoved two fingers into my mouth and scooped up the cum, then he started to rub my right nipple with it. I always liked my nipples rubbed, so I started to moan a bit. He noticed I was enjoyed it so he stopped and said to my teacher, “Come rub his nipples, both of them. I’ll reward him for being a good boy so far. Although, I’m not done punishing him!”

She crawled up to my chest and started to rub and lick my nipples with the cum on them, it felt to damn good! My teachers husband stood up with his hard cock out, again it was small, maybe about 4 inches. Though I caught something that I didn’t notice before, his balls were huge! They were the size as two golf balls! I couldn’t believe what I was looking at.

As my teacher was laying in me rubbing my nipples, I could see her sexy back, so I reached out to rub it. Before I could get to her back, her husband shoved his cock in my face and yelled at me saying, “Don’t get to comfortable, open wide!”

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I didn’t have a choice, I opened my mouth as much as I could and he put his cock in there and provided to fuck my mouth as if it were an ass hole. It was very aggressive, though I was lucky his cock was small, or else he would kill my throat.

After about a minute of sucking and fucking, I started to notice something, his cock tasted kind of good. I enjoyed it! I started lick around his cock more and tried to get a better taste of it. I started to enjoy his small meaty cock in my mouth!

I was sucking cock I liked, and getting my nipples rubbed by my love, this was far from a punishment! I asked him, “Can I stop now? I’m not gay and I hate cock. Please stop.” Of course I was lying, I wanted him to take it further and thought I could trick him. He said back, “No little bitch, your my fuck doll now! You know what? I hope you have more room in there, because I’m adding my balls too!”

Thanks for reading part 6! I appreciate the support and would love it if you could comment and feedback or thoughts about my story, remember, this really happened to me!

Part 7 will be out soon and I still have another story to tell and I finish this one!

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