My Naughty Spanish Teacher – Part 7 (FINALE)

If you haven’t yet go read part 6 first (My Naughty Spanish Teacher – Part 6)

He said he was going to get his balls in my mouth too! I didn’t know how I felt about balls, though the small chode in my mouth was nice and meaty!

My sexy teacher kept on rubbing my nipples, after a while they got numb and wouldn’t stay hard, so she left the room and said, “I’ll be right back!” Her husband said back, “You better hurry up whore ass slut!”

After a couple seconds, she came back in the room with a cup full of ice. Her husband looked at her in disgust, “Baby, come here really fast.” She started to walk up to him, when she got close enough he slapped her across the face as hard as he could!

Her husband wasn’t some small man, he was pretty fit and had a nice cut body, so I would have to say that slap, probably hurt her a lot! She grabbed into her face and tears started to fall down.

She asked him, “Why did you slap me, what did I do wrong?” He looked at her with a red face and his cock still in my mouth, she shouted back at her, “What did you do wrong! YOU FUCKED YOUR STUDENT! That’s what you did wrong you whore, you don’t even deserve to be called that, your a literal bitch, from now on, your my pet dog!”

Blood came down her nose and he pulled his cock from out of my mouth, he slowly walked up to her and kicked her onto her knees. He told her, “Crawl to me bitch!” She said back, “Ok I’m sor…” and before she could even finish speaking, he dick slapped her across the face and screamed, “YOU ARE A DOG NOW! Dogs don’t fucking speak, you must bark, the only words your allowed to say are “Yes Sir” or “Ok Master”! Got that bitch!”

She crawled up to him and barked. He grabbed unto her waist as she was stirring on the ground, and forced it up, so her ass was spread apart facing up towards him. He grabbed onto my wrist and pulled me towards her ass too.

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He still had a hard cock, as did I because I was getting very turned on from the things that were happening, and he started to fuck her ass hole up. He looked at me and said, “What are you waiting for? Put your cock in there with me!”

We both had our cocks in her ass and we’re fucking her ass up, it started to tear and bleed as she was moaning in a painful yet aroused manner. It didn’t last us long until we came, we did it around the same time, all in her ass hole, it was gushing out with hot sticky white cum!

After that moment her husband picked up a towel, and hopped in the shower, my teacher told me to leave before he does anything else crazy, so I put on my clothes and ran.

Thank You for reading this series! This was an amazing story that happened to me and I thought it would have been great to share with others!

I will be starting another series, most likely, it would be about my Aunt, although, I do have a story about that y hers daughter too. Let me know what you thought and would like to hear about next, either comment below or email me at [email protected]!

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