My Sister’s Feet, The First Gift

Decades ago over thirty years ago I snuck into my sister’s room for a peek. It would lead to a sexual pleasure relationship we enjoyed for a couple years. We never had penetration of my penis inside her vagina but close to it. We had unprotected anal sex and I entered her butt raw with no lube except for my preejaculation.

I talked about these exploits in other stories. Here I want to concentrate on her feet. My sister was a petite sized person and at that time frame average weight. She was a few years younger but she was interested in sexual exploration and we indulged in our needs and desires. I first saw her vagina when I slithered my way into her room but she wasn’t aware that I looked at it or fingered it or even kissed it. Later she would willingly give her vagina to me for pleasuring but it was her feet that were her first gifts to me to enjoy.

My sister was a tomboy and had short hair and cussed a lot. A brat she was. At night we would share a bed and my other siblings would sleep in the same bed or another bed that was in the same room. My folks never said anything and we slept like this for sometime. During this time period my bratty sister wore sneakers and socks most of the time. During bedtime she would tease me with her smelly socked feet. I didn’t like it or the odor. I would see her play bicycle with her feet with my siblings which was basically putting both sets of feet together, sole to sole touching and pretend to pedal a bicycle.

Each night she would put her feet to me and want me to tickle her feet. I told her her feet stunk and I couldn’t do it. The next night she came into the bed from a bath. She put her feet to me and asked for me to tickle them. They were in socks and I was plain tired and sleepy that I proceeded to lightly tickle her socked feet. Over time it became a nightly thing and each time her feet were cleaned.
I then took her socks off and would tickle her feet and it was my hand tracing her soles and arches of her feet. I kind of looked forward to the nightly foot play but pretended not to like it. Her feet were small and were probably a size two and no polish since she didn’t wear it back then. She would come to bed bare foot or would want me to remove her socks. The tickling became more of a massage on her feet and me cupping her small cute toes with my hand. Her feet felt soft and leathery in my hands and smooth and they were not tanned so a whitish color and it felt great to touch between her toes. I pretended to still be annoyed but I actually was enjoying it and my weenie was starting to get hard..

Up to this point I was pleasuring her feet and I then asked her if we could do the bicycle with our feet. We both were barefooted and we touched our soles together and my feet were on her soles and were bigger than hers as we proceeded to pedal. It felt great feeling and touching her feet with my feet. We did the bicycle more often and one night my sister teasingly put her foot to my nose nostrils and I pretended to not like it. One night she put her foot to my mouth and I willingly allowed her to insert her foot into my mouth. It just happened and I was hooked. I’d enjoy having her foot inside my mouth. Her feet tasted leathery and like skin with a light salty and soapy taste yet very delicious. During the day we led separate lives and went to different schools but at night we used only her feet and my hands and mouth to speak. She would have me remove her socks but I preferred her to just have her feet clean and bare when she came to bed. Her feet were delicious.

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Over time the foot play led to more intense play and would result in her giving me my very first foot job with her feet. Foot play and me sucking her toes would be the start of our later sexual pleasure relationship.

Decades ago no cell phones existed so no pictures of her feet. I found some pictures of feet at her age back then and a current picture of her feet in the present time I snuck of her. They do not look as beautiful as they were decades ago and I haven’t sucked her toes or anything sexual with her in decades. The play pretty much just stopped decades ago as she had friends her age and we had other interests and needs with out own lives but we were each other’s firsts and her feet were her first gift of pleasure she gave to me decades ago.

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