My stolen undergarments : cousin’s fun (part-2)

Dear readers,
While reading my life’s incidence you all are thinking about my character as my images are like a slut gal or like an unpaid prostitute, isn’t correct but I need my life to get coloured with all sorts of activities that’s important for enjoying life. Ritu is on bed with her face turned towards cousin’s waist as he knelt there and his 4-5 inches long cock is a sweet one as I got long cocks always and now as I opened my mouth, Amar put his semi erected penis in my mouth as I starts sucking it with my one hand holding his waist and as he hold my long hairs he is not a novice as he started fucking my mouth with his cock and as it’s glans is hitting my throat I am in heaven with cousin’s hand squeezing my breast hard and after a while I took out his penis. So put my head on pillow and my teenage cousin starts kissing my chest to boobs as he have hold a breast also and now as my vagina is in fire, his lips on my waist are making me a hot and horny blonde and as his lips starts kissing my soft thighs, my thighs stretched and I have nothing to lose here as I got my smart cousin’s cock for love. Amar now put his face in between my thighs as it’s an area where each and every guy love to spend time, so his lips are sealed on my fleshy labia as he is rubbing his finger in its hole and now I started screaming in pleasure ” oh uh it’s hot lick lick my dear it’s clean oh yes deep and deep push your long tongue ” as his tongue starts licking my cunt while his hand is moving on my sexy body and his tongue is making my cunt more thirsty but for fuck only, need a deep penetration and as it’s hot I shouted ” uh Amar please have my vagina in your mouth it’s cumming ” and than my vaginal cum starts dropping as cousin tastes it but soon he left to washroom and I am waiting for him to come and fuck me.
A 19 years guy can’t be a good fucker but as I have experience of a year of physical love, I asked him to be slow while fucking my cunt as he pushes his hard dick in my hole and slowly it eloped inside as Amar is going hard while fucking me at midnight, a stolen undergarments with a message on paper put my head down as I missed my relationship while getting laid with my cousin brother and now he leaned on me as he is bit slow while pushing his cock in and out and now Ritu hold him hard as starts bouncing my V shaped buttocks fast and he felt the heat as he is kissing my face with his cock in my vagina and to incite him I started screaming ” uh oh go hard fast and fast fuck fuck me while night you dirty guy
( He kissed my lips ) sexy baby you have accepted my proposal and you are not a whore for me but it’s our age that needs love ” and he is fucking me with speed as well as pleasure and now I put my waist still as he have made my vagina dry and burning but I always need orgasms, so holding him as he is giving me deep penetration and Ritu again starts bouncing her butts as it’s time for him to pour his cum in my vagina but more it ( penis ) remains inside it’s more satisfactory for a gal like me and now I starts making sexy voice ” oh fuck you fuck me as it’s nice to get laid with you you have made me feel energetic as giving me satisfaction ” but he is voiceless as I felt his penis pouring hot gel inside it, it’s a hard fuck for 4-5 minutes as both get refreshed and back on bed I slept soundly….

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