My stolen undergarments : cousin’s fun

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Ritu is back here as I am in Raipur at my maternal uncle’s home due to her daughter’s wedding as my dad and younger brother was busy in their official work as well as examination I have to join mom to be there and both made journey vide train as journey was nothing more than than moving from Patna to Raipur with no fun there. So reached maternal uncle’s home in the evening and I was too tired due to long journey, there I touched my uncle’s feet while aunty took me in her arms and than we both mom and dad are in a bedroom as guests were kept in a nearby hotel due to three bedroom flat, in bedroom I removed my tops first as mom moved inside washroom and than I took out my nighty from bag as I am feeling too exhausted as my body seems to be sticky, month of June and heat waves with humidity have made me feel uncomfortable and as I sit on beds corner waiting for mom to come out of washroom, I heard foot steps as looking towards door I am well shocked to see my cousin brother Amar coming to me with a cup either full of tea and coffee, as my upper part of body are nude with a front laced brassiere covering my sexy boobs, I took my nighty as I covered my boobs and Amar was bit shy as he put cup on table. Ritu than took cup full of coffee as starts drinking it and there my mom came out as she is in her petticoat only, wrapping from chest down to knees and than looking at me ” Ritu, it’s not your home what the hell you have put to cover up your body
( Me ) sorry mom, I am feeling too hot so
( She removed her petticoat and put a tops as well as long skirt on her gorgeous body ) oh hot and humid than will dance nudely ” as I put cup and walked to washroom for refreshment with bath. Later on I came out as I have put a short nighty without any undergarments on private organs, so as I am in room looking at bed I felt surprised that my pink colour brassiere as well as panty is missing, so I opened my bag as checked it but it’s missing, now I closed the door and switched on the air-conditioned, so slept on bed as feeling too tired and my eyes turned closed as I slept soundly.
I wake up as it’s 08:35 pm and so moved to washroom as get refreshed, so came in dinning space as my cousin sister Swati hold me in her arms, I know her desire getting fulfilled and so both are in balcony as talking about her hubby, so she is getting married in a week and Swati than asked ” Ritu are you too tired
( Me ) sure as hot and humid condition have made me feel uncomfortable
( Swati ) ok than we can enjoy a cold drinks soon
( Me ) oh baby, cold drinks what the hell you are talking about
( Swati ) it’s a code word for our friends as quite often we enjoy drinking beer, ok baby ” and than both walked to rooftop as she have put two cane of beer and there we both starts drinking it but my mind is on my missing undergarments, so who have stolen it? It’s my cousin Amar or not, lastly we family members have dinner together and than I moved to my bedroom to sleep. I am feeling better as beer have made my tiredness little worsen and I slept soundly as mom is also on bed, my eyes opened as I can see Amar sitting near my legs and his hand is under my nighty, rubbing my thighs and there I showed my angered as he took out his hand, left room in hurry but soon I felt something touching my legs as I wake up to see it, it’s my missing undergarments and as I hold it to put in wardrobe there I got a piece of paper ” it have nice smell, I love to smell it baby ” , so put it and than left my room.
It’s around 02:00 midnight as I walked slowly towards Amar room and than I pushed his door as I can see him on bed with mobile in hand, his eyes blurred on me and he closed the door as both starts kissing each other’s face to neck, he is a teenager as his age will be in between 18-19 years and holding me hard in his arms, he kissed my lips as both came on bed. So he hold my nighty laces as removed it and than as I get nude, he tried to push me on bed but I hold his back as sits on his lap and kissed his lips. Amar is a smart teen as his cute face with tall figure of 6’0 feet is attractive and now I opened my mouth as he pushes his tongue in my mouth, sucking it hard while rubbing my breast on his chest I felt his hand going down under my V shaped buttocks as he is searching my vaginal hole and slowly he inserts his finger as starts rubbing my soft parts gently, so his bulge on shorts is giving me tough time to wait for it and than as I removed his tongue he made me sleep. Ritu is on bed with legs crossed as he put his face on my boobs and took left one in his mouth as starts sucking it, Ritu is trying to pull down his shorts as he is giving my breast a hard suck and as I started screaming ” oh uh aah Amar please give your cock in my mouth ” he left my breast and removed his shorts in hurry…… To be continued.

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