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Tracy was sitting in the lounge of the flat where she lived, her mum was working the night shift at the hospital where she worked so Tracy knew she was on her own all night, The flat that Tracy lived in was on the fourth floor of a tower block where she was known for being friendly but at the same time Tracy was known for being able to look after herself and had a violent streak in her. Tracy was sat watching telly wearing only a dressing gown after not long ago having had a shower, as she watched telly Tracy heard a lot of loud shouting coming from outside the flat, Tracy went to the door where she saw Asif who was a Bengali boy that lived in the flat opposite hers and his girlfriend Pia who was also Bengali they were both being harassed by three racist thugs, Tracy did not hesitate and defended her neighbour making the thugs run off, after the thugs had gone Tracy learnt from Asif that his parents were out till much later and he had left his keys in the flat, Tracy invited the pair into her flat to wait, the pair followed Tracy into her flat and sat in the lounge while Tracy made a drink while she was in the kitchen Tracy’s gown fell open , Pia smiled when she saw Tracy’s boobs and love tube and beckoned Asif over who also smiled when he looked, Tracy closed her gown then saw the pair looking at her and went back into the lounge realising the pair had seen her, Asif smiled and said ” nice sight ” Pia said ” yeah beautiful ” Asif then said ” she is bi sexual ” Tracy smiled put the tray she was carrying on the coffee table walked over to the pair pushed Asif aside bent forward and kissed Pia on the lips then said ” cool ” bent forward and kissed her again, when Asif said ” what about me ” Tracy went to him and kissed him as she was doing so she felt the ties on her gown being pulled apart from behind and realised it was Pia doing it Tracy felt hands slide over her naked boots and heard Pia say ” yeah at last a nice pair of white tits, Tracy pulled back from Asif as she did Pia pulled her gown from her shoulders letting it fall to the floor, Tracy was now kneeling naked with Pia rubbing her bum and Asif sucking her nipples, after a minute Pia stopped rubbing Tracy’s bum , Asif gently lay the naked Tracy on the floor then carried on licking her nipples, Pia pushed Asif aside saying ” I want some ” as she did, Tracy smiled when she saw that like she was Pia was naked, Pia started to lick and suck Tracy’s very erect nipples, Tracy lay breathing heavy as Pia worked on her nipples, Asif said ” let me in ” as he did Tracy saw that he was naked with a seven inch erection, Tracy parted her legs and after two minutes groaned as Asif slid his dick into her love tube then started to thrust in and out while Pia carried on licking and sucking her nipples, after five minutes Tracy let out a loud cry of yes yes yes as she climaxed then not long after felt Asif’s dick slide out of her love tube then warm wet patches splatter on her stomach and realised it was Asif’s cum, seconds later Pia said ” do not waste good spunk and licked it all up laying on her back after she had done so, , Tracy sat up then went on her hands and knees between Pia’s knee’s and started to lick her love tube and rubbing her boobs at the same time, as she was doing so she felt something rub over her bum and realised that it was Asif’s dick and when Asif pushed his dick into her bum Tracy groaned but carried of giving a groaning Pia’s body attention after ten minutes Pia gushed soaking Tracy’s face as she did then not long after Asif was squirting cum over Tracy’s back, A hour later while Tracy was in the shower Pia asked Asif how old Tracy was and when she was told sixteen years old Pia said ” wow she is two years older than us I am having her more often. “

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