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Tracy was sat in the kitchen of her mum’s house, her mum had re married a week ago and was away on a three week honey moon leaving Tracy to look after the house and her new step brother ,her blood dad had left home ten years ago when she was six years old, Tracy hardly remembered her dad and did not miss him, Tracy thought that her new step dad was ok and got on well with him and his son Adam, Tracy was sat drinking tea when she saw Adam walking up the garden path towards the house, Adam could see Tracy sitting at the table and was thinking she is sixteen years old which means I am two years younger than what she is so there is no way she is going to be interested in me, Adam walked through the open day raising his hand in greeting as he did. Tracy said ” hi ” and told Adam there was fresh tea in the pot if he wanted one, Adam poured himself a cup of tea as he did he saw the top few buttons of Tracy’s shirt were unbuttoned and when she bent forward to pick something up of the floor Adams eyes lit up, he could see down the top of her shirt and could clearly see her naked boobs that had erect nipples, Adam liked what he was seeing and thought very nice. Tracy stood up and left the kitchen, after a few minutes Tracy returned to the kitchen wearing a dressing gown and knelt down on one knee to get something out of a draw, as she knelt the lower half of her gown fell open, Adam was looking straight at her hairless love tube as he did he felt his dick go hard and he thought I have got something that will fit that nicely, Tracy stood up and left the kitchen, not long after Adam went upstairs to his room as he passed Tracy’s room he saw the door was ajar and saw Tracy standing naked brushing her hair, Adam stopped and admired Tracy’s cute bum and in the mirror reflection could see her boobs and love tube and thought hello sister Tracy moved out of Adam’s sight, Adam went to his room and after a few minutes went to the bathroom as he walked in Adam saw Tracy was under the shower he looked at her naked boobs and love tube thinking I will wash that for her, Tracy looked at Adam making no attempt to cover her nudity and said to Adam ” I will not be long if you want the shower, Adam said ” it is ok I can wait ” and left the bathroom, after ten minutes Tracy went to Adam’s room wearing just her towel round the lower half of her body with her naked boobs on full view and told Adam the bathroom was now free, Adam said thanks, Tracy then asked Adam if it bothered him seeing her naked, Adam smiled and said ” no you look better naked ” Tracy smiled and said ” some of my friends stay naked when they sleep over ” and left the room Adam thought I cannot wait to meet your friends then went to have a shower hoping that Tracy would walk in.

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