New Control – New Sex Story

The tower block of flats had stood in the middle of the run down council estate for twenty years, forty five year old Jack had run the block for nine years and had done so very strictly, women were forced to do all the work and obey the males treating them like gods every year at the elections Jack had won easily, then suddenly Jack was taken ill and moved away to live with his brother in the country, an election was held to find a replacement for Jack and it was highly expected that his seventeen year old son Colin would become the new leader and continue the same routine that Jack had put in place, on the night of the election at the count there was a stunned silence when it was announced that sixteen year old Anjana the quiet Bengali girl had cruised to victory and was the new leader. In the room that was being used by the candidates Colin was sitting hardly believing that he had been beaten by a girl and that the block was now being ruled by females, in the main hall all the males had gone leaving just the girls to celebrate the unexpected victory, Anjana stood looking at Colin and said to him the first change is going to be that you boys will be wearing these and produced a collar with a dog chain attached which she put on Colin and pulled the chain saying you are under our control full time, Anjana then looked at Collin again and said to him ” inside this block any boy will strip naked when told and do as ordered ” Collin looked at Anjana who then told him to strip naked, Collin stood and did as he was told, Anjana said ” what a disapointment ” as she looked at his five inch dick, Carol who was two years younger than Anjana said ” what about the other boys ” Anjana said ” it is up to you girls what you do ” soon there lots of girls roaming round the building rounding up boys, Karen who was two years younger than Carol was watching telly when Carol and two of her mates knocked on the door Karen let them in, Karen’s sixteen year old brother Steve and his mate Martin were in Steve’s room but were soon forced into the lounge where they were made to strip naked, Karen who fancied Martin was really happy to see him naked and admired his seven inch hairy dick, both boys were put in collar and chains then Steve was dragged still naked out of the flat leaving Karen with Martin, Karen said ” nice cock you got ” and got hold of it and stroked it till it was sticking up fully erect, Karen looked at the nine inch erection and said ” wank off ” and sat watching as Martin jerked when he squirted cum in four spurts Karen said ” cool very nice ” Steve was now in the roof garden where a few of his mates had also been taken the boys were all naked with the girls staring at their dicks, Steve had an eight inch erection which Carol was jerking, soon there were twenty naked boys on the roof garden most of who had erections which the girls were staring at, Steve was just squirting his load much to the joy of the girls stood around watching, soon all the boys on the roof were being jerked by different girls, Anjana’s sister who was four years younger than what she was was jerking eighteen year old Mark and when he squirted cum in three spurts the girl said ” yes I just made a white boy spunk off ” Steve was sitting in a corner thinking we got to put up with this for at least a year then to his horror he saw Anjana walked out onto the roof with six gay boys from his school. Steve quickly went onto the emergency stairs and down to his flat as he went into the lounge he stopped and looked in horror as he saw Martin bending over the sofa back being pounded by a gay boy while his sister and Carol watched with big smiles on their faces and pokies in their tee shirts when two gay boys held Steve’s arm and said ” we been waiting for you ” Steve tried to get away but could not, he thought come back Jack your missed.


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