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Tina was walking home from school when a car stopped beside her, the driver of the car wound his down and called out ” how much darling ” Tina was about to call him a few choice names when a police car appeared the driver of the car calling to Tina very quickly closed his window and drove off, Tina carried on walking and took a short cut down a dirt track as she walked down it Tina saw a car parked part way down the track as she got level with the car Tina got a shock, inside the car her best mate Carol was laying on the seat totally naked with a Bengali man thrusting in and out of her love tube, Tina walked on as she rounded a corner Tina got another shock Carols sister Emma was giving a man a hand job, Tina just walked past then after a minute sat on a fallen tree, after a few minutes Emma turned up and sat beside her, Emma said to Tina ” your sixteen you could earn loads ” not long after Carol arrived the three girls sat talking, Carol and Emma admitted to Tina that they did sex for money this surprised Tina who knew Emma was four years younger than her, Tina learned a lot from the two girls and after leaving them headed home thinking about the two hundred pound Carol had said she could earn in one night and when she went into the corner shop near where she lived her class mate Asif who lived above the shop made his normal comment of show us those tits of yours, Tina looked at him and said ” ten pound I will ” after Asif recovered from the shock of what Tina had said he rushed to the till got ten pound out of it and gave it to Tina who looked around then undid her blouse and raised her bra, Asif stood looking at Tina’s naked ample boobs saying ” very nice ” as he did, after a couple of minutes Tina did her blouse up, Asif smiled and said ” how much to fuck you ” Tina told him forty pound which Asif soon got from the till and said to Tina let us go to the back then locked the main door and went out the back with Tina following him, in the back Tina saw Asif’s sister Pia who was two years younger that what Tina was and a lesbian, Asif said let her watch there will an extra thirty pound, Tina agreed and was soon laying flat on a table with her clothes laying on the floor and Asif licking her naked body while Pia stood smiling as she watched when Asif slid his dick into her love tube Tina gave out a groan and after ten minutes of Asif thrusting in and out of her love tube Tina climaxed, ten minutes later Tina was walking down the road with eighty pound in her pocket. When Tina got home she found an Email from Carol saying ” welcome to the club ” that night Tina’s nextdoor neighbour Mark who was twelve paid Tina thirty pound to see her naked, Tina took the money and was soon naked Mark stood looking at her in awe hardly believing he was seeing the first naked girl he had seen,. After a few days Tina had earned nearly three hundred pound, then one night Tina Carol and Emma were laying naked in the back room of the shop while Asif and his two mates took turns in thrusting in and out of each of the girls love tubes. As she walked home Tina thought this new job is quite good I think I like it.

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