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Sally was standing in the cold out side the flat where she lived, she had arrived home from school to find that her mum was working till ten that night, her mum would not give Sally a key to the flat door which annoyed Sally as she thought at sixteen years of age she was old enough to be trusted with a key to the flat. Sally looked at her watch and saw it was five o clock and knew that she had at least another five hours possibly longer before her mum came home and shivered as the icy breeze blew, Sally saw her classmate Prisha walking towards her, Prisha was a good friend of Sally and lived in the flat next door to Sally, Prisha’s boyfriend Ira was with her, despite Prisha being from Bangladesh Sally called her jock, as she got to Sally Prisha said ” your mums working late is she ” Sally replied saying ” yeah and I am freezing ” Ira put his arm round Sally and said to her let me warm you up Prisha said ” bring her inside and put her down she can wait for her mum here ” Ira carried Sally into the flat saying I will soon warm you up ” and started to rub her back after a minute Ira said ” now for the front might take longer there is more to warm up ” Sally started to stand up, Ira pulled Sally back down, Sally called out ” oi jock control your boyfriend ” When Prisha said why what is he doing ” Sally said ” he is trying to fuck me ” Prisha said ” well I do not mind so let him ” Prisha then walked in from the kitchen looked at Sally and said ” well go on let him fuck you he will soon have you warm ” Sally could see that Prisha was being serious and when Ira placed a hand on Sally’s boob and started to rub Sally just looked at him, when Prisha said to Ira ” take her up to my bedroom you strip her naked and fuck her there with out being disturbed by my little sister coming home ” when Ira picked Sally up she realised that at long last she was going to have sex with a boy she had fancied for ages ” it was not long before Ira was laying Sally on Prisha’s bed then undoing her skirt which he pulled off her and then slid her panties down and off then started to rub her love tube as he did Prisha walked into the room and said ” your fucking slow you have not got her naked yet, Ira stopped rubbing Sally’s love tube and after a few minutes Sally was naked, Ira then stripped naked, Sally looked at his eight inch erection and thought nice then cried out when Ira slid it up her love tube, Prisha stood watching as her boyfriend thrust in and out of her friends love tube then started to undress and once naked got on the bed thankful that she had a double bed, Sally was breathing heavy as Ira thrust in and out of her love tube, Prisha said ” you have got really nice tits ” and started to rub them, Sally thought cool two at the same time, Prisha started to squeeze Sally’s erect nipples them started to lick and suck them, then after ten minutes Sally cried out yes yes as she climaxed and not long after Ira pulled his dick from Sally’s love tube and squirted his cum over her stomach some hit Prisha in the face, not long after Sally went for a shower after which she went back to the bedroom where she stood and watched as Ira thrust in and out of Prisha’s love tube, Sally sat on the bed and started to suck Prisha’s nipples, a few hours later Sally was back in her own home thinking who needs a key, the following evening as Sally’s mum left for work she asked Prisha and Sally what they were going to do a Prisha replied we are going to have an orgy, Sally’s mum said ” I think you need some boys Sally said ” no more girls her mum laughed and left.

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