Night Train Part 1 – New Sex Story

Diya was an eighteen year old Indian girl who worked for an Indian rail company in India, she was standing on the platform of the railway station in the big city of India, she was looking at the train that she would be the guard of that evening. Diya liked working on this train as it was one that ran through the night doing a fourteen hour trip, the train had sleeping compartments as well as normal seating, Diya knew that for most of the journey it would be very quiet on the train and there would be very little for her to do. Diya looked at the passengers who were boarding the train noticing sixteen year Steve his girlfriend Emma and her sister Amy who was four years younger than Steve and her sister, Diya had been warned about the trio, they were racist thugs and caused trouble, Diya wondered why they had been let into India and thought that they should be back in England where they come from. As she looked Diya noticed the three burly Indian men who she knew were members of the Indian mafia and knew if the English racists started any trouble the men would deal with them. Diya boarded the train then a little later the train left the station, Diya did a check of the train then sat in her booth, while sitting there she heard the a lot of shouting and on checking found Steve and Emma arguing with some India boys, Diya knew the boys were all about four years younger than what Steve and Emma were, Diya saw Amy standing near by holding a metal bar, the three mafia men appeared and when Steve started on them one of the men knocked him to the floor while the other two held Emma and Amy, the man who hit Steve pulled a knife out and sliced through the clothes of the dazed Steve and pulled them away from his body leaving him naked, Diya looked at the naked white boy’s seven inch hairy dick and thought nice, the other two men then did the same with Emma and Amy, the Indian boys looked in Awe at the two naked girls, one man asked Diya for the restraints, Diya got the handcuffs carried on the train and watched as the trio had their hands secured behind their backs, Diya followed from behind as the three naked white thugs were forced to walk through the train which brought lots of cheers and clapping from the Indian passengers, Diya saw lots of passengers groping the trio as they went, at the far end of the train, the trio were tied to racks, Diya could now see that Steve had developed a nine inch erection, the three men said ” yours ” and left, Diya saw a man go to Emma and star playing with her large boobs while another man rubbed her love tube, while two boys were doing the same to Amy, Diya saw that both girls had erect nipples, she then saw a girl who Diya knew and knew that she was eight years younger than what she was stroking Steve’s dick and when Steve squirted cum there was a big cheer, Diya smiled when she saw a man who she thought was about fifty push his dick into Emma’s love tube and start to thrust in and out while one of the boys was doing the same with Amy, Diya watched as five different boys all took turns to service Amy, she saw a man thrusting in and out of Emma’s bum while another was thrusting in and out of her love tube, Diya had seen Steve squirt cum three times as girls jerked his dick, then after a hour the train stopped in a very quiet area and a group of youths boarded the train, the three men appeared and after speaking to the youths the youths took the three still naked white racist’s off the train. After a few minutes the train continued on the journey, Diya returned to her booth thinking those racists are not going to be happy but I bet the youths will be very happy.

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