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Steve was a sixteen year old violent thug, it was well known in the town where he lived that he was racist and homophobic, it had been said that he had no feelings and did not care who is victim was. Steve had robbed an old age pensioners retirement home that house fifty elderly residents but unbekown to Steve the home had installed security cameras which filmed him as he moved around the home. Two days after the robbery Steve was arrested by the police and taken to court where the judge sentenced Steve to three years in youth custody, two days after being in the centre Steve was able to escape but after a few days of being on the run Steve was recaptured and taken to a different custody centre where he also managed to escape but again he was recaptured after a few days of being on the . Steve was now hiding in bushes after having escaped for the fourth time, Steve did not see the police officers creeping up on him from behind, Steve was overpowered by the police and taken to a police station, where he was told he was being sent to a new detention centre which he was told was escape proof, at the centre Steve stood in reception where he noticed the heavy security, then Steve was told that all inmates were to remain naked at all times to reduce the risk of escape he was then told to strip, Steve hesitated but after being hit with an electric stick stripped naked, his hands were then put into handcuffs behind his back and taken to a cell where he was told nothing was allowed in the cells not even bedding, he was then secured to the wall by his wrists and ankles and left, there was no door to the cell and Steve could see other inmates walking around naked all were in handcuffs, he noticed that some of the boys had erections, After ten minutes Anjana a seventeen year old Bengali girl who was a prison office and lived near Steve and who been beaten up by Steve a few times appeared at his door, She looked at Steve and smiled saying very nice as she did and looking straight at Steve’s seven inch dick, Steve could nothing to cover up, he could hardly move, Anjana said to Steve ” you have got a nice cock on you can not wait to see you with a hard on ” Steve started to issue threats but when he was given a shock from the stick he went quiet, Anjana walked up to Steve and to his horror took his dick in her hand then let go and started to run her finger up and down Steve’s dick which grew to a nine inch erection, Anjana looked at it and said ” very nice ” then took hold of Steve’s dick and started to jerk it, Steve was unable to stop Anjana and after five minutes squirted cum in four spurts, Anjana said ” I have waited to do that for a very long time get used to it as it will happen a few more times ” Anjana then left the cell, the following afternoon Steve was taken to a room in the basement where he was told he would be working. Steve noticed he was the only inmate in the room and was wondering how he was going to work chained up to the wall like he was. After five minutes Anjana opened the door and Amy who was six years younger than Steve and also the sister of his girlfriend walked in closely followed by her brother Mark who was two years younger than what Steve was, Steve hated Mark because he was gay, Mark had taken a lot of aggro from Steve but was now smiling as he looked at the naked thug, Amy was also smiling and like her brother was staring at Steve’s dick, Anjana walked in carrying a syringe and gave Steve an injection as she did she told Steve the stuff in the syringe was a lot stronger than viagra, After a few minutes Amy watched in awe as Steve’s dick slowly grew into a full erection, Mark had a big smile on his face as he stared at the nine inch erection, Amy walked forward and to Steve’s horror took hold of his dick and started to jerk him and after five minutes when Steve squirted his cum in four spurts Amy said ” yes nice ” Mark was stood watching happy at what he had just seen. Two guards entered the room and after unchaining Steve from the wall chained him to a wooden frame in the middle of the room then left the room, Anjana looked at Mark smiled and said to him ” ok your turn ” Mark smiled and walked over to Steve and took hold of his still erect dick and started to jerk him, as he did Mark said ” I have dreamt of doing this to you for a long time wanking off while I did ” Steve started to issue threats but quickly shut up when Anjana gave him a jab with the stick, Mark said ” his cock is very hard it must be enjoying this ” and carried on jerking the naked thug and after jerking Steve for five minutes Mark felt Steve’s dick twitch in his hand and when Steve squirted his cum in four long spurts Mark said ” yes oh yes very nice lots of spunk ” and stepped back. Anjana got a mop and mopped Steve’s cum from the floor then after putting the mop away smiled at Mark and said to him ” go on fuck the bastard right up his bum ” Mark smiled and said ” I sure will ” and undid his jeans letting his seven inch erection spring out, Steve looked at Mark and said to him ” come off it man you can not do it ” Mark smiled and after saying ” want to bet on that ” moved behind Steve and started to rub his bum ” Steve was pleading with Mark not to and when Martin slid his dick into Steve’s tight virgin bum Steve let out a loud cry, Mark started to thrust in and out of the straight homophobic thug’s bum and was really enjoying himself. After five minutes Steve felt Mark cum up his bum. After removing his dick from Steve’s bum Mark walked in front of Steve and said ” oh look he has still got a hard cock ” Anjana said ” there are others who want some fun, just after Mark had left the door opened and a lot of people from the town where Steve lived entered all making comments as they saw the naked thug who had terrorised them for a few years, Steve saw that some of the lads had erections sticking out of their jeans, Anjana altered the frame that Steve was tied to so that he was now bending forward, Steve felt a dick start to thrust in and out of his bum but was unable to scream because of a dick sliding in and out of his mouth, , Anjana smiled and said have fun as she left the room. Later Steve was back in his cell his bum was very sore and he had the horrible taste of sperm in his mouth, as he hung from the wall Steve thought I have got another three years of this and I can not do anything to stop it.

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