No School 3 – New Sex Story

The fire in the paint factory had started at just after ten in the morning in an office, by ten thirty the whole office block was on fire, by eleven the whole factory was one big fire ball, property near to the factory was evacuated, the school was closed and the students sent home, Karen was pleased that the school was closed and was just approaching the farm where she lived her best mate Cindy was with her, Karen knew her parents were away for the weekend, Cindy suddenly said ” fuck look she is naked ” Karen looked and saw Tracy standing naked by the door of the house, at sixteen Tracy was four years older than what Karen and Cindy were, Karen said ” fuck look at her tits they are big and her nipples are erect, Cindy said ” I am sure your a fucking lez ” Karen then pointed and said ” look it is Steve and he is naked as well ” Cindy saw Steve who was also sixteen walking towards Tracy his dick fully erect standing up at nine inches, Cindy said ” yeah look at his hard cock ” the girls watched as Steve went to Tracy and lay her on the ground Karen said ” he is going to fuck her ” the girls watched in awe as Steve pushed his dick into Tracy’s love tube and started to thrust in and out, then after ten minutes when Steve pulled his dick out of Tracy’s love tube and squirted his cum in four spurts Karen said ” wow look at that spunk ” Cindy walked to the house and opened the door and looked in stunned silence, Karen who was behind her said ” fucking hell it must be the entire sixth form and their all naked it is an orgy ” Cindy stood looking at the twenty sixteen year old boys and girls who were all naked having sex she saw her sister with a boy who was thrusting in and out of her love tube, Cindy made her way to the stairs and started to go up with Karen behind her, when Cindy opened her bedroom door she saw Martin her sisters boyfriend standing with an eight inch erection a girl was laying on her bed with a boy pounding into her with four other boys all with erections stood watching, Karen said ” look at those cocks ” Cindy was about to walk out when Martin got hold of her saying come on join us, before Cindy could free herself two other boys got hold of her legs and carried her into her sisters bed room and lay her on the bed one of them then reached up under her skirt and Cindy felt her panties get pulled down and off and her wet love tube get rubbed, she raised her head and saw Karen who was naked her boobs being sucked after a couple of minutes Cindy had been stripped naked and each of her nipples were being sucked by two different boys and another was pushing fingers into her love tube, after a minute the fingers were removed from her love tube, Cindy saw Martin kneeling between her legs and as he bent forward he said ” I have always wanted to fuck you ” and as he slid his dick into Cindy’s tight virgin love tube she cried out, Martin started to thrust in and out of Cindy’s love tube and after a few minutes he heard Cindy cry out as she climaxed, Martin continued thrusting in and out of Cindy’s love tube making her cum twice more before he pulled his dick out and squirted his cum over the bed, Martin got off the bed and walked out of the room, Cindy sat up and saw Karen on her hands and knees being pounded from behind and a dick thrusting in and out of her mouth, Cindy got off the bed and started to walk towards the door as she did a boy got her in a bear hug, Cindy felt the boy’s dick ryb over her bum cheek, the boy stepped back as he did he tripped over a couple on the floor and fell backwards onto the bed still holding Cindy who was now on top of him,, Cindy suddenly felt the boy’s dick pushing against her bum opening and when it went in she cried out the boy started pounding Cindy’s bum, another boy said keep still, the boy pounding Cindy’s bum kept still the other boy then slid his dick up Cindy’s love tube and started thrusting in and out and after a few minutes pulled his dick out and squirted cum over Cindy’s stomach before getting off the bed and walking away, the boy underneath Cindy rolled over so that Cindy was now under him and started thrusting in and out of her bum, Cindy saw Steve standing by the edge of the bed and before she could react Steve slid his dick into her mouth as it went in Cindy gagged, Steve started to push his dick in and out of Cindy’s mouth and after a few minutes squirted his cum into Cindy’s mouth, Cindy had no option but to swallow it all, as Steve pulled his dick out of her mouth Cindy felt the inside of her bum go warm and after a minute felt the boy who had been thrusting in and out of her bum pull his dick out, after a few minutes Cindy managed to get off the bed and stagger out of the room where she saw a boy pushing his dick in and out of Karen’s mouth Cindy managed to get to the loft ladder and up into the loft where she lay down and fell asleep, when she woke a few hours later Cindy heard no noise and went down into the house and found it deserted after having a shower Cindy put a gown on and went to her room and phoned Karen who said ” what a day I got well fucked it was cool ” a few days later the school had reopened Cindy was walking home from school when she saw her sister who told her she was going to see her mate and would stop over, not long after being in Martin arrived at the house and as normal let himself him as he did he looked at Cindy and smiled, Cindy went upstairs after a minute Martin started to leave as he opened the door he heard Cindy say ” where you going ” he turned and smiled when he saw Cindy standing naked her nipples erect, Cindy said are you not going to fuck me before you go, after ten minutes Cindy was laying on her bed groaning as Martin thrust in and out of her love tube, a hour later Martin was leaving the house after making Cindy cum twice, then later Steve turned up and smiled when a naked Cindy opened the door to him, he looked at her and said ” you are asking to be fucked walking round like that ” Cindy looked at the growing bulge in Steve’s joggers and said ” your asking to get your cock sucked walking about like that so come in ” Next day it was announced that the paint factory fire had been arson, Cindy and Karen looked at each other Cindy then said ” I do not care I hope they never get the arsonist he has done us a big favour ” looked up at Steve and said fill my mouth with spunk and resumed sucking his dick, while Karen resumed sucking Martin’s dick, Steve thought I agree with the girls then shortly after squirted his cum into Cindy’s mouth Cindy swallowed it all while Karen was swallowing Martin’s cum, The girls decided the fire had been the best thing ever.

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