One evening in Chennai with a Married Lady

Hello All, Myself Ravi from Hyderabad back again with a new experience being shared. To address few emails, the stories I write are not fantasies, these are the real experiences and true incidents. I felt like sharing my experiences with you. I am happy to get connected with unsatisfied women to have some memorable moments and missing fun in life.

Now coming to the story, this happened exactly 1 year ago when I visited Chennai for some official meeting and has to stay for 1 week there. My profession allows me to travel across India, Nepal and Sri Lanka. I use social networking app. When I have reached Chennai for some meeting I have searched for the local women available online. I was matched with a lady from Chennai. Her name is Sujatha (name changed). I got in touch with her and after chatting for some time she shared me her phone number so as we can respond to each other quickly. She is a working woman and was comfortable to chat on what’s App. I used to send her messages and she used to respond. We planned to meet and she was bit hesitant and told me that she need some time for this. I wanted her to feel comfortable. Twice she made her mind to meet and dropped her plan. I lost the hope that she might not come forward to meet as it’s understood that Indian women are very shy and cannot express their sexual feelings.

I was done with my meeting and planned to move back to Hyderabad. I have instructed my travel desk to book a flight for me to Hyderabad. Once the tickets are confirmed I sent her a message that I am leaving, then she asked me to at least meet her at her office before I go. I don’t know the address and the routes in Chennai, I couldn’t go. So I had to work out another plan. I asked her what could be the better option. She said that she can come to my hotel and we can have dinner together. I have booked a cab for her. By the time she come I thought I can take bath, so went and lied in the bathtub and was massaging my dick with liquid soap in the bathtub warm water. I was done with my bath and got dressed into boxers and T-shirt. I was excited to see how she looks as we didn’t share each other pictures till then. We were meeting for the first time and don’t know how do we identify each other.

She has reached the hotel and asked me to come to lobby. I asked her to come to my floor as there are few visitor chairs and table present in the meeting area in my floor. She has come. I asked her if she wants to use washroom and fresh up, only if she is comfortable. I didn’t have any plan to fuck her at that moment. It was a casual meet. She said she is comfortable and can use my washroom. When she rang the doorbell, I was excited to open to see her. I opened the door. She was in chudidhar and was aged around 36 years. Not fair, good physic and attractive body. Her boobs were tight in her dress and can be seen clearly. I offered her my washroom and asked her if she can have dinner in the room so that we can have some drinks. During our chat I got to know that she is a social drinker.

I ordered Vodka and Dinner. She got fresh and sat in the sofa and I sat next to her. There was silence in the room for some time. I broke the ice and started talking asking how she felt after meeting me. She told that she was comfortable while chatting and was also excited to meet as I was. I was on her right. I took her right hand and was massaging it while talking to her asking her personal details and family details. She got married at a young age and her husband is 20 years elder to her. She had limited sex in life as he never performed. We were sipping Vodka and she was telling what she missed in her life. This was more to do with her sexual life and moral support which was never taken care of.

While sipping the Vodka, I took her hand into mine and gave her a confidence that always she has to be strong. I was running my finger on her right ear and around her ear lobes. Her loose hair covering her ears was also tickling her and it was bringing her into mood. By the time we completed 3 pegs each and done with our dinner, she was feeling more comfortable by then. She went to washroom and was lying on the soft bed. I was sitting next to her and this time her boobs were swinging out of her dress and I could see her cleavage and half of her soft boobs. I took chance and slowly started running my fingers on them and we were talking. This act has started making her horny and I could see it clearly that her nipples were becoming stiff and visible on her dress. I placed one hand on it and started massaging and she was enjoying it. I got confidence and started pressing it. She made a small moan “Hmmmm”. While pressing her boob with one hand, I started running my fingers starting her earlobes through her neck reaching her cleavage. She was completely horny now. I took off her top and she was wearing black bra. Placing a hand on her bra I was massaging and I slid my hand under her Bra and grabbed her boob. It was warm and soft with nipple hard. I put the nipple between my fingers and pressed it. She stretched her body and I started kissing her chin and went till her neck till her boobs.

I placed my hand on her tummy and was running my fingers over her naval and going down till her pussy. Her red legging was still on and was showing the outer shapes of her inner pussy. I was rubbing my fingers on her pussy over her legging. By now her pussy was full of juices as I could see her expressions as if she was about to have her first orgasm. This kind of act was never experienced by her before. I moved my hand back to her tummy and this time I put little pressure and again pushed my hand down to her pussy. My hand skipped her legging and her panty and went inside. I touched her pussy. It was recently shaved may be a day before. It was giving the roughness of the hairs. This has added more spice to her feelings. I covered her pussy with my right palm and while rubbing it I put my middle finger into her labia. It was wet and slippery. I started running my finger up and down and every time it touches her clitoris she use to moan, “hmm ahh”. I further inserted my middle finger into her pussy and it entered her honey pot. Since the pussy was wet and slippery my finger went easily and there was a groan from her mouth “aaaahhhhh”, and I started finger fucking her for few minutes by pressing her boob’s one after the other with one hand. Very soon I could see she had her first orgasm. There was a happy and peasant expression on her face.

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I pulled her legging along with her panty and she was with only bra. I unbuttoned the bra and free her boobs. Now they were waiting to be sucked and I have noticed that she has applied talcum powder around her pussy as Chennai is a hot city. Brown pussy with talcum powder makeup and juices flowing out of it. That was so tempting I spread her legs and placed my tongue on her pussy lips. I could smell the fragrance of Talcum powder and added to it her pussy juices smell. It was giving a different aroma and I was running my tongue in and out her pussy touching her clitoris. She started moaning loudly. Her hands went down and grabbed my dick and started stroking. I changed my position and we went into 69 position. She took my dick and pulled the foreskin of it and took it into her mouth. Her tongue was running around my dick head and that was making my dick harder and me horny. I started stroking her pussy with my tongue and she was enjoying this tongue fuck and was moaning. This time the sound was not loud because there was a silencer in her mouth “My Dick”.

After few minutes I changed my position and came to missionary position. I held her legs in my arms and I have a clear view of her wet pussy inviting for fuck. I positioned my dick at her pussy entrance and was rubbing it on the pussy lips. She was moaning and was requesting to fuck her. When woman is hot and want to have a dick in her pussy that will be the most beautiful moment for a man. I started to lick her boobs bending on to her and running my tongue on her nipples and biting them in between. She was moaning. I gave a jerk and my dick went into her pussy. She made a sound as “ AAAHHH”, that sound tempts a man to ride her with a passion. The pussy was wet and slippery, It was tight and correct fit to my dick. I was licking her boobs and this time I locked her lips with mine. She was so desperate and was holding my head and inserted her tongue into my mouth and was kissing very passionately. I started moving my dick in and out. With every move she was groaning, “Hmmm hmmm”. She spread her hands above her head and was enjoying the moment.

After few minutes of moving she was about to cumm, she wrapped her legs around my waste and was pulling me towards her pussy. I too increased my speed and her boobs were bouncing rhythmic. She moaned and tightened her pussy lips. She had her second orgasm and I pumped her few more times and I too released my load and lied on her. She thanked me for making her cum which she never had before. She went to washroom and cleaned herself. By then the time was 9.30pm. She was getting late to go home. She quickly dressed and I booked a cab for her. Before leaving she gave me a hug and left home.

Next day morning I flew back to Hyderabad.

This was my experience. Any women want to have such fun and experience can feel free to email me or ping me on “[email protected]”.

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