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Sharon was a sixteen year old girl who lived in a small town with her mum and sister Amy who was four years younger than what Sharon was. Sharon’s mum had gone away for the weekend leaving Sharon to look after her younger sister which Sharon was not keen on doing she would much have prefered to have been out with her friends, Amy had gone to visit her friend leaving Sharon on her own, Sharon went down to the local chip shop but when she returned to the house she found that she had left her keys inside the house and she could not get in, it was very cold and had started to rain so when her neighbour offered to let her stay in his house Sharon readily accepted the offer and was soon sat in the warm lounge of her neighbour’s house, Sharon knew that the neighbour’s daughter Cindy was a lesbian but felt quite safe knowing that if Cindy who was two years younger than what was tried anything she could see her off, her neighbour’s son Colin who was the same age as Amy made Sharon a drink while he did his dad left for work telling his to kids to look after Sharon, Cindy and Colin promised their dad that they would, Sharon sat watching the telly and drinking the hot chocolate that Colin had made for her, Cindy smiled at Sharon and said to her ” you have got a nice set of tits can I see them ” Sharon told her no, then Cindy said ” want to suck my brothers cock ” Sharon told her to fuck off, and started to get up but found that she could hardly move and when Cindy started to rub her legs Sharon found that she could not stop her and realised that her drink had been spiked, Colin sat beside Sharon on the sofa and started to rub her boobs while Cindy removed Sharon’s shoes undid her jeans and along with her panties slid them down and right off, then to the horror of Sharon Cindy started to rub her love tube, Colin pulled Sharon’s jumper up over her head and off then unclipped her bra and removed it, Sharon was now naked with Cindy rubbing her love tube and Colin massaging her ample firm boobs, no matter how hard she tried Sharon could do nothing to stop them, Colin bent his head forward and started to lick and suck Sharon’s nipples while Cindy pushed her fingers inside Sharon’s love tube which had become moist, Sharon was getting aroused by the attention her body was getting and was starting to enjoy what was happening. Amy was at her friends house laying naked on the floor with her friends sixteen year old brother just pushing his eight inch erection into her love tube and when he started to thrust in and out Amy started to groan loud enough to drown out the groans of her best mate who was also naked on the floor with her brothers mate thrusting in and out of her love tube. Sharon was now feeling very horny as Cindy pushed her fingers in and out of her love tube and Colin continued to suck and lick her very erect nipples, Sharon let out a loud groan as she climaxed as she did Cindy said ” yes she has cum I knew that she would ” Cindy then removed her fingers, then both her and Colin stood up and admired Sharon’s naked body, Amy was just reaching a climax and cried out ” yes yes yes ” , a hour later Amy was walking home thinking I bet the boys fix cards when we play strip poker so that they win but I do not care it is fun, Sharon was now able to move and had got dressed and was waiting outside her house for Cindy to get home. A few days later Colin was just arriving home from school when he saw Sharon standing naked on her door step when she went in leaving the door open Colin followed Sharon into the house where he was soon rubbing Sharon’s boobs thinking I like that stuff it is very good.

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