Our 3some that was well not “our”…

Being married for nearly 20 years, having kids etc… the sexual energy in our relationship was all but used up. After some discussion we decided to try something new at some point and a time and date to be agreed to later, it was our first threesome.

We started looking for willing participants on websites, or at least I did. For me a man, a woman, whatever but let us get the ball rolling. During a summer party at a friend and neighbor´s house, our neighbors invited us into their hot tub. We grabbed a few glasses of prosecco and jumped in. Our friends in their early 50s are super fit, healthy and attractive professional people.

After some time we were discussion a threesome, being four of us it was more “topical” as to what it could be like etc… The night ended as we walked home and my wife´s phone rang. It was her friend who had mentioned she had talked about having a threesome with her man. As they talked my interest was peaking.

My wife hung up and told me that well they wanted to have a threesome. Woo hoo! yes! I am game! As my heart raced my wife said…”honey, I will go over there a bit later and find out the details”… I joined her and the four of us began to discuss the event. “Yeah we want to have one and we discussed it with your wife and agreed the first one will be us two and your wife…” my heart dropped and raced ahead at the same time. A million thoughts through my mind.. what does this mean for me? Long story short it was agreed that they wanted her to join them first and if it was super enjoyable they would look at doing another with me… fair enough, how could I deny her as we agreed to try something new. The date and time were planned for the following weekend.

The entire week my mind raced, we did not talk about it other than me telling my wife it will be fine… I was a zombie.

The Night…

The night of the event we enjoyed a bottle of prosecco and a micro beer. My wife was stressing to find the right dress to wear. I was thinking WTF – why should she worry! She will be naked! She had a nice black cocktail dress, some pearls and set her hair up. She seemed excited. She looked at me in the eyes and said.. “now I have to go honey…” We never really talked about ground rules, figuring there was no real need for any. She kissed me on the lips, looked at me in the eyes and she headed over. All night I eagerly waited for word. I could not sleep and waited and waited. Finally I heard a noise, the door opened, into the bathroom and about 20 mins later she came into the room. I pretended to be asleep until I could not anymore. “How are you..” good she said… she sounded a bit buzzed and did not want to talk much.

The next morning I was excited to hear how it was and all the details… well I was not told anything. It was radio silence. I tried several angles on what happened. Nothing…

A week went by and finally I asked again… we shared a bottle of wine and she slowly opened up.

“we had a glass of prosecco and started chatting. We headed to the bedroom, I was shivering my friend stood in front of me stroking my face and her husband gently touched my neck and began kissing my neck. His lips moved to my lips and his hands down my dress.”

“My friend also kissed me, and it was very erotic as I have never kissed a woman… her husband unzipped my dress and it fell off… I lay back down on the bed his lips moved down my chest removing my bra, sucking on my nipples while his wife grabbed him through his pants. The next thing I remember is he moved down to my panties and removed them exposing me, he told me to not shake and relax. His tongue entered me and I came. His wife laying next to me kissed my nipples, I pulled her up and sucked on her nipples”

“After that he had a both naked and it was his turn his wife blew him and I was instructed to sit on his face, he ate me out… I turned wanting to see his cock and grabbed it from behind me. I wanted it so bad. I turned over and took his cock in my mouth as he held my head in place. His wife began providing me with oral sex which was mind blowing. I looked at him and told him… “fuck me… are you gonna?”… he threw me down, spread my legs and drove into me… he thrusted, I came and came and he followed… I yelled “fuck me, cum in me…” and he did… sending stream after stream of cum in me…”. I woke up and they were standing there naked, took my hand and guided me to the hot tub. It must have been around 1am. We sat in the tub and he positioned himself in front of me, pushed me up so my back was on the edge of the tub and fucked me hard….”

Eagerly I asked… even as my heart was racing on a roller coaster… “when is the next time…” she looked at me.. “honey we decided that we were not going to do more…” and that was the end. My dick as hard as a rock and no place to go.

I slept poorly feeling used and abused.

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