Our of lockdown (Family dreams come true together)

One year later.

” Here you go sis. ” Sean said handing Zoe a drink.

” Thanks. ” She replied taking it from him.

” Its good to see you. ” He replied sitting next to her smiling.

” Yeh you too. ” She replied. His hand along the side of the couch behind her head. She sat legs crossed leaning towards him her. She pulled her long blonde hair off her neck letting it hang in the front of her over her breast.

She wore a long floral halterneck dress with a plunging v neck front. Her strapless bra pushing her D cup bosom up. She has on silver strappy heels.

Sean wore blue board shorts and a singlet. Zoe admiring his body.

” Hows things back home? ” He asked.

” Good, still enjoying been at home. I mean we still all walk around naked and shower together. Its nice. ” She said.

” I saw Kara the other day. I popped in for lunch when I had a day off. ” He said.

” Nice did you….? ” Zoe started saying.

” …. No Zoe we didn’t. ” Sean replied looking at her.

” Did you want to? ” Zoe said.

” Oh yes, I couldn’t because she had her period. ” Sean replied.

” Oh shit. ”

” Yeh if anyone found out about our family dynamic. ” Sean replied.

” Mum wishes you were home more ” Zoe said.

” For sex? ” Sean replied.

” Yeh I know, ” Zoe replied.

” You seeing anybody? ” Sean asked.

” Yeh, his name in Terence. Hes nice….and no we haven’t had sex. I’m still a virgin ” she said.

” Really, you haven’t taken the plunge? ” Sean said.

” No not yet, I still love foreplay. I give dad blowjobs, he gives me oral sex. I sleep in bed with him. He still cums over my pussy and arse. I like that. But he doesn’t want to be the one to be my first.

” You do you want to be your first? ” Sean asked.

She looked at the floor. Then sighed and looked at him and put her hand on his knee. ” You. ” She said. ” That night we had the family orgy in the spa. I wanted to but….. ”

” ….. But what? ” Sean said putting his hand on her neck.

” I wanted it to be more romantic not a family fuck fest. I’m ready now, here now. ” She said smiling.

” Really? ” Sean replied

” Yep. ” She said. ” I want to lose my virginity tonight. ” She said.

” Wow. ” Sean replied. ” Ok you know, you a beautiful woman. You are so sexy Zoe. I never thought my 17 year old sister would be asking me to take her virginity. ” He said.

” Well its been a matter of when not if. ” Zoe said. ” This is nice beachside bach private in the bush. So romantic. ”

He leant in kissing her lips. They pecked and had slow lingering kisses. Their tongues found each others mouths.

” I have missed you sis. ” He said putting his hand on her check.

” Missed you to. I enjoyed lockdown with you. After that night, sleeping in bed with you, kissing you the oral sex between us. It felt like we were almost a couple just without the sex. ” Zoe said.

” I know babe. ”

” Did you want to fuck me? ” She asked.

” Yes Zoe, I did. Seeing you naked pretty much every day after day 17 I wished I could have sex with you. ” Sean replied.

” I know, I just wasn’t ready for actual sex. ” She said.

” You are now? ” He said.

” Oh fuck yes. Make love to me. ” She said. ” Be my first. ”

They kissed it had just turned 6 pm. Their time at the family bach on the lake. They had been there since 10 am. Sean picking her up from the airport that morning.

She moaned as their lips touched, he could taste her lip gloss. He could smell her perfume making his cock ever hard. He reached up cupping her breast fondling it, been met with a long moan from her. Her hand slid to his groin feeling his hard erection.

” Your ready. ” She said their lips touching but not kissing. She pecked his lips as he slid his hand off her breast down her side to her hip gripping it pulling her closer.

” I am, I’ve been wanting you for a while ” he said.

” Being saving my body for you babe. ” She said.

” Well your virginity anyway. ” He said

She laughed ” Yeh well the first to penetrate my vagina anyway. ” She said undoing the velcro on his shorts. He lifted his arse as she slid them down his 7 inches falling out. He looked down at his erection. The erection that had been in his mothers pussy, his sister Kara’s pussy, that had shot his cum deep in there wombs. Now it was his sister Zoe’s turn to have his cum in her. It made it extra special she was a virgin, both another year older he had turned 34, now Zoe 17. He could see her breasts were bigger.

She stroked his erection. He looked down at her fingers wrapped around his cock. He admired her long perfectly manicured fingernails with red nail polish on then moving slowly up and down his cock.

” Fuck your cocks nice. ” She said

” Well thanks sis. ” He said sitting his arm behind her neck on the couch as he watched her stroke and play with it.

” That’s ok. ” She replied. ” I’m a lucky girl. You know I had a dream last night. ” She said.

” Oh yes. ” Sean said as she cupped his balls.

” Ummm. Me and four girlfriends had a party with two glory holes, and we were sucking and playing with two cocks, and the two cocks were you and dad. ” She said looking up at him.

Sean looked at her. ” Zoe really. Did you have sex with these two cocks, I mean the other girls. ”

” Yes, and the girls didn’t know that it was my brother and father. ” Zoe said.

” OH Zoe. Well what a dream. ” He said as she leant in putting her lips over his knob sliding them all the way down his cock. ” Oh fuck Zoe yes. ” He said putting his head back on the couch looking at the ceiling as his 17 yr old sister sucked up and down his cock his hand on her head.

” Ummmmm ” . She moaned sucking hard.

” Fuck Zoe, I never thought I’d be saying to you. But. Fuck you give a good blowjob, all the practice on dad has paid off. ” Sean said.

She put her head up kissing his lips, he could taste his precum on her lips. ” You and dad are the only cocks I want to suck. ” She said. She returned to his cock licking up and down his shaft circling his knob. He opened his legs wider as his sister sucked him and fondled his balls.

He moaned and moaned as she stroked his shaft and sucked up and down his shaft. Her tongue and lips massaging his hard erection. He moved her hair to the side looking down at his shaft between his sisters lips, his knob pressing against her cheek in her mouth.

For moment he found himself falling in love with her, with his sister, his 17 yr old sister. Fuck this was just sex, family sharing a common bond, sex. He was never meant to fall in love with her. She was his fuckin sister. You don’t fall in love with your sister. Let alone your teenage sister. But they were good together. The way she sucked his cock. Her wet lips and mouth working it like it had never been sucked before. Even before his mother and other sister sucking it, he had many women suck it. He knew this was the best blowjob yet. This was the best he had. His sister. His 17 yr old sister.

He watched as her mouth and tongue and hand sensually and sexually pleasured his cock. She seemed to enjoy licking and kissing the purple mushroom head of his cock, the noises of enjoyment to go with it.

She moved to the floor between his open legs. He slid forward as she lifted his cock licking and kissing under his shaft. Kissing and licking his testicles. Lightly biting them and sucking them.

” Oh fuck Zoe. ” He said.

” Well watching porn and practising on dad has paid off. ” She said.

” You watch porn? ” He said looking down at her playing with his cock.

” Yeh fuck yeh. Its fun. My girlfriends and I do often. ” Zoe said.

” What kind, what turns you on? ” Sean asked.

” Oh, girl on girl, outdoor sex, occasionally group sex, teen sex, older men and younger girls, MILF. Bit of bondage. ” She said.

” Wow Zoe, how old were you when you first started watching porn ”

” 16. ” She said stroking his cock and then putting her mouth over it again sucking it. Sean moaned as he felt his cock about to erupt.

” Fuck I’m going to cum babe. ” He said

She sucked and wanked harder. Her mouth tight around his shaft. He held her head gripping her long blonde hair. She moaned, he moaned he lurched as he cum. He looked down at his sisters mouth still over his cock. He could feel he swallowing his cum.

He put his head back enjoying his cock ejaculating. Even better it was his 17 yr old sister. He looked down as she looked up at him taking her mouth off his cock. His semen dripping down her chin. She licked his cock licking the oozing cum off his hard erection. She licked her lips smiling then wiped his cum off her chin with her finger licking it.

” I love to swallow. ” She said.

” I love girls swallowing ” Sean replied watching her caress his cock. Occasionally licking cum off his knob and kissing it.

” Yeh? ” She said. ” I love your cock Sean. Its so nice. ” She said.

” Wow, my sister commenting on my penis how nice it is. ” He said.

She stood up reaching behind her back undoing her dress. The ties of her halterneck dress fell down letting the dress fall to the floor.

” No girls do. ” She said stepping out of it. Sean busy admiring the lace strapless bra, her erect nipples visible. Her shaved pussy lips visible through the lacy sheer g string.

” No. ” He said. ” Mostly suck and fuck. ” He said.

She did a twirl stopping letting him see her arse, she bent over her legs open. She spread her arse cheeks. He could see the mound off her pussy against the lace. The thin band and material barely covering her pussy. She stood facing him again. ” You like? ” She asked.

” Oh fuck yes sis. ” He said as she straddled him wrapping her arms around his neck. His hands cupping her bust. They kissed, he could taste his cum on her lips. He didn’t mind. He loved kissing a girls lips with a hint of his cum on them. ” Fuck you are sexy. ” He said.

” Its what dad says when he sees me in skimpy lingerie. ” Zoe said.

” For 17 years old sis, you are so grown up. ” Sean said.

” So when you take my virginity soon I will be a woman. A mature sexually active woman. ” She said kissing his lips.

” Fuck I want to marry you. ” Sean said.

She sat back looking at him. ” Marry me? ” She said.

” Yeh? ” He replied.

” Your fuckin joking. I’m your fuckin sister, you cant marry your sister, you can fuck her. But you cant marry her. ” Zoe said.

” I know. ” He said smiling

” Men are weird. ” She said as Sean pulled her close kissing her cleavage sliding his hands to her arse cheeks gripping them as he kissed over the lace of her bra feeling the hard nipples trying to poke there way through the lacy fabric.

” Oh yes Sean. ” She said feeling his teeth grip her nipple lightly biting through the fabric. She held his head as her 34 yr old brother savoured her bosom. Her beautiful D cup breasts. Sean loving how much bigger they had gotten since lockdown a year ago. His hands squeezing them and caressing her bra listening to her moan.


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