Out of lockdown (Zoe becomes a woman)

The cool breeze blew outside. Sean sat back his sister straddling him. His eyes feasting on the view of his sisters bosom in front of him. His eye glanced at the clock. 7.21 pm.

His cock hard as he could hear the trees rustle outside through the open balcony doors, they could hear the crashing waves on the beach below. The secluded bush property away from the world.

His hand slid behind his sisters back. Her hand oh his head pulling him into her chest. Smothering his face in her bosom. His lips kissing her cleavage sucking her nipples through the lace. She looked up moaning as she enjoyed the attention from her brother. His hand gripped her arse. His fingers pulling the g string off to the side exposing her anus, his fingers grazing her hole.

With one hand explored her bra clip. One by one he unclipped the three catches fastening it.

It sprung off falling down, her strapless bra exposing his sisters breasts. She pulled it off dropping it to the floor, Sean’s hands now cupping her bosom.

” Long time no see. ” He said smiling at her bust kissing each erect nipple.

” One handed? ” She said ” Impressed ”

” Yeh, heaps of practice. ” He said. ” I can get most bras off one handed. ” He said proudly.

” Most? ” She replied looking down at her brother kissing, caressing and sucking her naked breasts.

” Yeh. ” He said. ” There’s one of Kara’s bras I have trouble with. ” He said.

” Which one? ” Zoe asked.

” Its a red and black lacy one. Fuck it looks good on her, especially with the matching g string. ” Sean said.

” Oh really. ” They sound sexy.

” Yeh. I brought them for her and sent them to her, we hooked up a few months ago and spent the night together. ” He said.

” So you buy your sister lingerie? ” Zoe said.

” Only once. ” He said.

” What about mum? ” Zoe asked.

” No never brought mum lingerie either. ” Sean replied as he continued sucking her nipples and kissing her breasts. He looked up at her and smiled a big smile. ” Do you want me to buy you lingerie? ” He said.

” Yes please, I mean I’ve grown out of lots of my bras so…… ”

” Alright, on one condition? ” He said.

” What? ” She asked.

” Show me that beautiful pussy between your legs again. ” He said to her winking.

” Be my pleasure. ” She said. ” I love you seeing my pussy. ” She added smiling.

She lifted herself up. He watched her breasts disappear above his head. Her stomach appeared. He kissed her belly button, he could almost smell the scent of her pussy as her knickers appeared and got closer, the expectation of her womanhood how had that changed since lockdown as her body matured.. She stood lifting a leg over him. He looked up at the view of her pussy through the thin lace. Her wet labias visible, a wet line down the middle. He could smell her juices oozing out of her vagina. She was ready, her pussy wanting his cock. He knew she wanted sex.

He licked over her knickers tasting the wet scent on them. He loved her sweet teen pussy. Pretty much touched by another mans cock except her fathers cock as her father rubbed his knob over her pussy lips and anus. His cum ejaculated onto her.

Sean pleased, even proud to be the first to penetrate her vagina. He licked and sucked her knickers, she held his head into her groin moaning as he pleased her the flesh of her pussy.

” Ohhhh fuck Sean. Shit don’t fuckin stop arsehole. ” She said. ” Don’t fuckin stop eating my pussy. I fuckin love it. ” She said.

Sean’s tongue pushed her underwear between her labias. He used his thumbs to spread them. He licked faster and harder with her groans.

He pulled them to the side pushing his tongue into her vaginal entrance. Her vaginal juices wetting his mouth and face. His face buried deep into her pussy her hands pushing his head into her.

” Ohhhhhh Sean, fuck me. Fuck me now. ” She moaned.

She stepped off the couch. He stood grabbing her hand. They walked to the balcony outside. She stood looking out at the darkness. They stood for a minute naked looking out over the bush listening to the waves crash on the beach one hundred metres away. He stood behind her his arms around her waist. He kissed her neck and fondled her breasts as they stood outside naked. She looked up at the stars her head nestled in his chest.

8 Pm.

She turned to face him. She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed his lips. He held her hips as they kissed. She then slid the palms of her hands down his neck to his chest holding them on his breast.

” You have a nice body. ” She said.

” Thanks. ” He said.

I like a muscular solid toned chest. ” She said kissing his chest. He held her head and kissed the top of her head.

She stepped back and they fell onto the daybed on the balcony. He lay over her his cock pressed against her groin.

” Isn’t this romantic? ” He said.

” Ummm. ” She said her hands flat on his chest feeling his cock against her pussy. ” Outside, in the darkness, listening to the beach, good company about to loose my virginity to my brother. ” She said smiling at him.

” Ummm yes. ” He said kissing her lips. He reached down grabbing his cock looking at her as he rubbed his cock over her clit and pushed it down between her labias to her vaginal opening. This is where he and his father had to stop with her. They had to cum over her pussy. He loved now he could go further. He rubbed his knob over her opening slowly pushing it deeper.

” Oh shit. ” She said feeling it opening her hole.

” You alright? ” He asked.

” Yes. Don’t stop, push it in me babe. ” She said.

With that he slowly pushed his cock deeper in her. She moaned and gripped his chest as he slid his cock halfway in stopping pulling back then listening to her moan as he then pushed it deeper into her all the way in.

” Oh fuck Sean. ” She said feeling her brothers cock in her pussy.

He slowly slid it back then slowly back in her. His thrust making her sound a satisfying sigh. He kissed her neck and ear as he slowly thrust in and out of her listening to each moan as he fucked her. He gripped her breast squeezing it kissing her ear, neck, shoulder, savouring his cock been inside her wet pussy. She lifted her feet crossing her ankles behind his back pulling him into her as he pushed against her thrusting her.

Their lips met. The kissed, french kissing as they fucked. Her pussy easily accomodating his cock. They made love in the moonlight listening to the crashing waves below them. Brother and sister in taboo love making. Both now not thinking of it been incestuous. They didn’t care. They made each other happy. It was concestual love making between them. They knew each others bodies so well. The build up of foreplay between them during lockdown seeing each other naked during lockdown, sleeping in the same bed during lockdown. They felt a sexual connection together in love.

She moaned feeling his cock in her, she loved his cock in her, she thrust her groin into him as he made love to her thrusting into her. Their bodies becoming one together.

They kissed, they fondled. He leant down caressing her breast, squeezing her breast as they made love together. Both moaning

” Ohhh fuck. ” She moaned as she felt her body tense.

” Yes baby. ” He said thrusting her pussy harder.

Her body shook as she gripped him. Her hands gripping his back, her nails digging into his skin. He pushed against her locked feet as she orgasmed. He sped up as her body shook in pleasure. He felt his body tense as his semen flowed through his cock into his sister.

He moaned as he cum. His cum filling her pussy, her womb.

” Oh fuck. ” He said slowly slowing down as his cock drained into her. He looked at her kissing her lips holding her.

” You just cum in me didn’t you? ” She said.

” Oh yes sis, I sure did baby. ” He replied.

” Cool, I just lost my virginity. ” She said.

” How was it? ” He asked.

” It hurt a bit at the start. But after you penetrated me fully it was ok. I enjoyed it. Thank you for been my first. My brother. ” She said smiling at him.

” It was great. ” He said as he lay on her for a minute kissing her.

He then pulled out and kissed down her body to her pussy. He licked her clit and down inside her labias. He could taste his semen oozing from her pussy as he licked. He then wondered if she bled. He didn’t care. He sucked their combined juices from her pussy. He then stood. She grabbed his cock and sucked it clean.

After a few minutes they walked down the stairs to the small bush track naked to the hot tub. A small tub for two people.

They got in she sat across his lap her arms around his neck. They caressed and kissed.

” I loved that Sean. ” She said.

” Me to baby. ” He said.

She laughted and smiled. ” I have your cum in my pussy and womb. ” She said.

” Lucky your on the contraceptive pill then aye sis. ” He said.

” Yeh mum thought it could be a good idea.

” Well sounds like mum is wise aye, don’t want to have your brothers baby? ” He said with the hint of a question.

” No, ” she replied.

” So it sounds like you really enjoy sex Zoe. ” Sean said.

” Yeh I do. I was ready for tonight. I loved it. I hope we can do it more. ” She said.

” Yeh, me to sis. So tell me, now you have lost it. Would you have sex with dad? ” He asked.

” Ummmmm. ” Zoe sighed. ” You know I’ve been asking myself the same question Sean. I don’t know. I love our foreplay, I love connecting with him by oral sex. I love him cumming on my pussy and arse. I think I could. ” She said.

” Yeh? ” Sean said.

” Yeh, I’ve been thinking of that dream I had… ”

” ….me and dad…. ”

” …. Glory hole yes……and discretely putting dads cock in me in front of me girlfriends, them not knowing its my father. Fuck man it turns me on. ” She said.

” Really, you want to do it? ” Sean asked.

” Oh fuck yeh. It makes me do horny thinking about it. ” She reaching in feeling his cock. She then stood up. Sean seeing her naked body come towards him. Her breasts glistening in the moonlight. She straddled him. He reached up gripping her breasts kissing them. He slid his hand between her legs again feeling her moist pussy.

They started to made love in the pool again, she straddled him sliding his cock in her, he held her hips again as she rode his cock again both sister and brother enjoying each others sexual company alone totally private.

Sean knew how much he loved her, he knew he had fallen in love with her. How did he do that. Suppose he thought that she had chosen him to take her innocence. Suppose he cared for his sister so much he didn’t want any other men with her. He wanted to be her only one. He knew that was un realistic. She was after all his sister, his younger sister half his age.

He looked in her eyes and smiled. She leant in kissing his lips.

Five minutes later he cum, filling her pussy with cum again. They kissed, she hugged him and kissed neck. He loved feeling her naked body.

Then she said it. How he was feeling ” I love you Sean. “


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