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The fire had started in the attic of the house in the early hours of the morning, it was later discovered that the cause of the fire had been due to an electrical fault. Tom was passing the house on his way home from work and by chance saw the smoke rising from the roof and after calling the fire brigade banged on the door of the house where the fire was alerting Tina and her mum to the fire, Tina and her mum quickly got out of the house, the fire brigade arrived very quickly but the fire had got a good grip on the roof most of which was destroyed by the flames. Neighbours of Tina and her mum let them stay in their houses till the morning. Tina found her self sleeping in the same room as Sara who at sixteen was four years older than what Tina was, Sara was a know trouble maker who was involved in lots of fights. Sara was not in when Tina got in the spare bed in Sara’s bedroom but not after she had Sara walked into the bedroom, Tina had her head under the sheets so Sara did not see her, Sara put the bolt on the door across and stripped all her clothes off, Tina was peeping from under her bed sheets and when she saw Tina’s large boobs had thought they are massive, Tina watched as Sara opened the window and after a short while saw Sara stand back from the window and Steve climbed through closing the window after him. Tina knew that Steve was a local thug who was well feared, Tina watched as Steve started to undress and once he was naked looked at his seven inch hairy dick then watched as Sara and Steve stood snogging and smiled as Steve’s dick grew into a nine inch erection, Sara knelt down and took Steve’s dick in her mouth and started sucking it. Tina lay as still as she could watching Sara and after a few minutes saw cum trickled out of the corner of Sara’s mouth and run down her chin, Sara stood up wiping her mouth as she did, Steve then gently lowered Sara onto her bed then climbed onto the bed kneeling between Sara’s parted legs as he did, Tina could see that Steve’s dick was still erect and watched as Steve bent forward and slid his dick into Sara’s love tube then start to thrust in and out. As Tina lay watching the awesome sight she could hear Sara groaning and saw she had very erect nipples, as she was watching Tina heard Sara say yes oh yes and realised she had cum and not long after saw Steve pull his dick from Sara’s love tube and squirt cum over Sara’s body, twenty minutes later Steve was climbing out through the window, When Sara went into the kitchen in the morning she saw Sara sat at the table, Sara’s mum said ” did you sleep well ” then looked at Sara and said ” you were to eager to get to bed when you came in so did not have chance to tell you that Tina was in your room ” Sara looked at Tina and when Tina said ” I saw you bouncing about last night you were restless ” Sara went red in the face knowing that Tina had seen her and Steve having sex.

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